How to Adjust the Backlight for DS Games on 3DS
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The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best handheld systems ever made, made even better with the New 3DS iteration (we reviewed the New 3DS XL). From a solid library of first-party titles to a library of old and new hits on the eShop, 3DS owners are never short on games to play.

A great feature of any system is backward compatibility, which the 3DS has. This extends its library by hundreds of games, and lets you enjoy anything you missed out on during the last handheld generation.

While the 3DS has brightness settings built into its menu, including adaptive brightness, there’s no evident way to adjust the brightness when you’re playing a DS game. This is because you can’t access the 3DS home screen from DS games. However, there is a way to adjust the brightness of DS games on 3DS.

While this method isn’t explained anywhere we know of, it’s simple to perform. While playing a DS game on 3DS, press the Home button, which will ask if you want to return to the 3DS home screen. Here, press and hold the Start button, then use Up and Down on the directional pad to adjust the brightness between several different levels.

Cryptic, huh? This is the type of command you wouldn’t discover unless you already knew about it. Now that you know it, you don’t have to go blind while playing at night or squint to see the dark screen outside.

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What DS games have you been playing on your 3DS? Let us know if this method helped you in the comments!

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