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You Can Now Add Movies to a Watchlist on Google

Dave Parrack 02-01-2020

Google has a new way for you to make a note of the movies and TV shows you want to watch. Which, given the number of new movies and TV shows being released these days, could prove to be a Godsend. The method is simple, effective, and rolling out now.


As first reported by 9to5Google, Google is rolling out a new feature to Search. This is a built-in watchlist that lets you add movies and TV shows when you search for them. This lets you keep track of the content you want to watch without ever leaving Google Search.

How to Use Google’s New Watchlist Feature

The Watchlist appears when you search for a movie or TV show. You’ll find “Watchlist” on the Knowledge Panel showing the cast and trailers, etc. Clicking “Watchlist” saves that content as a bookmark. And you can “View All” to see everything you have saved.

You’ll also see “Watched It?” underneath a tick icon. You can click this if you have already seen the content, but there seems to be no way of browsing everything you have watched. Rendering this element rather pointless unless and until Google decides otherwise.

Depending on the content, other options may also appear. If a movie is still in theaters you’ll see a “Get Tickets” button that opens the Showtimes tab. And if a show is available on YouTube you’ll see a “Watch Now” button which links to Google’s video platform.

This feature is rolling out now, but hasn’t been officially announced by Google. So it could turn out to be just an experiment. However, if it is permanent, it’s available on the web on your smartphone, as well as the Google app on Android and iOS.

Let Google Help Decide What You Watch Next

It’s all well and good adding countless movies and TV shows to a watchlist, but you still have to actually find the time to watch them. And with so much content about, and so many ways to watch movies and TV shows online, there’s never enough time in the day.

This is why it’s so important not to waste your time and energy watching content that’s just so-so. Luckily, Google has the answer to that conundrum too. With a few Tinder-style swipes-right and swipes-left, Google can help you decide what to watch next Google Now Helps You Decide What to Watch If you're willing to tell Google what sort of movies and TV shows you like, the company will help you decide what to watch next. Read More .

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