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You Can Now Add Guests to Periscope Live Streams

Dave Parrack 05-02-2019

Periscope live streams no longer have to be one-way conversations. That’s because Periscope now lets streamers add guests to their broadcasts. Thankfully though, this isn’t a free-for-all, with Periscope ensuring broadcasters remain in control at all times.


First things first, yes, Periscope is still a thing. Sure, it might not be making headlines as it did at launch, but the Twitter-owned video streaming app is still a great way of broadcasting live. And now it has a new feature worth checking out…

Periscope Lets People Go Live Together

In a Medium post, Periscope explains that “so many people in our community have asked for a way to broadcast with guests”. So, Periscope is finally rolling out a way of doing so. Broadcasters can invite up to three guests at a time, and they’ll be heard by everyone.

How Periscope Broadcasters Can Add Guests

In order to add guests Periscope broadcasters must click the “Guests” icon prior to going live. Just tap the “Guests” icon followed by “Invite Guests”. Then, during a broadcast, you can click the “Guests” icon and tap the “+” next to the viewer(s) you’d like to add.

Broadcasters can remove a guest at any time by tapping the “X” on their avatar. You can also mute or block them while booting them off air. And if you no longer want to allow guests, click the “Guests” icon, select “Guest List,” and tap “Don’t Allow Guests”.


How Periscope Viewers Can Join As Guests

In order to join a live stream as a guest, viewers need to click the “Guests” icon and tap “Ask to Join”. The onus is still on the broadcaster to grant invites. Viewers will be notified if and when a broadcaster adds them, giving you time to prepare to go live.

You can get more information on going live together on the Periscope Help Center.

Periscope Eyes a Future of Going Live Together

If you have the latest version of Periscope installed, you can go live together on Android and iOS, and watch from Android, iOS, or the web. Going live together is currently limited to audio-only, but Periscope is working on a way of letting guests share video too.

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