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Nancy Messieh 25-12-2010

<firstimage=”//”>ipad flickr appWith all of its potential to be used by photographers as a portfolio on the go, the iPad still doesn’t have an official Flickr app. While it’s possible to use the free iPhone app, the experience is not ideal, particularly where resolution and clarity are a must. Flickpad For Free [iTunes link] is the ideal replacement for the official Flickr app. Not only is it optimised for the iPad’s screen, it pretty much blows the official Flickr iPhone app out of the water with its features.


With Flickpad for Free you can keep all of your Flickr photos with you on the go, while also following your contacts latest uploads on the photo sharing website. Flickpad for Free comes with a few interesting features that sets it apart from other apps, but navigating the app may take some getting used to.

All of the features of the app are also available for your Facebook photos, in addition to features specific to the social network – with the ability to ‘like’ photos as an example.

The app loads to a page showing the latest photos from your contacts, randomly strewn across the screen. Flick photos away to load more new images from your contacts. If you have added your Facebook account as well, your friend’s photos will be displayed here as well.

ipad flickr app

Opening any given photo allows you to add or view comments, add it to your Flickr favourites, email it, open it in Safari or save it to your photo library.

flickr ipad upload

Flickpad for Free is a little less than intuitive when it comes to the navigation. Three buttons are featured at the top right hand corner of the screen. The first button, Explore, takes you beyond your contacts, and allows you to take a look at some of the more popular work that is being shared on Flickr.

flickr ipad upload

The second button takes you to a menu from which you can view your own Flickr sets or favourites, your Facebook photos, and photos you have already seen or added to your favourites on Flickpad.

flickr ipad upload

Your own sets and photographs, as well as those of other users, are displayed in a grid.

flickr ipad

The last button, the search button, allows you to search for friends or for keywords on Flickr, as well as for friends on Facebook. This is probably one of Flickpad’s most obvious weaknesses – there is no easy or intuitive way to navigate to your Flickr contacts’ or Facebook friends’ photos, other than by performing a search.

flickr ipad

Having access to a list of your contacts, or even a link on any given photo leading to the user’s profile page would be a more ideal way to navigate your way around the app. That said, under Settings, you can access a list of your Flickr and Facebook contacts – not to navigate to their profiles or photos – but decide whether or not you want their photos to appear on your homepage.

ipad flickr app

Flickpad supports multiple Flickr accounts, allowing you to quickly switch between different accounts, aside from being able to access your Facebook photos.

If we could suggest another small change to Flickpad, aside from the navigation, it would be a few choices other than the faux-wood background. Personally, I would prefer a plain, dark background, particularly when you open up photos.

There is a paid version of the app currently available for $4.99, but after the latest update, the only difference is that the free version is ad-supported – which is a very small price to pay for all the features you’re going to get in return.

How do you access Flickr on your iPad? Let us know in the comments.

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