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Danny Stieben 11-08-2011

Linux users have long been used to the fact that a lot of online services that also offers its own optional client generally doesn’t have one for Linux. Instead, they have to use the service without the optional client. While using the service will still be very possible, the clients sometimes add a few nice little features that would make using the service be a tad bit easier and more enjoyable.


Officially, Evernote has the same situation going for it as described above. However, a different open source project has been trying to make a client of its own that will work with Evernote, called Nevernote.  It is a project aimed at bringing an Evernote client to Linux, although it has also been able to run under Windows and Mac OS X. To install it, you’ll need to head over to its download page. Choose the package that is made for your specific distribution. Go ahead and install it using your package manager, and agree to install any other dependencies that it may ask for.

When you go ahead to launch it, you should find it under the Internet category of your menu. You’ll then be greeted by a pleasant little splash screen before the program’s main window appears, ready to do your bidding.

evernote client linux


If you really wish, you could use the program locally and never sync with the Evernote servers. However, in a lot of cases you probably will, so if you already have an Evernote account, you can connect to it via Online –> Connect. Enter the login details, and everything should be set. You can then go to Online –> Synchronize with Evernote to do exactly what it says.

evernote client for linux


The interface is relatively clean and simple to understand, which is a quality that Nevernote did not have in previous versions. However, I’m glad that they cleaned up the interface, because now I’ll have an easier time explaining where something is.


At the top, you have your regular menus and buttons, which allow plenty of simple actions that you can do with your notes. In the left pane you will see your various notebooks, tags, attributes, recent searches, and trash.

Going up and to the right, you’ll find your list of notes that exist in the currently selected notebook. Below the list is what the currently selected note actually contains. This section also has a number of different editing and formatting tools, so you’ll be able to customize your notes as you please. One thing I have noticed is that there isn’t a way to add pictures, though maybe I just can’t find the button yet.

Other Mentions

evernote client linux


Nevernote doesn’t have a dedicated options screen. Instead, you’ll find a few Option-like items under the Tools menu that may be of use to you at varying levels. Therefore, there isn’t much to configure, which may come to the relief of the user.


Nevernote is a great start for a solid Evernote client for Linux. It is fairly functional, but stable to run, clean, and easy to use. If you’re a heavy Evernote user in your browser or on your phone, you may want to try out Nevernote to manage all those notes. Also, even if you’re not an Evernote user at all, you can still use Nevernote to have a local database of notes to help you organize.

Do you use Evernote?  What do you think about Nevernote?  Do you tend to use clients at all? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. thegeniusfiles
    August 29, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    I tried Nevernote awhile back, and while I give props to the developers for making the effort, I found it so slow and awkward to use, I gave up on it. Instead, I recommend Zotero or Mendeley both of which are similar to Evernote but far more Linux-friendly. Also, Zotero and Mendeley are far better tools than Evernote for managing research citations.

  2. Reswob10
    August 12, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Anyone gotten this to work with Ubuntu 11.04?  After I upgraded, it didn't work.  Apparently one of the libraries it used got upgraded and Nevernote was not compatible with the newer library.  (I'd post the details, but I'm not at that particular PC)

    • Tina
      August 20, 2011 at 8:34 am

      Did you get it to work in the meantime?