How to Access Bleeding-Edge Features on Chrome for Android
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Beta programs have been around for a long time, and they’re a win-win for most situations. If you’re not familiar with beta testing, it’s the phase of a product where it’s nearly complete but requires a bit more polish (and input from the outside) before its final release.

Beta programs benefit users who want to be on the cutting edge by giving them the newest software releases. Because they also provide the developers with valuable diagnostic info, they’re quite popular in all kind of software. Google Play introduced its beta program a few months ago, which lets you test out beta versions of popular apps like Snapchat and Twitter.

If you want to go crazy and start testing out new versions of Chrome on your Android device, get excited. Chrome Canary, the bleeding-edge version of Chrome that updates daily, is now available to use on Android as well as desktop platforms.

Named for canaries used in mines to detect poisonous gasses, Chrome Canary is a few steps back from a beta build. You can expect to see plenty of bugs while using it, as it can receive up to seven updates per week. Of course, it also carries the newest features to come from the Chrome team. If you don’t mind some rough edges, you could find a lot to love with Canary.

The Canary build runs separately from the stable Chrome browser on your phone, so don’t worry about having to choose.

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Will you give Chrome Canary a try, or do you prefer to stick with stable software? Let us know if you’re beta testing any software in the comments!

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