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AB FindIt: Keep a List of Your Home Items & Their Locations [iOS]

moin 25-11-2012

Have you ever had trouble locating something you put somewhere at home? It happens to all of us. In some cases, needing an item urgently and not being able to find it quickly has extremely undesirable results. Here to help avoid such situations is a phone application called AB FindIt.


list of home items

AB FindIt is a free to use smartphone application that is compatible with iOS devices. The app is sized at nearly 1 MB and it requires devices that are running version 3.1.2 or later of iOS. Using this application you can save the location of all your household items. You can take a picture of the items along with some information about it and save it in the app. Next, you can save the app’s location or sub-location e.g. the first drawer of a big cupboard.

ab findit

You can then quickly check the locations to view what items you keep in there.


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