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A Smart Trick to Getting Faster Replies to Your Emails

Akshata Shanbhag 19-01-2016

Do you often find yourself waiting forever to get responses to important emails? Maybe you’re hashing out the details of a new project with a client or discussing a color scheme for your new home with your significant other. Either way, you aren’t alone.


What’s important is that such emails involve some form of planning and decision making, and we often put the onus of both on the email recipient — by sending emails with vague and open-ended sentences like “Let me know what you think”.

Now imagine you’re on the receiving end of an email that ends this way. You’ll most likely relegate it to the category of things you will “deal with later” because you just don’t have the time or energy to think things over, decide what needs to be done Indecisive? Make The Right Choices With These Apps Have you heard of the paradox of choice? If you're like me and suffer from analysis paralysis, these apps will change your life. Read More , and send out a coherent response. Well, that’s what others do, too.

So how do you increase the likelihood of getting replies for your emails? It’s simple. You make it easy for the recipient to respond by suggesting a logical course of action. Call it Plan A. Back it up with a viable alternative, Plan B.

The recipient can reply with a “Plan A sounds good” (or Plan B, as the case may be), or even suggest a Plan C. When he has the prospect of pushing at least one decision out of the way How to Be More Decisive and Get More Done Decision making is stressful. It is also a skill which allows you to get better with practice. You should find it easier to make the right decisions with some of the tips outlined here. Read More with such ease, he’ll most likely be eager to get it over with and send you a quick reply. And you’ll have one less email to follow up on!

What do you do to ensure that people respond to your emails quicker? Share your best email tip with us and our readers in the comments!


Image Credit: Finger pressing REPLY button by Lim Yong Hian via Shutterstock

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