A Minimalist Look at the Evolution of Batman and Joker

ROFL 01-09-2015

Is there a bigger rivalry in the world of comic books 12 Tips to Successfully Selling Your Comic Book Collection Where should you sell your comics? Ensure you get the best price? And find a good home for them? Here are some tips for successfully selling your comic collection. Read More than Batman Batman And The History Of The Batsuit Yesterday, we explored how the Batman's bat symbol on his suit evolved over time. Today, we'll take a look at the batsuit in its entirety. Read More and Joker The Unsung Pattern Behind Superhero Color Palettes Read More ? Sure, Superman 12 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Superman Read More and Lex Luthor really hate each other, but their feuds don’t seem to carry the same iconic power as Batman and Joker. From the early television show, to The Dark Knight, and now even in the new movies that aren’t out yet, these two are always at each other’s throats.

While the hatred between Batman and Joker is a constant, they’ve certainly changed over the years. Check out the cool images below that feature a minimalist look at the two characters and how they’ve evolved. You’ll find our favorites below, and make sure to check out illustrator Joe Stone’s site for all of the images.






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  1. Anonymous
    September 1, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    The second one even has Cesar Romero's powdered-over mustache (which he refused to shave for the TV role)!