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A Life Less Ordinary: 7 Places on Reddit for Your Own Personal Growth

Saikat Basu 28-09-2013

Wisdom of the crowds. There’s no other way to describe Reddit. While it won’t win any awards for its pretty face in a hurry, there’s no denying that Reddit is one of the more influential websites on the planet today. So, what better place to go to if you are starting to feel that your life needs to be more than ordinary. After all, many consider it to be among the websites you cannot live without.


Personal growth can be tough. Maybe you have trouble maintaining adult relationships, feel like you need to move out of your parents’ house, or just stop doing immature things.

Feeling deflated is a perfectly fine human condition. Feeling absolutely demotivated is easy when one is caught in the bear trap of humdrumness. But thanks to the shared experiences of the human ocean on Reddit and their collective common sense, finding a solution to do something about your life is easy. You may use Reddit to find cool stuff 5 Best Subreddits To Learn Cool Stuff Reddit is more than just a time sink where you can look at pretty girls, read about nerdy stuff, and procrastinate as you build a memory of random trivia. Reddit can be used to learn... Read More , you may use Reddit to fuel your creativity Show Off Your Creativity With These 8 Subreddits One of the hardest things about taking on a creative project is not having anyone to share it with when all is said and done. Although there's enough reason to just make stuff for fun,... Read More , or if you are in the right place, you can use it to change your life. Browse these subreddits and tell us if they are the place where you can begin to think of your life.


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With a combined congregation of 245,628 “wolves”, this subreddit can easily be the first page you turn to for motivation. Here, you will find the whole gamut of motivational stuff – from quotes to videos. Those are good, but what you should search for the little personal stories and you will find plenty around the discussion threads. Click the Reddit buttons to expand the multi-level discussions and jump in. The GetMotivated subreddit has a few levels like the Accountability Buddies where you can meet like-minded people to talk about shared goals.


Self improvement

Ever impressed someone with a life hack tip that really worked? It’s not the high of the score but the tiny ways these life hacks can improve your life. For instance, I would make a case for using a gentler alarm for waking up instead of a klaxon. As a tech writer, I appreciate sage advices like the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes of staring at the computer screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds to avoid eye strain. This again is one of the larger subreddits with nearly 600,000 readers.


Try this popular subreddit too — r/lifehacks


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Ever heard of the Quintus Method for Ultimate Productivity? I hadn’t till I came across it on this subreddit. It led to an obscure blog post, the theory of which I have no way of proving or disproving except by trying it out on myself and seeing how it helps me better manage my time and my productivity. From the half-a-million readers of the last subreddit to the 3000+ readers of this one is quite a climb down, but this community is just one year old…so I will give it more time.


Self improvement


When it comes to self-improvement, you can’t get very far with just motivation. You need self-discipline to be the iron in your mortar. As the subreddit says so well, discipline, contrary to popular opinion, isn’t for the grumpy army colonel that yells at soldiers to do more pushups, but instead discipline is simply “Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior”. A man cut from the same cloth as me asked — I am only productive during the night, can anyone help? I wish someone would help him…because I need the same answer. I also “Pocketed” this informative thread — What are some good podcasts that make you get up and be productive? Some good suggestions which you should look up as well.


Self improvement

Zen Habits may remind you of the popular self-development blog by Leo Babauta. And why not, because he was among the people who created this subreddit in the first place, along with other motivational “gurus” like Jonathan Fields. The blog is about self-growth and also covers life topics like happiness, relationships, health, goals, motivation, simplicity, etc. The subreddit now has a life of its own, stoked by contributions from its 50,000+ members.


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For all the self-improvement chatter, we won’t get far if we don’t pay attention to the main vessel, our bodies. The Fitness subreddit is probably the Number One health-related community space here with 400,000 enthusiasts “working out” together. Informative links, tips, and advice should help to cover all fitness related queries. Check out the links on the sidebar which point to more resources like the Reddit’s 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge.


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Last but definitely not the last; we end with one of our primary motivations. The desire to be happy. Man’s oldest quest is every continuing and you won’t find the formula here, but yes, you will find a lot of clues. We are surrounded by negative energy, so it makes sense to deliberately go out and search for a positive boost. This subreddit tells us simply that the world is okay.

It’s easy to get lost on Reddit, but getting lost while seeking answers to personal development is a whole lot of fun altogether. The hard work comes later. What you will find on Reddit is that the world isn’t such a lonely place after all, and your experiences are probably shared by someone on the other side of the globe. If you still aren’t on Reddit, try our Reddit Guide The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More first. If you are an old hand on Reddit How To Use Reddit Like an Old Pro There are plenty of online communities which can be found on the Internet - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are easily the most popular and recognizable ones. However, there are plenty of other gems online... Read More , tell us what you think about these places that can help you be something more than ordinary. Which other subreddit would you suggest for personal development and self-growth? Pour it out in the comments.


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  1. Alex Shye
    September 29, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Nice collection here Saikat.

    Another pro-tip for those with accounts is to organize all personal development subreddits into your own personal multireddit for one place to look at things. It makes it pretty convenient to find stuff.

    Also, I've been working on a project that might interest people who are into personal growth: Soulmix -- [Broken URL Removed]

    Think of it as a simplified multireddit for all topics of life and personal growth. You can also organize your favorite posts in collections, and browse other collections. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Ryashini K
    September 29, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    One pro tip when browsing r/LifeProTips is to look at comments section for a better tip than the actual post

    • Saikat B
      September 29, 2013 at 2:20 pm

      That's true about some of the other ones as well. I just found this one today: Sick of obnoxious Spotify ads in between songs? Double-clicking the Pause/Play button will mute the ad while it plays.