9GAG: Laugh Until You Can’t Laugh Anymore

Skye Hudson 06-01-2014

Maybe you’ve heard of this meme-sharing site which shares some similarities with Reddit (which is a really cool website 5 Cool Things You Should Know About Reddit Read More ), or maybe this is your first encounter with 9GAG. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy the many user submitted memes that make it to this site.


Essentially, 9GAG is just a collection of memes and images that anyone can upload. Most of them tend to be funny, some are brutally honest (see: confession bear, unpopular opinion puffin), some are cute, and some are just fascinating. It’s completely free and has free Android and iOS apps as well. Since your experience will vary when you’re on the Web or when using a mobile, let’s take a look at those two aspects separately.


Once you head over to, you’ll be presented with the newest posts under the Hot tab, as well as some settings on the top right, followed by options, a few ads, and links to other popular posts. You can use the website without creating an account, but then none of your likes will be saved and you won’t be able to upload anything.


Thankfully, creating an account is quick and painless, especially since you can sign in with either Facebook or Google+. You can then personalize things a little bit, as you can see in the settings above, and upload anything you want. New uploads go to the Fresh tab. If they get liked a bunch, they move on to the Trending tab, and if they’re liked more there, they’ll move onto the default page: the Hot tab.

Liking, or upvoting, is done by pressing the up arrow, and down-voting is done with the down arrow. It’s a similar system to Reddit, allowing for only the most popular content to make it to the Hot page, and allowing the community to weed out the boring posts.

They’ve recently added a few more tabs, one of which is called 9GAG TV, which you can see pictured below.



The 9GAG TV tab will actually redirect you to a different Website, which is similar to the original except entirely made of videos. It is like a more strictly curated YouTube channel to me, but it does hold some pretty hilarious gems like the dancing peacock spider above.

There are also tabs for Cosplay, GIF, NSFW, Cute, and Geeky. Below is an example from the Cute tab. How can your heart not melt?



The tabs are pretty self explanatory, but if you don’t know the terms, GIFs are animated images and NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. I have yet to see anything pornographic on 9GAG, so you don’t have to worry about people uploading crude photos of themselves (looking at you, Anthony Weiner) , but you will find a lot of scantily clad people and sex jokes.

And if you plan to stay on 9GAG for a bit, you’ll probably want to brush up on your Internet slang Those Crazy Web Words And Phrases Explained There have been more new words invented in the last decade than ever all thanks to this new fangled "internet" thing. It's easy to see how us old folks - and by old I mean... Read More .


The above post comes from the Geeky section. While the content uploaded to 9GAG is pretty diverse, the amount of geeky stuff is pretty high. I mean, it is the Internet.



The comment system, just like any comment system, can often deteriorate into a shouting match of insults between random people, but sometimes the comments can be quite funny. You can upvote and downvote comments so that only the most interesting ones rise to the top.


9GAG has official apps for Android, iOS, and even Blackberry, but I’m going to take a quick look at the Android app since I have an Android device. While functionally similar, the three apps each follow their respective styling: the Android app follows Google’s holo design, the iOS app has recently had an iOS 7 makeover, and the BlackBerry app is something else entirely.



The Android app has three buttons along the top: refresh, notifications, and upload. Swiping in from the left will give you all the rest of the sections and account settings that you need. It looks great and loads everything quickly, although your thumb might get sore from hours and hours of endless scrolling (guilty).

The only notable difference is that there are no ads here, and it uses thumbs instead of arrows for the voting system. Each post sits on a white card over a grey background in a styling resembling Google Now. The three dots button under each post allows you to share the post, copy the link to it, download the photo, or report it, while the chat bubble brings you to the comments section.


There seems to be somewhat of a war between 9GAG and Reddit, which is difficult to understand. These are two amazing services that are both useful and fun in their separate ways. Why can’t we all just get along?

So go ahead, check out the five best Reddit apps for iOS The 5 Best Free Reddit Apps for iOS Reddit is one of the most interesting websites on the Internet, and with such a mixed bag of users, it offers a massive variety of content. However, because each user is quite unique, their Reddit... Read More , or RedReader for Android which makes browsing Reddit much better RedReader: A Better Way To Browse Reddit [Android] Reddit's the best time sink on the web, with a community surrounding just about any topic (including some hilarious specific things) and a culture that helps spread and spawn some of the web's best humor.... Read More . Reddit and 9GAG apps can coexist together on your phone, I promise.

I’ve been a long time 9GAG user and will continue to be. The image-centric design makes it simple to scroll forever without opening other links or windows, and the content is usually (but not always) pretty great.

What do you think of 9GAG? Any similar websites we should check out? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. halkun
    January 8, 2014 at 7:49 am

    I prefer imgur as it is more of a community based and the comments are usually one of the best part. An old habit I got from watching youtube videos haha.

  2. SAI
    January 7, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Maybe the reason why Reddit (along with everyone else) hates 9GAG is because they rarely make their own content. They used to take a lot of content and just repost it in 9GAG. Also the content on 9GAG has gone significantly worse. Most are just childish and unfunny. There are some rare gems...but they are very rare

    • Vandrake
      January 7, 2014 at 9:40 pm

      Excuse me but they still steal content from memecenter. Such as comics posted by raze, by hobo or even by gafcomics... I've seen it all