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9 Most Searched For Celebrity Twitter Feeds Online

Ryan Dube 16-05-2012

celebrity twitterEveryone knows that Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber still maintain the lead by far when it comes to what public personalities people search for the most when it comes to Twitter feeds, but the personalities that I’ve listed below are a bit unpredictable. At least, I never really would have expected most of these people to land on such a list.


However, during my research for popular Twitter trends, I kept coming across certain name searches associated with Twitter feeds. Whether or not Twitter is over-capacity 5 Signs That Twitter May Be Over Capacity Twitter’s amazing ability to connect people through a browser, custom application or even SMS text messaging is an amazing and compelling aspect of online life. With Twitter you can promote websites and bands, find a... Read More , it’s always interesting to know what people on Twitter are saying about you 5 Cool Twitter Search Tricks to Monitor What People Are Saying About You If you own a website or are just trying to earn money online as a freelancer, it is always good to know what people are saying about you over the Internet. People may be citing... Read More or about anyone else. What I find the most interesting is not only what people are saying on Twitter, but what they are searching for when they look for Twitter topics to follow.

I stumbled upon this topic while doing some SEO topical research for MakeUseOf. My goal was simply to find Twitter related topics that the multitudes are searching for, but what I uncovered was an interesting pattern of one name after another. Obviously, movie fans love to follow their favorite actors or actresses, sports fans follow their favorite athletes – the list of famous names on Twitter is quite long.

9 Most Searched For Personalities

When it comes to putting together a list of top personality Twitter feeds, I didn’t focus on the people with the largest number of followers. In my opinion, that’s a sign of good PR or marketing skills, but it doesn’t reflect true, organic “searches” for a person’s name.

What I found from just focusing on organic searches was interesting.

Lance Armstrong Twitter Feed Tops the List

It may not be surprising for some of you to learn that tons of people are looking for Lance Armstrong’s Twitter feed. Lance already has almost 3.5 million Twitter followers, but there are more people looking to join his Twitter readership every day.


A lot of that could be timing, by the way. Lance has been active in the St. Croix Ironman triathlon (where he finished third, by the way), and organic searches like this are always very sensitive to both season and news.

celebrity twitter


Still, the 40 year old Texas cycling superstar is nothing short of an icon for athletes around the world. You can be sure that whether or not he’s actively trying to make his next triathlon comeback, or just Tweeting about his latest workout, there will be fans around the world that will follow Lance right to the end. He remains an inspiration for many.


Another Kutcher Twitter War?

On his Twitter feed, Ashton Kutcher writes, “I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams and actions.” Do the 10.5 million followers of Ashton care that he simply makes things up? Not really. In fact, I think they like it.

Still, it took me a few minutes to figure out why this Iowa-born actor is so sought after. Sure, in 2010 Time Magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people, but seriously, what does Time Magazine know?

celebrity twitter list

If I had to wager a bet, I would say that the reason swarms of people are trying to hunt down his Twitter account is because the guy is a total Twitter drama queer. If it isn’t one Kutcher Twitter war it’s another.


First, in June 2011, Kutcher got into it with the Village Voice over accurate stats related to child trafficking and prostitution. Then, in November of 2011 he made a controversial tweet lamenting Joe Paterno’s firing that got plenty of fans up in arms. He retracted, apologized, and gave up control of his Twitter account to a professional to manage it. But that didn’t solve his Twitter woes, once again in April of 2012, another Kutcher Twitter war unfolded with Justin Moore about “New Country”.

No wonder so many people want to keep an eye on Kutcher’s Twitter stream, it seems the drama never ends.

Chris Brown’s Fresh Way of Life

Rapper Chris Brown is another artist that I couldn’t immediately understand why he hit the top of the trend. Not that he’s not a great artist, but hardly the most popular musician out there.

Although, it could be the fact that he’s got a new release coming out called “Don’t Wake Me Up”, and his Twitter feed isn’t shabby – he’s giving followers not only comments, but video, photos and even Instagrams to check out.


celebrity twitter list

Alright, maybe he really is fresh. Or at the very least, when it comes to Twittering, Chris Brown knows how to bring it.

Who’s Mark Hoppus?

It’s blatantly obvious that I don’t follow the entertainment business very often, because I’m embarrassed to admit I had no idea who Mark Hoppus was and why his Twitter feed is so sought-after. Am I alone?

Turns out, Mark is a well-rounded entertainer – not only a musician but a producer and TV host. And, duh, he’s a lead vocalist for Blink-182. Hello.

celebrity twitter list

I guess I’ve just dated myself. I don’t listen to Blink-182. But for all you music fans that want to check out Mark’s latest witty bits on Twitter, here you go.

Charlie Sheen on Twitter – No More Crazy Antics

It appears that his crazy phase is over just as quickly as it began. Either that, or people are now becoming immune to his antics. Charlie Sheen’s Twitter stream now has 7.2 million followers, and more people every day trying to find the link to his Twitter account.

celebrity twitter list

It isn’t really all that interesting – he is back to random self-promotion and a few all-CAPS posts every now and again. However, with the possibility that he could come up with yet another one word zinger like “WINNING!” – people still hang around.

Kirstie Alley on Twitter – Hot or Not?

I don’t know what it is about Kirstie Alley. I remember watching her on Cheers when I was a kid and thinking she was rather pretty. Later, of course, she gained all that weight, but never really lost the “look”. In the years since she’s been the poster-child for yo-yo dieting, and of course became the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

celebrity twitter accounts

I honestly can’t figure out why she has over a million followers and a large number of folks seeking out her Twitter profile every day, adding to those ranks. Maybe someone can let me in on the intrigue, because I don’t see it.

Lacey Schwimmer Quits Dancing With the Stars

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of drama to draw in the hoards of Twitter followers. Lacey Schwimmer stepped out of the 14th Season of Dancing with the Stars earlier this year. She said she left the show because she needed to “step back and focus” on other things going on in her life.

celebrity twitter accounts

Apparently, that’s all it took for swarms of fans to hunt down her Twitter stream. Right now she only has 126,000 followers. Compared to other celebrities, that’s a drop in the bucket, but if the search trends are any indication, there are a lot more followers coming her way. I guess everyone wants to find out what she has going on in her life that’s so much more important than dancing on TV!

Stephen tWitch Boss Twitches

For those of you that never heard of him, “tWitch” was a pretty cool dancer that performed on MTV, Star Search and was featured on season 3 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” I wouldn’t call him a big-name celebrity, but he keeps turning up in different reality TV roles, such as Step Up 4.

celebrity twitter accounts

I’m not exactly sure why so many people seek out tWitch’s Twitter stream, but one thing I have to say is that he probably has the coolest Twitter background that I’ve ever seen.

People Love Weiner

I have to say, if there was a prize for the worst possible way to get Twitter fans, Anthony Weiner takes the trophy. New York City’s Representative made headlines for his crazy cellphone-photo antics last year, and people still haven’t stopped searching for his Twitter stream. Maybe people are thinking that he’ll just let loose and start posting more crazy pictures of himself?

celebrity twitter

Even Weiner himself remarked at the rate that his follower-list was growing, posting on June 1st, “Wow, so many followers now. #IsThereTrollRemovalSoftware?”

Unfortunately, no…there’s not. And Weiner’s stream stopped receiving updates as of June. Weiner has left the building.

Are you surprised so many people are searching for these personalities? Which ones do you think shouldn’t be on the list? Which ones should be? Will we ever understand the public thought process? Share your insights and philosophies in the comments section below!

Image Credit: Twitter Logo via Shutterstock

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