15 Hilariously Random Websites to Help You Procrastinate

Palash Volvoikar Updated 26-02-2019

The internet is a great place to get work done. There are so many resources and tools you can use to make the best out of your time. But what if you don’t want to get work done?


Procrastination is the ultimate 21st century hobby, and what better way to do it than on the internet? Here is our list of the best and most hilarious random websites to help you procrastinate!

1. Hacker Typer

Screenshot from Hacker Typer

Do those hacker scenes in movies and TV series fascinate you? Then Hacker Typer is for you. All you have to do is type any random letters and Hacker Typer will show some code which makes you look and feel like a hacker. This can also be a perfect companion for someone trying to come off as busy while wasting time.

2. Koalas to the Max

Screenshot from Koalas To The Max website

Images and videos aren’t always needed to make hilarious jokes, but in this case, they certainly help. In fact, this website is entirely images. It doesn’t make sense at first. Visit the website and you’ll just see a circle. But mouse over the circle, and it will break up into smaller circles. Keep breaking up the circles, and eventually, you get rewarded with a cute picture of a koala.


Why? That is the question, isn’t it.

3. OMFG Dogs

Screenshot from OMFG Dogs website

OMFG Dogs is just a bunch of cute little pixel art dogs running across a very psychedelic seeming background, complete with 8-bit music. If you’re easily amused and like dogs, you’ll find yourself waste hours on this site. Beware, however, as the flashing images might be troublesome for some. In that case, you can take a look at some other hilarious text-only websites 6 Funny Comedy Blogs That'll Make You Laugh Without Pictures or Videos Humor can be therapeutic. Take a break from social media and boredom by visiting these funny blogs for a laugh. Read More .

4. Eel Slap

Screenshot from Eel Slap website


Eel Slap will let you control a moving image of a person being slapped across the face with an eel. Move your cursor across the screen to move the eel slap. If you do it for slowly, you can see the exact moment the eel hits the face, which is very satisfying. Repeat for hours until you’re done procrastinating.

5. Staggering Beauty

Screenshot from Staggering Beauty website

Ever wanted to play with one of those giant air dancer balloons? Here’s your chance. Staggering Beauty lets you wiggle around a virtual air dancer balloon, and if you shake it well, things go a little too crazy. Once you release it, it goes back to being normal and upright. Beware of flashing images!

6. Falling Falling

Screenshot from Falling Falling website


Falling Falling is an infinite loop of colorful rectangles crumbling down and falling into nothingness, accompanied with equally progressive music. It’s satisfying to watch and never gets old, making it a perfect website to procrastinate on.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

Screenshot from Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator website

Benedict Cumberbatch and his long and often misread name have become sort of an internet meme. This website will let you make your own Benedict Cumberbatch name through a randomizer that picks similar sounding words. Funnier if you know the meme already, but a great website to procrastinate on, nonetheless.

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8. Find the Invisible Cow

Screenshot from Find the Invisible Cow website

Find the Invisible Cow is a great little game, which can be described as the audio equivalent of “Where’s Waldo”. The audio says the word cow repeatedly, and it acts as the clue by getting louder and faster when you move your cursor towards the invisible cow.

9. Weird or Confusing

Screenshot from Weird or Confusing website

Online shopping is always a joy, especially when you run into things that make no sense as purchases. Weird or Confusing has a giant list of such products, serving you randomized links of such beautifully weird products from eBay. The selection of items will make you question a lot of things, including whether you should get one of the items. We would recommend against actually buying any of the items, though.

10. Pointer Pointer

Screenshot from Pointer Pointer website

Do you keep losing your cursor? Then Pointer Pointer might be a great training exercise for you. All you have to do is move your pointer on the screen, and this website will display an image with a person pointing in the direction of your pointer. Procrastinate by playing the game, or wondering where the developers got all those images from.

11. Don’t Even Reply

Screenshot from Don't Even Reply website

Don’t even reply is similar to those subreddits with anecdotes about awful people, except that this website has emails instead. A large collection of emails sent by the creator of the website to unsuspecting people with classifieds listings, Don’t Even Reply will keep you engaged for hours.

12. The Wiki Game

Screenshot from The Wiki Game website

The Wiki Game is a fun little game that requires all that Wikipedia practice you have from your school reports. You’re given a Wikipedia article as a starting point, and you have to navigate to an entirely unrelated Wikipedia article. The challenge is to do it within a given time frame using the lowest possible number of clicks. One of the smartest websites to procrastinate on, for sure.

13. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Screenshot from Do Nothing for 2 Minutes website

The toughest challenge of them all: doing absolutely nothing. This website throws a two-minute timer on the screen, and you have to try and do nothing for that duration. If you move your mouse or press a key, you fail. Great way to procrastinate, and also gives you some time to think about why you’re wasting away your time.

14. Random Things To Do

Screenshot from Random Things to do website

Sometimes you don’t want to just sit in front of your computer to procrastinate. Do you like a challenge? Random Things To Do will offer you an idea fetched from its large database. Do a thing, and then return back to do another. Repeat until you’re done procrastinating.

15. The Useless Web

Screenshot from the Useless Web screenshot

The Useless Web is truly at the end of the internet. If you went through all the sites in this list and still want more websites to procrastinate on, The Useless Web is your window to exactly that. It will take you to one of the random websites designed to help you waste your time. We suggest you save this for a rainy day!

Time to Stop Procrastinating?

While these websites are bound to keep you busy for hours, and even days, we hope you do not let your habit of procrastination spiral out. Now, if you wonder why we procrastinate, look at sites to help you understand why.

If you’re still not done procrastinating, you might want to check out a few more completely pointless websites, funny Instagram accounts, and some cute animal Instagram accounts. And if you want to procrastinate at work, try these tricks to slack off while looking like you’re working 6 Ways to Take a Break and Slack Off While Looking Like You're Working These websites and games that look like work will help you fool your boss when you need to take a break from your job. Read More .

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