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9 Awesome Ways Facebook Can Improve Your Vacation [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Angela Randall 03-11-2014

You’re travelling the world, but you don’t know what’s worth seeing.


Have you ever been on a vacation somewhere interesting only to find out later you’d missed some of the best destinations? Well, Facebook can make sure you never miss out again.

Facebook has dozens of great tools to use that will make your next vacation your best ever.

Follow Travel-Related Pages

The easiest way to begin is to find Facebook pages related to your destination and travel in general. Collect them together in an Interest list Using Facebook Friends Lists For Interests Or Circles [Facebook Hack Or Tip Of The Week] Is Facebook driving you crazy? Most people who use Facebook generally view the home feed in its unfiltered form, which means they're seeing updates from friends, acquaintances and pages all lumped in together and shown... Read More by heading to Home > Interests > Add Interests. You can make the list private if you like, and be sure to add it to your Facebook favourites and bookmark the page so you can keep track of it later. From then on, every time you like a new page you can add it to the Interest list.

Ask Local Tourism Operators For Advice

Find the official tourism pages of the areas you’re heading to, then ask for tips. If they’re any good at keeping up with social media, they’ll respond with some great ideas.


Join Travel Groups

Facebook has millions of groups, so finding some travel groups for the places you’re visiting should be easy. Try to find some groups 8 Facebook Groups You Should Join Or Create Today [Weekly Facebook Tips] What can you do with Facebook groups to make your life better? Here are some of the best ideas, so you know what to look for, what to create and why they'll be great. Read More with travellers of your own age group and see if anyone else might be travelling around the same time as you.

Browse Local Events

If you check out Facebook’s Events page, you’ll find that it lists not only the events you’ve been invited to, but events in your area, events hosted by pages you follow and groups you’re in. If you’ve followed the right pages, you might see some great events taking place when you’re travelling. Even if you didn’t, you should get some recommendations based on where you are currently. Failing that, see the next section on searching.


Search For Travel Ideas

Facebook search graph 6 Cool Things You Can Find With Facebook's New Graph Search Features [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook has just given its graph search another boost, and those who have been upgraded are now able to search post history as well as photo history. What is it good for? Read More makes it really easy to find passive recommendations from your friends. For instance, I searched for Cafes in Melbourne and found some fantastic ideas simply because dozens of my friends have liked the pages. Try this for your accommodation, tourist spots, events, and all your food and entertainment needs. And don’t forget that you can narrow down the search results on the right hand side to show more specific data, like whether friends of yours have visited the place or not. If you’re trying to find a bar you’ll like, consider narrowing it down to places liked by people who like your favourite band.


Facebook cafes in melbourne

Save Posts With Ideas From Friends And Pages

Whenever you see a post from a friend or page that has a travel idea you’re keen to recall, save the post using the menu in the top-right of the post. Later you can see these saved items in a link from your news feed, and from within your activity, which means you can find them in search results easily. Or, if you prefer, check out this browser extension to save Facebook posts Facebook Favorite For Chrome Is A Private Way To Save Posts For Later Facebook itself has "Like" and "Share" buttons, which publicly tell people what you think. But what if you want to save a post for later without broadcasting it? Meet Facebook Favorite for Chrome. Read More .




Ask Your Friends For Ideas

Make a quick status update saying “I’m heading to XYZ next week. What should I see?“. Give your friends enough time to give a response before you head off. You may be surprised how many of your friends know the area.

Pro Tip: Long before you leave home, ask your Facebook friends for some recommended reading for the locations you plan to visit. They might send you some great links that helped them, or lend you books on the area.

Connect Travel Apps With Facebook

There are all sorts of travel-related apps that can help you find recommendations for hotels, destinations, packing lists, sounds to sleep to and all sorts of other things. Connect these apps to Facebook and let them find the things your friends liked for you.

Boast About The Fun You’re Having

Take pictures of your feet on the beach and fancy cocktails you’re not yet drinking. You know it will only make the vacation better to know the cubicle-dwellers back home are jealous.



How Do You Use Facebook For Travel?

No doubt you’ve got some fantastic ideas to add. What are your best Facebook-related travel tips?

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