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Dave Parrack 05-07-2012

I’m a gamer, and like all gamers I have particular tastes. I have adored some video games through the decades, and would count playing them as highly memorable experiences. I have also played some games I ended up hating, and have sought to force the memory of those to the back of my mind.


Video games can frustrate very easily. Whether because they’re too difficult, too annoying, or just generally bad. It’s at that stage we all, as gamers, have to make a choice: continue suffering through the pain and anguish or stop playing and throw the game out of the window. The latter is called rage quit. When the mental torture becomes so grave that the only solution is to stop playing immediately.

The following 8 videos are my favorite from a YouTube series titled simply ‘Rage Quit’. They all show a guy from the Rooster Teeth called Michael getting increasingly annoyed with, well, every video game he plays. All should be considered EXTREMELY NSFW.

Rage Quit – Sonic The Hedgehog

We’ve all played at least one Sonic The Hedgehog game, right? i just hope for your sake the one you played came out in the 1990s. You know, when Sonic was actually good. Back then I preferred our spiky blue friend to Mario, who I never felt was all that super. The version prompting the rage quit here was released in 2006 on PS3 and Xbox 360. And sucked.

Rage Quit – N+

Arcade games are often the hardest games of all. The difficulty level makes up for the lack of a storyline or ‘campaign’ mode, which means it’s just level after level of increasingly demanding gameplay. N+ is no exception, with the player taking control of a ninja needing to navigate trap-laden arenas in which death waits around every corner. This rage quit comes courtesy of the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game.

Rage Quit – Superman Returns

Superman Returns was a pretty bad movie, and the video game based on it was nothing less than dire. Believe it or not this was released on the PS2 and Xbox, even though the graphics look more like they belong to a totally different generation of consoles. This is one of the shortest Rage Quit videos, but fittingly so. I wouldn’t have lasted long before bursting a blood vessel either.


Rage Quit – The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game is, if not impossible then very, very difficult. No checkpoints mean frustration levels are high from beginning to end and back to the beginning again. The most amazing thing about this video is the number of attempts made at playing the game before we see him flipping out. I’m not sure I’d have tried even four times, let alone 4,000 times. You can try it out for yourself here.

Rage Quit – Dark Souls

Dark Souls is considered one of the most difficult games to grace modern consoles. For this reason alone it’s a game I have never played and will never play. Even if I hadn’t read the reviews warning me this wasn’t for the faint-hearted, this video would have put me off ever going near the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Game Over screen so many times in quick succession before. But ‘You Died’ is a subtle way of reminding you that you suck. At life.

Rage Quit – No Luca No

No Luca No is a video game? I guess it just about qualifies. It’s sold on the Xbox Live Arcade after all. This is many people’s pick as the worst game available to play on your Xbox 360 right now, and this video won’t change anyone’s mind on that score. All you do in No Luca No is slap a cat away from your breakfast cereal. But simplicity doesn’t prevent frustration from setting in.

Rage Quit – Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm stands alone on this list. It isn’t a bad game or an especially difficult game, the two categories all of the other titles featured here fit into. Unfortunately it is rather glitchy, and it’s one of those glitches that causes our friend here to rage quit. I really don’t blame him. It must be annoying to not know what you’re meant to do next and only have a teammate floating in midair to help you figure it out.


Rage Quit – QWOP

I’ve saved the best until last. QWOP is a simple game that’s almost impossible to master. The control method, which sees you pressing the Q,W,O, and P keys on your keyboard to make an athlete run, is really awkward. So much so that QWOP has a cult following. Rage Quit guy isn’t a fan. He just doesn’t have the patience. You may do though, and you can see for yourself by playing the game online right now.


If that selection of Rage Quit videos didn’t make you laugh then I don’t know what will, quite frankly. Perhaps you should cease and desist from calling yourself a gamer. OK, so that’s a little harsh. The point is these videos show an exaggerated version of a behavior all gamers have at one time or another exhibited. Mirror’s Edge was my white whale on this score.

Have you ever rage quit a game? If so, which one? Is there another Rage Quit video you have seen that you felt deserved inclusion on this list? As always we’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to let us know them in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Simon Lee


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  1. Craig Snyder
    July 7, 2012 at 7:47 am

    QWOP is enough to make anyone rage.

  2. Chris Hoffman
    July 6, 2012 at 10:21 am

    This was amazingly hilarious!

  3. Austin
    July 5, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Haha these are pretty good. I assume you've seen AVGN, right? AVGN is great, this reminds me of it a bit :) AVGN is probably one of the funniest things on Youtube for any gamers.

    • Dave Parrack
      July 5, 2012 at 11:37 pm

      I wasn't aware of AVGN but I know what I'll be watching for the next couple of days! Thanks for the recommendation. I do love readers who give me something to make use of :)

      • Austin
        July 6, 2012 at 3:05 am

        Haha you're in for a treat, I've seen each of those episodes (over 100) at least once each, and they never get old, hilarious stuff :D