8 Geeky Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Matt Smith 09-12-2011

Christmas trees may all start out looking roughly the same (fake fiber-optic enhanced options aside), but once decorated, they show the personality of their owner. Or at least they should, but the lack of decorations beyond mundane angels and shiny bulbs can sometimes stand in the way.


Fortunately, there are some excellent ornaments that will allow you to show your geek pride this holiday season. You just have to search for them.

Hallmark’s Star Trek Ornaments

christmas ornaments

The first ornament my mother ever purchased specifically for me to hang was the 1991 Starship Enterprise by hallmark. This tiny replica ship could plug in to the bulb socket on a string of lights, powering up the ship’s warp nacelles and a few other assorted deck lights. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I still do.

Today, that original 1991 ornament often commands a price of over $100. But there’s a whole range of ornaments that came afterwards including the Enterprise-D, the Voyager, and an original Enterprise shuttlecraft. Most of these are just $10 on eBay, and they’re worth every penny.

Image Credit: Barry Fackler


Lego Ornaments

christmas tree ornaments

If you don’t mind going the do-it-yourself route, Lego ornaments are an excellent way to give your Christmas tree some geek cred. That’s because you don’t buy them. You build them.

Of course, if you already have Legos, you can build whatever you’d like. But if you don’t happen to have a pile of them lying around, you can check out Lego Digital Designer. It’s a 3D design program for building Lego models virtually. Once you’ve plotted your virtual ornament, you can buy the specific blocks you need from Lego’s Pick-A-Brick shop.

Christmas Tree Cthulhu

christmas tree ornaments
Most people top their tree with an angel or a start, but not you. No, you need something altogether more monstrous. Like, say, the lord of all that is unholy, Cthulhu.


This evil yet cute decoration has 2” long tentacles and can be bound easily to any tree using ribbons on the back of his head. The only issue is price – at $120, the dark lord isn’t cheap – but I suppose that’s the price you pay for a unique decoration.

Hallmark’s Star Wars Ornaments

christmas tree ornaments

Personally, I was always more of a Star Trek kid, so I never owned any of the Star Wars ornaments. But I’d be opening myself up to devastating flames if I mentioned Star Trek without also noting that Hallmark has a line of ornaments for Star Wars fans.

My personal favorite is also the first, the 1996 Millennium Falcon. Unlike the pricey 1991 Enterprise, you can buy the Falcon for about $30 online. Another popular choice is the 2004 Star Destroyer, which plays recorded lines from the movies at the touch of a button.


 Zombie Ornaments

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What could be more festive than a zombie How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Whether you personally believe that the zombie apocalypse is long overdue or that it's never going to happen, doesn't it pay to be prepared? Read More , shuffling towards your family with the kind of love that can only be inspired by a desire for fresh, tender brains? Now you can celebrate a love of all things shuffling with zombie-inspired ornaments.

They include a dismembered gingerbread man and a zombie stocking full of…foot. At $9.95, they’re all very affordable, which leaves you more money for buying a pump-action shotgun. You’re gonna need it.

Recycled Motherboard Ornaments

unique christmas ornaments


Motherboards aren’t easy to recycle, but they can be turned in to decorations for people with the right sensibilities. The site has done just that but cutting old motherboards into holiday shapes like angels, stars and trees. Better still, they’re just $6 a pop.

Alternatively you can check out the three-set from Thinkgeek, which is available for $14.99. You don’t get a choice of ornament shapes, but you do receive three different colors. That makes sense, as many motherboards are colored to distinguish them from competitors.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ornament

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Released in 2009, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 ornament is detailed even by Hallmark’s relatively high standards. It’s a tiny replica of the original movie car, measuring almost five inches long, that includes a full load of ghost-busting equipment. The wheels can turn and it can play the Ghostbusters theme song.

This appears to have been a limited run item as it is hard to find today, but the site Hooked on Ornaments has it in stock for $48.95. That may seem a bit pricey, but it’s not bad for a limited-edition ornament.

Futurama Xmas Tree

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Maybe you find the idea of buying a tree and decorating it a bit time-consuming, but you’d still like to show off your geek cred. Well, in that case, why not just buy an entire tree?

I’m talking about the 5 foot lighted palm tree. Futurama fans may remember that in the future, Christmas becomes Xmas, and the tradition of decorating an evergreen has become the tradition of decorating a palm tree, because pine trees are extinct.

I’m not sure the makers of the Christmas Palm Tree have any idea Futurama exists, but who cares? It certainly looks the part. Besides, the only other way to add some Futurama love to your decorations is to buy the ornaments – which are apparently rare and priced accordingly.

Share Your Geeky Decoration Ideas

Those are the best ideas that I could come up with, but what do you think? Do you know someone who makes Minecraft ornaments? Is there a line of comic book ornaments that you have hanging on your tree? Let us know about the geeky decorations in your collection by leaving a comment.

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