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8 Fitness Experts On The Web With The Best Health Advice For You

Joel Lee 13-08-2014

The last thing you want to do is take fitness advice from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s one thing to make a poor device purchase – you only lose out on money if you do that. On the other hand, bad fitness advice can have a serious and lasting impact on your body.


Given the freedom of the Internet, it doesn’t take much effort to put up a snazzy website and build some social media presence. Nowadays, anybody can be a self-proclaimed “fitness expert,” which means that misinformation can spread fast.

We can offer easy exercises to do at your desk 8 Easy Exercises To Help You Stay Fit At Your Desk Staying fit at your desk is actually possible. Here are some exercises anyone can do. Some don't even require getting up, others take no longer than 10 minutes out of your daily routine. Read More and these YouTube fitness channels 7 Best YouTube Workout Channels To Exercise at Home Home gyms and personal trainers help the moneyed get up straight from their beds and hit the gym. We lesser mortals have to call on our powers of self-motivation and discipline to trudge the few... Read More can prove helpful, but the following experts are the ones you’ll want to read for tested veteran advice. Their track records have proven the weight of their words.

Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield is the owner and brain behind Ben Greenfield Fitness, a website full of useful health advice and workout tips. He approaches fitness from a scientific orientation with an holistic eye, simultaneously promoting safe and healthy exercise while debunking common and dangerous myths.

In 2008, he was voted “America’s Top Personal Trainer” by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Not only is he a New York Times Bestselling author for Beyond Training, he is an accomplished triathlete, bodybuilder, coach, consultant, and speaker.


If you want to maximize the performance of your body, Ben Greenfield will get you there. Keep up with his articles and blog posts to learn how to burn fat, capitalize on recovery, improve mental performance, and more.

Steve Kamb


Who says nerds have to be thin, lanky, and unhealthy? The basement-dwelling stereotype has long been invalidated and Steve Kamb is a shining example of that truth. With his website, Nerd Fitness, he’s made it his mission to help fellow nerds and couch potatoes to take control of their lives and overcome their health issues.

He calls it “leveling up your life” and, after a few weeks of following his advice, you’ll soon see why.


If you’re interested in casual reading and once-in-a-while tips, you can follow his blog which is updated a few times per week. For more in-depth material, you ought to check out his collection of free resources, such as workout routines, eating advice, articles on habits and motivation, etc.

Adam Bornstein


Adam Bornstein is one of the most influential people in the fitness realm. He’s written for Men’s Health and New York Times, published numerous books, and conducted dozens of health-related interviews, both as interviewer and interviewee. He’s an encyclopedia as far as fitness is concerned.

At his website, Born Fitness, you’ll find an informative blog that covers topics including diet, weight training, fat burning, cultivating a proper fitness mindset, maintaining workout equipment, and more. New posts are typically published as frequently as one every few days.


Eric Cressey


Here’s the man behind Cressey Performance, Eric Cressey. He’s spent countless hours working with sports professionals in order to hone his training techniques and maximize benefits for all kinds of people, regardless of their fitness proficiency. So valuable is his knowledge that he’s been featured in publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and ESPN.

The best resource on his site is the vast wealth of free fitness articles that will fix your errors, kick up your motivation, and teach you the fundamentals of safe and effective exercise. In addition, you should subscribe to his blog for special “Exercise of the Week” posts as well as for unique insight into the fitness industry.

Zuzka Light



Fitness doesn’t have to be all about “maximizing gains,” “optimizing performance,” and “breaking records.” Fitness doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive home equipment. Using nothing more than your body, Zuzka Light will teach you how to burn fat, eat healthy, and be happy.

What’s unique here is her focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a fancy term for “exercise harder, not longer.” Her workouts don’t require any special gear and they rarely take longer than 15 minutes to complete, yet each one will push you to your limits and help you carve the body that you want.

She’s been doing this for years and has gained a loyal following. HIIT may not be the best for bulking in size or maxing out on strength, but it’s great for cutting fat and general health. Give it a try. Her results speak for themselves.

Nia Shanks


There’s a stigma about weightlifting for women; in particular, that weightlifting is “for men” and women should focus on “toning” and “cardio” in order to avoid bulking up. However, this stigma has no basis in fact. In fact, more women should look to weightlifting to meet their fitness goals.

Nia Shanks covers all of that and more on her website, Lift Like A Girl, which has been recognized as one of the most influential fitness blogs in the past few years. Be sure to visit her free tutorial sets, such as “Simple Fat Loss,” “Beginner Strength Training,” and “Train To Be Awesome.”

There aren’t any guarantees or promises here except for one: if you train for strength and eat right, you’ll be well on your way towards a better body. But more than that, her philosophy is rooted in the idea of embracing one’s femininity and channeling that to develop a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

Stephan Guyenet


Let’s talk science. There are lots of fitness trainers and instructors out there who rely on pseudoscience far too often when devising their routines and programs. What’s the best way to lose fat? How does metabolism work? What’s good and bad to eat for this and that? Stephan Guyenet is a neurobiologist and obesity researcher who specializes in these things.

Even if you’re strictly looking for a fitness expert, you shouldn’t skip over this one. His blog posts and articles lean more toward the scholarly side of discussion, but that’s a good thing. This is the real science that will ultimately help you to train and progress in the best way possible.

Paul Ingraham


Paul Ingraham is another science-heavy expert, except his area of expertise is in the science of aches, pains, and injuries.

There’s a near-guarantee that you’ll end up injuring yourself at some point in your fitness journey. If that happens, always visit a doctor before taking advice from the Internet. However, it does help to understand why things happen the way they do, particularly when you’re dealing with discomfort.

Ingraham’s website, Save Yourself, contains an incredible repository of articles – hundreds of them – that explore topics like chronic aches, muscle pains, massages, skeletal alignments, and more. It’s an enormous resource chock full of scientific knowledge.

Need a bit of motivation? Check out these inspirational fitness infographics 3 Really Inspiring Fitness Infographics, Plus Create One Of Your Own! When you're trying to eat healthily, exercise daily and generally be good to your body, it can be a bit of a drag without regular inspiration and motivation to keep you going. Plus, we all... Read More and consider taking part in some of these fitness communities on Reddit 4 Subreddits You Should Read For Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit I will tell you right now that I couldn't possible write an article about living a healthy life. I'm a self-confessed Taco Bell connoisseur. However, I can certainly tell you where you can find some other health tips.... Read More .

There are other credible fitness experts out there, but let’s hear from you. Which online fitness personas do you trust the most? Share them with us in the comments and let us know why you follow them.

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