8 Cooking Websites With Video Recipes for Tasty Visual Tips

Saikat Basu 11-02-2011

cooking websitesIf you are an incurable foodie who cooks more than he (or she) gorges, then the overplus of cooking makes for sweetened browsing. When you browse through websites that inspire you to take to the apron and the kitchen, you will realize that there’s isn’t a facet of cooking that has been left uncovered.


Okay, maybe we still haven’t taken a good look at some video recipe websites yet. Top tier cooking websites like Allrecipes and Epicurious have pretty well stocked cooking video sections. But then there are some websites which present video recipes as the main course. Why for the love of food should one miss out on them?

So, don your apron and check out these eight which dish up some appetizing video recipes.

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The cooking website features around 25,000 video recipes further souped up with 150,000 recipes of all kinds. Then there are the food snapshots to stir up a monk’s appetite. What I really like about the site is the prominence given to cuisines of all kinds from A (American) to S (Spanish). The videos are arranged around categories like Places, People, Educational, Health etc. You can use the search to get to a video demonstration of a recipe. A free registration also allows you to upload your own videos.



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If you are a “˜Chowhound’ who spends every waking hour thinking about the next meal, then this site is meant for you. The site combines the best of multimedia to cook up a visually appealing website. You have large high-resolution graphics and videos, and neatly explained recipes. You can browse by complexity of recipe, by cuisine, and by course. Videos are organized by collections and playlists. One of the features of the site are the “˜Hacks’ which are basically tweaked version of recipes.


cooking sites

The cooking website currently hosts 16,000 cooking videos arranged simply around ingredients, dishes, cuisines, and techniques. Cookblast is also a video recipe search engine which scours recipes from other sites. You can follow the link to read the text of the preparation on the source site if Cookblast lacks it.



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Anything which has “˜tube’ attached to it generally stands for video. FoodTube is trying to organize itself as a YouTube-like source for cookery videos. So you can browse through Channels, check out featured videos, dive into Groups, and also add your own video recipes. The collection of 3,300 videos in a range of categories is enough to keep you busy with your ladle.


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Tastydays is one of those cookery websites which can turn you into a recipe spouting foodie. The site has a video section and a section that covers cooking shows with snippets from the likes of Celebrity Masterchef. The cooking shows could do with some more content as some of the names on the list do not show any content. But the recipes don’t suffer from the same problem as every recipe has a video to boast of.



best cooking sites

CookingVibes is a cool Silverlight What Is Microsoft Silverlight? [Geeks Weigh In] Read More web application which provides you with a stock of recipes submitted by users. Most of the recipes are enhanced with videos. There is also an index of restaurants worldwide, enabling you to review and save them to your favorites. CookingVibes encourages community participation so you can interact with fellow foodies and professional chefs.

Start Cooking

best cooking sites

Kathy Maister takes you through the basics of cooking and then into more advanced epicurean delights with a series of videocasts. From learning how to boil an egg, you can graduate to making a sausage and egg casserole. If you are a beginner cook don’t miss the Kitchen Basics section. You can download the videocasts with iTunes as episodes and carry them around in an iPhone or an iPod. The other option is to download them as MP4 or FLV files to your desktop.



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Le Gourmet has 600 plus videos on food and beverages. Then there’s a small section which takes you to chef school to teach some of the basic stuff. Le Gourmet also explores roadside cuisine with a selection of travel videos focusing on street food.

With the riches of cooking websites on the web, it’s quite easy now to polish your taste buds. You can go from 7 Good Online Cooking Guides For The Beginner Cook The 7 Best Online Cooking Guides for the Beginner Cook You can learn how to be a great cook. These cooking guides for the beginner cook are few of the best places to start. Read More to 5 Fascinating Recipe Sites To Brush Up Your Culinary Skills 5 Fascinating Recipe Sites to Brush Up Your Culinary Skills Read More and maybe stopover at 5 Of The Best Sites For Kid-Friendly Recipes 5 Of The Best Sites For Kid-Friendly Recipes Read More . Our cooking and recipe websites will help you keep the kitchen fires burning.

Do you find video recipe websites helpful? Let us know of your personal favorites.

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    You many also want to try It is fairly new but offers detailed descriptions in addition to top quality video.

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