8 Cheap & Classic Halloween Decorations To Trick Out Your Home

Angela Randall 20-10-2014

You’d love to make an effort for Halloween this year, but just don’t have the time.


Sound familiar?

Halloween is fast-approaching, so it’s time to think about how you’re going to scare the hoardes of trick-or treaters. If you’re stuck for time (and can’t, for instance, make Arduino Halloween decorations 8 Amazing Halloween Frights You Can Make With An Arduino Learning electronics with an Arduino is fun, but using one to scare the life out of trick-or-treating children is just downright heavenly. Read More ), the quickest way to make your house incredibly scary is to buy some classic decoration pieces from Amazon. After hunting around, we’ve decided that these items will make the biggest impact without breaking the bank. Time to get scary…

Mossy Bat Tombstone

Price: $9.99


Tombstones in the garden are a subtle way of making your place look creepy. Just make sure there’s a bit of subtle lighting nearby so that the kids see it on their way past. This tombstone is made from styrofoam, which is what you’d expect for this price. It’s still realistic and it even has some decorative fake moss on it.


Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

Price: $8.07


To make your tombstone even scarier, add a couple of Zombie arm stakes. There’s nothing quite like a dead person climbing out of a grave to make kids hustle. These dead grey hands and grey sleeves should do the trick.

Scary Hanging Bats

Price: $19.50



Every spooky house needs bats, and these ones are just right with their spooky red eyes. This is a great collection of 12 bats and 24 hooks and 8′ strings, so you can set up your belfry as you wish. The bats are made of weatherproof black corrugated plastic board, so they will last from year to year. These bats come in different sizes, ranging from the large size of W16″x5.5″H to the smallest size of W9″x3″H.

Menacing Mummy Window Decorations

Price: $10.50



If you don’t have a garden or you’re pressed for space, window decorations are a fantastic idea. They’re also great facing inwards if you’re having a house party for Halloween 7 Tech Savvy and Fiendish Tips to Get Ready for Halloween With Halloween hot on our heels, procrastinators may have slipped behind on getting ready. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of the Internet, the lazy can catch up quickly with a few simple apps and sites. Read More , but it will need to be lit from behind with a regular light for the best effect. This mummy is totally creepy and ready to scare your guests. You get two mummys with dimensions of 36″ x 60″ in the package, and they can be easily trimmed to fit your windows (they suggest windows from 24″ x 36″ to 36″ x 60″).

Peep n’ Peepers Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights

Price: $12.22


These neat little eyes come as a set of three, which can be linked in series if you like. This is the perfect creepy decoration for indoors or outdoors, so you can use them to light up your horror movie marathon Get Into The Halloween Spirit With The Best Horror Films Ever Made Looking for a terrifying horror film to watch this Halloween? Thanks to sites that aggregate movie reviews, we now can get the scariest ever made, without tons of searching. Read More night.


Ghost LED For Garden

Price: $16.98


This spooky looking ghost is ready to put in your front yard or window and comes with LED lighting. The colours change occasionally to make things creepier, and it stands at 41 inches tall and comes with its own metal plate base.

Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch Legs

Price: $13.86


Witch legs are a subtle, easy way to commemorate the Wizard of Oz’s 75th Anniversary and make your house creepier in the process. Not only are there witches around, but your house has flattened one.

Pressure Sensitive Screaming Doormat

Price: $20.95


Once you’ve given your little visitors the creeps with your amazing garden decorations, they’ll be ready to ring your doorbell. Terrified, yet desperately seeking sweet treats, they’ll come up to your door, stand on your mat and AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Screams all round. Brilliant! This mat comes with two AA batteries, ready to go.

Amazon’s Speedy Delivery

It’s time to make use of the speedy delivery Amazon is quite famous for, especially the Amazon Prime service. However, you’ll still need to move quickly if you want your decorations to arrive in time. You don’t want to miss out! Now, you can go get yourself some creepy Halloween music for free Spooky Halloween Music to Download for Free Have you crafted a soundtrack for Halloween yet? If not, then your search is over, as we have found some horrifying music guaranteed to creep you out this Halloween... Read More .

Have you found any other brilliant Halloween decorations on Amazon? Share them with us!

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