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8 Trello Browser Extensions You’ll Love and Can’t Live Without

Akshata Shanbhag Updated 18-07-2018

We won’t tell you how awesome Trello is because you probably know it already. Instead, we’ll move right on and introduce you to eight browser extensions that take Trello’s functionality a notch or two higher.


A Word About Extensions Integrated Into Trello

You don’t always need extensions and bookmarklets to make Trello more powerful. You can add more features to Trello with its third-party integrations called Power-Ups.

Once you learn how to add a Power-Up to a board, try these:

  • Card Numbers by Reenhanced, to show card numbers on every Trello card.
  • Card Repeater, to duplicate cards at set intervals
  • Card Snooze, to archive cards temporarily
  • Card Aging, to fade inactive cards for easy identification

Now, let’s move on to those browser extensions for Trello. We’ll lead with Chrome extensions and then mention cross-browser alternatives.

1. Original Card Counter for Trello


If you want a card counter for Trello, this extension is here to do the job. It tallies the number of cards per list and board. The results are easy to spot. Of course, if you install the Ultimello extension we mention below, you don’t need this one.


Original Card Counter for Trello replaces the CardCounter for Trello extension, which is no longer being maintained. If you spot the latter extension on the Chrome Web Store, give it a miss.

Firefox users, you can try Trello Card Counter to add card counting to Trello lists. It’s a pity that there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated card counter extension for Safari.

Download: Original Card Counter for Trello

Do you have too many cards? Here’s how to declutter your Trello board How to Clean and Declutter Your Trello Boards: 5 Simple Tips Decluttering your Trello boards makes it easier to navigate and faster to find cards. Start using these Trello organization tips. Read More :


2. Multiselect for Trello

This time-saving extension lets you modify multiple cards in a go. Select individual cards or even an entire list to work on. You can move, copy, archive, and delete cards. Assigning due dates, labels, and members is also possible.

Download: Multiselect for Trello

3. Ultimello


If the basic Trello sort options aren’t enough for you, get Ultimello. It allows you to sort cards by due date, title, labels, and more.


The sorting is only for visual clarity in the interface; only you can see it. It’s also temporary, which means that you don’t have to worry that you’ll mess up the card arrangement accidentally. If you would like to save the new sort order, you can do that with the Apply current sorting (save in Trello) option.

The extension also brings two other features to Trello: the card count for each list and card connections.

On Firefox and Safari, you don’t have even a passable alternative to Ultimello. But, you can still add advanced sort options 8 Tips to Quickly Search & Sort Trello Cards and Lists Still sifting through your Trello boards manually? Switch to the tricks listed in this article to search them all at once and speed up your Trello workflow. Read More if you get the Booklet by Vince Power-Up.

With this Power-Up, you can also export card data to Excel and act on cards in bulk. That comes in handy since there isn’t a Firefox/Safari alternative for the Multiselect extension above of the TrelloExport extension below.


Download: Ultimello

4. TrelloExport


If you’re a Trello Business Class user, you can export your data to a spreadsheet in CSV format. If you aren’t, give TrelloExport a shot. It allows you to export to Excel, HTML, OPML, and Markdown.

Once you install the extension, you’ll find the export option in the sidebar. It appears as TrelloExport below the default export options in the sidebar under More > Print and Export.

Download: TrelloExport

5. Next Step for Trello

Try this checklist extension if you don’t want the hassle of opening the card back to mark tasks as done. It displays checklist items on the front of the card itself. You get to choose how many of them should show up.

Download: Next Step for Trello

6. List Layouts for Trello


Want to stack lists vertically? With List Layouts you can. Use the extension’s toolbar button to switch back and forth between the default horizontal layout and the new vertical one.

On Firefox, you can try Swimlanes for Trello, which uses the concept of swim lanes to arrange lists into horizontal swim lanes stacked one below the other.

Download: List Layouts for Trello

7. Scrum for Trello

Trello mimics the Scrum task board in many ways, which makes it a good fit for managing Scrum projects online.

But what about missing Scrum elements like story points and estimates? How do you integrate those with Trello? Scrum for Trello answers that question by bringing some useful Scrum functionality to your Trello boards. You’ll find it on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Download: Scrum for Trello for Chrome | Firefox | Safari

8. Pro for Trello


Pro for Trello is like several extensions rolled into one. For starters, it adds card numbers, priority levels, time entries, label sizes, and hashtags to your boards. The extension allows you to display list stats and add custom CSS as well.

The extension adds a few visual and functional enhancements to Trello, including a list resizing option and a card counter. It also displays card numbers for easy card identification. Plus you get a “compact” mode to help you hide distracting visual elements.

On Firefox, you can opt for the Trello Super Powers add-on. Trello Improvements is another nice add-on similar to Trello Super Powers.

Download: Pro for Trello

More Awesome Trello Tools

Here a few other Trello tools that you might want to get:

  • Elegantt: For creating Gantt charts
  • Punchtime: For tracking time
  • Planyway: For adding calendar and team timeline views
  • Trellists: Trello Lists Master: For hiding lists

Trello Extension Trellists

Note: Browser updates can sometimes throw an extension out of whack. If that happens, disable the extension, re-enable it, and refresh the browser to get everything working again. It’s not a sure fix, but it often works.

For Opera Users, Too!

You can add the Chrome extensions on our list to your browser once you install the Install Chrome Extensions add-on for Opera.

Trello is already a great tool, but the above extensions, paired with these search and navigation shortcuts The Trello Cheat Sheet: Search, Navigation, and Markdown Essentials Discover the best of Trello with our list of keyboard shortcuts, search operators, and more. Read More , make it way better. Of course, using the right extensions and shortcuts won’t fix any flaws in your project management strategy itself. To plan and manage multiple projects well, start with a foolproof project management system The Fool Proof System to Plan & Manage Multiple Projects Full Horizon Planning is an easy system to manage multiple active and dormant projects. It's superbly unbreakable when it comes to those guaranteed, daily distractions. We show you how to set it up digitally. Read More .

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