8 Awesome Tumblr Blogs Every Cosplayer Should Follow

Skye Hudson 30-12-2013

The cosplay community is alive and thriving, propelled forward by amazing animes, comics, movies, video games, and all kinds of media. Cosplayers can be found roaming around at various geeky conventions 8 Geek Conventions You Should Attend At Least Once, If Not Every Year Read More like Comic Con, but instead of going there, what if you just want to sit back and look at some pictures of the incredibly creative cosplay costumes that people have made? That’s where Tumblr comes in.


Unfamiliar with Tumblr? We have explained everything about Tumblr What Is Tumblr? [MakeUseOf Explains] Tumblr can be a great community to express yourself and create a personalized feed of content that you love, so let's look a little deeper at what exactly it is. Read More earlier. In short, it’s a combination of a blogging platform and a social network that thrives with multimedia. It’s the perfect platform for cosplayers because it allows for the wide distribution of high-quality pictures and videos, and it works largely through re-blogging and submissions. Allow me to warn you: you may find some NSFW content if you visit any of these blogs.

So, where can you go to find these amazing cosplay Tumblr blogs? Read on to find out.

Cosplay Blog


This should definitely be your first stop on your cosplay journey through Tumblr. The generically named Cosplay Blog is updated daily with high-quality, professional-style photos of some really incredible cosplays across a wide range of genres. Plus, every post gives credit to the submitter and the photographer, so you can always find more by them if you’re curious.

Cosplay Boom



This is another huge cosplay blog. Maintained by submissions, this Tumblr blog has a fantastic mixture of professional photos as well as a sprinkling of amateur photos and videos as well. You’ll find a wide range of content here, from anime characters to comic book characters, and topped up with video game characters. This is a must-follow

Cosplay Gamer [No Longer Available]


For the gamer inside us all, there is Cosplay Gamer. It’s a collection of cosplayers straight from your favorite video games, including the unbelievable Assassin’s Creed cosplay seen above. This blog stays tightly within the limits of video games cosplays, so if you’re not a huge gamer, this isn’t for you. But for the gamers out there, some of these cosplays are simply astounding, bringing the games to life in front of your eyes.

Pokemon Cosplay



Oh, you knew there had to be one centered around Pokemon, didn’t you? Yes, the very game that most people forget about after 5th grade but the rest of us kept playing — it has a massive cosplay community. For all the Pokemon-themed cosplays that you won’t find in the generic cosplay blogs, this is your place. Lots of high-quality and really amazing costumes that’ll make you want to pick up your Game Boy again. (Or, you know, you could just get an emulator on your Android phone How To Play N64 And GBA Games On Your Android Device For many of us, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games were our childhood. Unfortunately for the fans of Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon, Nintendo has been reluctant to create Android games, unlike Sega, which has... Read More …)

F*ck Yeah FMA Cosplay [No Longer Available]


For fans of the manga or the anime series, this is an incredible Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay blog. The FMA universe is incredibly well done in the manga and the anime (at least, in the Brotherhood series), and these cosplayers really bring that to life. This is a show just begging to be cosplayed with such recognizable military uniforms. Take a look at Ed’s red jacket with the metallic arm and leg, and Al’s suit of armor that is always hilarious to see cosplayers try to pull off.

Cosplaying While Black



You’re not likely to see a lot of black cosplayers on mainstream cosplay sites, which is why Cosplaying While Black exists. Black cosplayers are definitely here, and they have some amazing costumes to show off. This is a Tumblr blog to prove that not all cosplayers have to be white or Asian; people of any skin color can and should cosplay to their heart’s content. You’ll find a wide range of content here, from TV show characters to comic book characters to anime characters, these cosplayers have got it all covered.

Women Of Comicbook Cosplay


You won’t find any anime or video games here; this blog is strictly for women cosplaying comic book characters. There’s a great mixture of amateur, user-submitted content as well as professional photos. If you’re into comic book cosplays, you’ll love this blog, and the next.

Men Of Comicbook Cosplay



The sibling site of Women of Comicbook Cosplay, this is the Men of Comicbook Cosplay. You’ll find a similar mix of amateur and professional content, except this time it’s purely dudes. Follow MoCC and WoCC to keep up on all of the best comic book cosplays.


Here at MakeUseOf, we have quite a soft spot for Tumblr. In fact, Nancy has already covered 8 Tumblr blogs for writers 8 Tumblr Blogs Every Writer & Book Lover Should Follow Tumblr is known as being a great blogging platform for visual content, and is a photographer's smorgasbord of just about everything you could possibly imagine. That said, there's also an incredible wealth of content that... Read More , 12 for Game of Thrones fans Game Of Thrones Meets Tumblr: 12 Must-Follow Blogs The sheer amount of content on Tumblr makes it a joy to browse, though sometimes you really do have to filter through a lot of repetitive content to get to the good stuff. For that... Read More , and 6 for history buffs 6 Fascinating Tumblr Blogs For History Buffs Are you big fans of Tumblr? Here at MakeUseOf, we certainly are. The blogging platform brings together the idea of blogging together with social networking and has become home to some of the most creative,... Read More , as well as 7 news and politics blogs Tumblr Isn't Just For Photography: 7 News & Political Blogs To Follow Are you big fans of Tumblr? Here at MakeUseOf, we certainly are. The blogging platform brings together the idea of blogging together with social networking and has become home to some of the most creative,... Read More , and 10 humorous blogs Need A Good Laugh? Follow These 10 Tumblr Blogs Are you big fans of Tumblr? Here at MakeUseOf, we certainly are. The blogging platform brings together the idea of blogging together with social networking and has become home to some of the most creative,... Read More . Tumblr really is a community for people with a wide range of interests.

What do you think of these cosplay Tumblr blogs? Any other you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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