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8 Awesome Pinterest Extensions You Need to Try Now

Sandy Writtenhouse 23-05-2016

Pinterest users love to pin. From viewing awesome images to re-pinning, sharing, liking, and commenting Follow These 5 Tips To Get More Shares For Your Pinterest Images Tired of pinning images that don't receive the attention they deserve? Get people sharing them! Read More on them, it can be a lot of fun. So, if you are a regular Pinterest user 7 Ways to Mine Pinterest for Even More Interesting Pins How can you be sure that you're uncovering all the amazing content that has been generated by other Pinterest users? Here are essential seven tips. Read More , this list of Chrome extensions is for you. They each allow you to do just a little bit more with the terrific pins you find.



For Your Browser Tabs

Start your day and open each tab with a terrific photo from Pinterest using Pinterest Tab. Select the categories that interest you and then enjoy. Each screen not only shows a gorgeous photo, but comes with handy options.

You can show your calendar, refresh for a new picture, and get a nice view of the time, date, and sunrise or sunset times. Plus, if you want to pin the photo you see, there is an easy option to do that too.


For Easy Sorting on Pinterest

When visiting the Pinterest website, you can quickly sort the pins displayed by likes, re-pins, or comments with Pinterest Sort [No Longer Available]. This is a super convenient tool if you are looking for the most popular pins. Which ones are liked the most? Which have the most comments? You can find out with Pinterest Sort.



For Fast Screen Shots

The Page2Images extension will snap a screen shot of your current page, create an image for you, and pop open a window for you to pin it immediately. You can select which board to use and pin it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, if you like. So, instead of trying to capture a screen shot yourself, saving it, and uploading it to Pinterest, just give Page2Images a try.


For Zooming In

For a quick zoom of the pins you see on Pinterest, without having to select them first, Pinterest Image Expander [No longer available] is a nice tool. This extension will expand the photo when you hover your mouse over it. This is a handy tool for a simple zoom of images right on the Pinterest main page or on a specific board.



For Going to the Pin’s Source

If you spot a pin and know that you want to immediately visit the source for more details, then Pinterest Palooza is for you. The extension lets you click on a pin thumbnail and be taken directly to the source right away, rather than opening the pin first.

You can also hold down the Ctrl key as you click so that you can stay on the Pinterest page, but queue up the link to the source in a new tab (as depicted in the GIF below). For quick access directly to the pin source, for recipes, articles, or instructions, this is a useful Chrome extension.



For Even Pinterest Formatting

The Pinterest Enhanced extension will arrange the pins on Pinterest in a grid format, all the same size. Plus, it will remove the text you see for the details and let you simply hover your mouse over the pin to retrieve it. This is a terrific tool for a uniformed and consistent view 8 Cool Extensions for Changing the Layout of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest You have many options to change your social media layouts, as developers have released extensions that will let you switch up the boring old layout that you're used to and try something new. Read More of the pins, rather than a scattered, all-over-the-place display due to pin sizes.


For Image Searching

If you love a pin you see and just want more Thinking Outside the Board – How to Use Pinterest Creatively Pinterest is a powerful tool that should be used for more than just daydreaming about weddings, impossible fitness challenges, and mouthwatering recipes. Try using it for more useful purposes instead! Read More such as similar pictures or websites where the photo appears, then Pin Search [No longer available] gets the job done. You will see a search button next to the pin and when clicked, you will be directed to a Google search results page. There you will find similar images along with websites containing that image. For fast photo searching, Pin Search is a great tool.



For Pinning That Image

Of course, no list of extensions for Pinterest 4 Superb Pinterest Extensions for Chrome, With an Extremely Pinnable Start Page Bonus The web is full of Pinnable content. Install these extensions and you'll always have new content to pin. Again, and again, and again. Read More would be complete without the handy Pin It Button. Just tap the icon in your toolbar and you will see all of the images captured from your current page in a grid. Select the pin you want to save, choose your board, and you are set. You can also share it to Facebook and Twitter and the same time.


It’s Time to Get Back to Pinning

Now that you have a full toolbox of options to help your Pinterest experience How to Use Pinterest Effectively (And Avoid the Ridiculous Nail Art) It is actually possible to use Pinterest for useful tasks, though it may not seem so at first glance. Here's how. Read More , from searching to sorting to going right to the source, head back over Pinterest and get started.

Are there other Chrome extensions for Pinterest that you like to use? If so, feel free to share them in the comments below!


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