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8 Awesome Angry Birds Videos For The Addicted

Dave Parrack 28-03-2012

I hate to admit it but I’m a little addicted to Angry Birds. I know many people hate the game in all its different iterations – it’s for casual gamers, it sucks, it’s pointless – but I just can’t get enough. I know why this is so, having explored the reasons Angry Birds is so addictive in a previous article, but that hasn’t helped.


Never mind. There are worse things to be addicted to. So I may as well feed my addiction (and possibly yours as well) by sharing the best Angry Birds videos I have seen on the Web over the past few months. These are the ones which feed my addiction, keeping me playing the game long after my bedtime. Not that I have a specified bedtime, you understand.

Angry Birds Theme Cover

We begin with a cover of the Angry Birds theme tune, which is the first aspect of Angry Birds most people experience. Even if you hate the game you have to admit it’s a catchy little number. And when it’s performed on a variety of different instruments by two talented musicians it takes on a life of its own.

The music influences these two to the point they start competing with each other. The only question being which is the pig and which is the bird?

Angry Birds Live

What if Angry Birds was a physical game that could be played out in real life rather than on a screen? Barring making a mess of a farm and generating interest from animal rights campaigners, obviously. T-Mobile decided to find out just how Angry Birds would look if played for real, and this video is the result.

Input on the smartphone results in birds flying, scenery being destroyed, and those pesky green pigs being pummeled into submission.


Angry Birds In Real Life

Another attempt to bring Angry Birds into the real world, but with none of the budget and marketing skills of a mobile phone company. Thanks to some nice visual effects this little skit works exceedingly well. This is actually an interactive video with multiple videos and two possible endings. Which is a brilliant, if not a little frustrating, use of YouTube.

Am I showing signs of insanity by admitting I wish I could walk down to my local park and get involved in a real game of Angry Birds? I think I already know the answer to that question.

Angry Birds Rap

This is a simple idea that ends up being executed brilliantly. Take the Angry Birds theme, which we have already discussed, and add a friendly, non-gangster rap over the top of it. What you end up with from this unholy alliance is a ditty which deserves multiple listens. It’s like Weird Al Yankovic crossed with Eminem. Or something.

I would ask how someone can write four minutes of lyrics about Angry Birds. But I have written thousands of words on the subject over the past couple of years, so who am I to question it?


Angry Birds Meets Super Mario

What do you get when you cross Angry Birds with Super Mario? This video shows you exactly what the result of this strange combination would be. It does make me wonder why the pigs haven’t yet figured out that bricks would be a more permanent and impenetrable structure than the glass, wood, and stone constructions they usually opt for. But then it wouldn’t make for much of a game if they did.

The animation may not be the best in the world, but coupled with the classic Mario music it’s definitely worth watching.

Angry Birds Vs. Chuck Norris

Another animated sketch involving the Angry Birds. This time they unleash their secret weapon on the pigs – Chuck Norris. Norris was an average actor and average (ooh, controversial) martial artist until the Internet came along. Now he’s generally regarded as the hardest man in the world, and woe betide anyone or anything that gets in his way.


The animation on this is superb, but it’s the humor which makes it one of my favorite Angry Birds videos. Norris not so much beats the level as incinerates it and all who inhabit it. Chuck Norris Wins!

Angry Birds Christmas Lights

I remember when decorating your house for Christmas meant putting a few lights around your front door. Now the practice has evolved to include all manner of weird and wonderful creations. Some displays are stunning, being set to music or created to change according to an external event. This particular Christmas lights display An Arduino Project: How To Make Flashy Christmas Lights Ornaments This is the next part in our learning Arduino series, and this time we’ll be learning about and using Arrays to make a little Christmas tree ornament with various flashing sequences. This would be an... Read More is Angry Birds-themed, naturally.

While it may be fairly easy to create a lights arrangement based on Angry Birds, to actually recreate the game in this manner deserves a lot of credit. I have neither the patience or skill.

Angry Birds: The Movie

Last but not least comes the trailer for a fictional Angry Birds movie. The plot has those pesky pigs turning to murder, killing ornithologists to get hold of birds’ eggs. Agents are put on the case, with the help of the government’s secret weapon: a slingshot. Oh, and some kamikaze birds willing to die for the cause.


Believe it or not this is a case of art imitating fiction. There is now talk of a real Angry Birds movie being made. Thankfully I don’t think it will be as ludicrous as this trailer suggests. But then Hollywood does make some strange choices.


Call me sad if you want to. I know that’s what you’re thinking anyway. But I don’t care. Angry Birds is a phenomenon, and the game which truly showed that casual, mobile games delivered in the form of apps can be fun, well-made, and very addictive. And these videos show how far into the public consciousness The Global Appeal Of Angry Birds [INFOGRAPHIC] Are you playing Angry Birds? If not then you should, because it is quite possibly one of the most addictive games you're likely to encounter. An enjoyable game but still addictive and very frustrating! Apparently... Read More Angry Birds has made it.

Do you have a favorite Angry Birds video that isn’t featured here? Then please post a link to it in the comments section below. Do you hate everything to do with Angry Birds and therefore avoided watching all of the above? Then let me know, again in the comments section. I read and reply to every (sensible) comment.

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  1. Mark O'Neill
    March 28, 2012 at 8:16 am

    The best one, in my opinion, has to be the one made which shows the Angry Birds around the peace negotiating table (mimicking I think the Israelis and Palestinians). Needless to say, negotiations soon break down and they get back to throwing themselves at each other again!

    • Dave Parrack
      March 28, 2012 at 9:48 am

      That really should have made the list. It's a classic! Thanks for sharing it, Mark :)

    • Humza
      March 28, 2012 at 11:23 am

      hahaha...very funny