7 Websites For Sharing Your Nostalgic Memories Of Days Gone By

Saikat Basu 07-05-2014

We forget that we remember.


Even if we do forget, there’s the Web to remind us. Nostalgia may be bittersweet, but the mere talk of the past ties us all together socially. We share our best and worst memories.

This is where the Web comes in as the watering hole in the ether. You could talk about your wonder years – as Craig did with the six websites that took you back to the 90s 6 Websites That Will Bring You Back To The '90s Oh, man. I may have a biased opinion, being born in '89, but were the '90s not incredible? Nostalgia just drives me nuts and the '90s felt like the peak of music, movies, gaming, and... Read More . Gamers do it all the time. If you are one, head to these three places for gaming nostalgia 3 Websites That Help Preserve Gaming Nostalgia The games of today can't even be compared to my favorites from way back then, and I couldn't be happier that there are emulators and ROMs available that have managed to preserve them forever. More... Read More . It doesn’t end there because nostalgia isn’t just for the sake of remembering the ol’ times; it is also a creative outlet…it is also big business…and it is also a psychological booster.

So, let’s step into the time capsule and head back into the past with these seven online tools and share some nostalgic memories.


Retromash - share memories

The feel of a Rubik’s Cube in your hands… The opening chords of The A-Team theme tune…


It’s all about retro. Not too much because Retromash goes back to the 70s and 80s. They were simpler times — when everyone would be watching the same show on TV. The person behind the site has created an archive of those memories. The List is where you should head to after immediately dropping into the site. It is the categorized version of all retro memories – from toys and games to fashion. You can also go through a visual trip down memory lane on The Gallery.

The author has kept this site updated since 2007 and you can contribute your own retro stuff through suggestions via the Contact page. The passion of his hobby shines through and you too can get a rub of the nostalgia.

Do You Remember [No Longer Available]

Do You Remember

Yesterday, back by popular demand.


A very polished social media website with generous splashes of red all around. The site revolves around pop culture that looks back at the past. Movies, TV, radio, news, gossip…everything finds a place for discussion and comment here. Join in with a free sign-up and share your own nostalgic memories. The site had launched with serious intentions and a $1 million initial funding. So, with six large zeros propelling it forward, one can expect it to become a noisy talking shop for nostalgia seekers and treasure hunters. While you are at it with your own memories, you can spot a fresh-faced Cybil Shepherd or a very young Brad Pitt selling Pringles.

You can contribute your own slice of the past with images, videos, and comments. The enterprising can also use the site as a portal for selling retro stuff. There’s a huge market out there.



Model Ts to fifties Fords with fins, early radio and TV, surviving the Depression, World War II, fashion fads and prices from the past.


Reminisce is an American magazine on nostalgia. It covers the last century right till the 80s. The Web version continues the same theme with reader-contributed stories and photos from the days gone by. Nostalgia is a great source of stories, because of the wisdom in some of them. Contribute your owns stories (the site even takes in home movies) – here are the submission guidelines. You can follow the site on social media or with the help of their free newsletter. Reminisce more with contests and trivia on the site.

YTTM [No Longer Available]

YTTM - YouTube Time Machine

Roger Ebert tweeted about YouTube Time Machine.

This was just a fun project stoked by nostalgia because the developer was reminiscing about the 1996. After launch, it took a life of its own with 4000+ videos and counting. YTTM rolls back the years with YouTube videos and a simple timeline that allows you to simply travel back by clicking on an year. Pick videos from any of the seven categories–video games, television, commercials, current events, sports, movies, and music. The filters on the right are handy for keeping videos limited to the categories of your interest.


You can contribute to the site and share your own with a handy bookmarklet. Try out the videos for some time, and who knows – you might discover a few gems from the past.

Moments [No Longer Available]

This is not a website, but why ignore a mobile app anymore!

Moments is a free iOS app that helps you “discover” memories and share them with your friends. It uses location data to trigger any memory in the form of photo, text message, or notes you might have saved around that particular location. It uses your Facebook updates as a source and rejuvenates them by connecting them to the locations where they were recorded. It is for your eyes only, and thereon you can share the “memory” with your friends using a private link on their wall.


There’s actually a little ecosystem of similar apps on the Apple Store. Look into apps like Kennedy ($1.99) and see if they help you record slices of your life for the future.


Nostalgia SubReddit


The Nostalgia sub-Reddit could be an Ali Baba’s cave for retro-stuff and sentimentality. You can find merchandise from popular shows, classic video games, your first mobile, and maybe even photos of old school chairs. While writing this article, I can tell you that I spent a few more minutes than usual on this sub-Reddit.

Hunt around and you will find more niche sub-Reddits like the one on the 90s and other decade themed sub-Reddits. As always, Reddit is a great place for freewheeling discussions. And apparently, nostalgia is a strong puller.

Then There’s – Facebook

Do you remember your first Facebook befriending? Wistfulness and memories live on in Facebook. You can bet that everyone is part of an alumni Facebook Group. There are many groups formed around towns or where someone grew up. Try and start one yourself, and see how many join up in short time. Facebook is 10 years old now, and if you joined up even seven years back and logged in every day, that’s a bank of memories which Facebook hasn’t forgotten.

Then there are the Facebook Pages like Do you remember the 60’s,70’s & 80’s which help you swap stories.

Facebook and Nostalgia

Did you relive your moments with the personal look back video Facebook showcased this year (I know we parodied the Facebook look back The Best Facebook 'Look Back' Parodies So Far [Weird & Wonderful Web] Facebook is 10. To celebrate its birthday it invited everyone to 'Look Back' at their time on the social networking site. This made the Facebook 'Look Back' videos perfect for parodying. As usual, the Internet... Read More )? That was its play on hitting us where it aches – our pleasant thoughts of the past. Nostalgia could be one of the reasons, we won’t give up Facebook 4 Reasons We'll Never Really Want To Give Up Facebook Facebook is changing human psychology. And that's why it's going to stay with us. For a very long time. Read More .

Back To The Present

Any of the above sites will tell you that nostalgia is universal and sometimes there is a commonness to the memories we share. Nostalgia can make you pine about the past or it can make you upbeat for the future. Choose your memories well, because the science of nostalgia says that it has many beneficial effects. Maybe, these seven resources will help to dig them up.

Tell us about your favorite nostalgic memories that you could share online. Do you know of any other good website or tool that helps to share fond recollections?

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