7 Websites For Pixel Art Tutorials And Creative Inspiration

Saikat Basu 20-04-2011

If you stare at a computer screen, then you know what pixels are all about. On the computer screen or even on mobile ones, you would have come across pixel art. Think icons and you will get what pixel art is all about. It was what we saw in the video games of old.


Now, graphics have evolved and a lot of it is 3D and more realistic. But pixel art lives on in the digital world as icons, in the real world as advertisement graphics, for hobbyists as a way to go retro and connect with the past.

The popularity of this form of art is also well illustrated by the range of online pixel art creators that help you create some cool pixel art drawings. We have covered some of them. What we haven’t yet are some free tutorials and websites that show the joy one gets from these not-so-simple little graphics.

Pixel Joint

pixel art

It’s a pixel art community, an online gallery, resources, and as the site itself says – the world’s most disreputable source for pixel art! The Hall of Fame and Weekly Showcases are where you should go to for the best examples. If you fancy your skills on a graphic editor, check out the Weekly Challenges. The site gives you a large dose of pixel art learning resources through tutorials and videos. Other links worth noting are those for news, games, free downloads, and of course, the large community of fans of this form of art.

Mark’s Pixel Art Tutorial [No Longer Available]

computer pixel art

A very simple site, but one that gives you the first instructions you are expecting on pixel art. If you are starting out, then the simple instructions on this site could be worth a look. The advantage is that you can go through the site in one sitting and then move ahead with more advanced tutorials elsewhere. The sore point is that the links section of the site contains a lot of dead ones, so you cannot jump to other sites from here.

computer pixel art

If you want to learn how to paint pixel by pixel, then the brief resources listed here could be of help. The guide also includes links to other sites on pixel art, some of the ones we are covering here. The Microsoft Paint tutorials and the ones on editing icons and cursors are great help for beginners.

Pixelation [No Longer Available]

computer pixel art

The pixel art forum and discussion board has quite a permanent presence in the community. You can ask for tips, post your work for feedback, and also search for jobs.

Pixel Museum [No Longer Available]

7 Websites For Pixel Art Tutorials And Creative Inspiration Pixel Art05

The pop-ups are the only things that will bother you, but once you enter the virtual museum of pixel art, expect to be wowed by the work of nearly 150 international top artists not only in pixel art, but also in digital art and photography. Wannabe pixel artists can visit the ‘two floors’ of the museum and check out the art works on display.


7 Websites For Pixel Art Tutorials And Creative Inspiration Pixel Art06

The work of three German pixel artists – Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr, the site is a must visit if you are a pixel artist on the move. The landing page itself is colorful designed and is a showcase of their work and collection of reusable objects, posters, sketches, and toys. Some items though are for sale only.


pixel art

This is a pixel art website that showcases the works of Totto Renna who is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and also a teacher. His work is detailed and colorful and all of them seem to be created on Photoshop. Some of his famous clients include Adidas, MTV, Rolling Stone, and Coca Cola.

This is definitely not the end of the list of great pixel art websites, but it is a fair sampling of the resources you can expect to find with a search. From basic tutorials to personal portfolio sites, there is no shortage of inspiration.

Some of the other must visits include:

Army of Trolls


Flickr – The Pixel Artists Pool

Are you inspired? Tell us if you have ever tried your hand at drawing with pixels.

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