7 Websites Where You Can Listen to a Live Music Band

Ryan Dube 27-01-2011

<firstimage=”//”>live music bandIf you love music, and if you really enjoy listening to live music bands, there is an entire world of live Internet streaming music available. There are many music performers providing live entertainment for absolutely free on the web.


There are a lot of websites on the Internet that allow people to stream content online. For example, David described how to use BlogTalkRadio How To Host Your Own Talk Show Online Read More to host your own live Internet talk show. Dean described how to set up your hardware if you want to produce your own Internet TV show How To Produce Your Own Internet TV Show Read More . Grant even showed you how to stream live content to the Internet using your cellphone. These are all awesome ways to publish live content, but what if you enjoy being in the audience more than being on stage? What if you’d just like to sit back and let someone entertain you with live music?

For those of you that enjoy listening to live music bands, I’m going to share 7 awesome websites where you can get your fill of musical entertainment.

7 Awesome Sites For Live Music Bands

One of the quickest ways to find live music is to search through the live listings at Blog TV [Broken URL Removed]. This is probably one of the most active websites on the web, with an amazing variety of live streaming content.

Blog TV has a huge volume of live webcam streams. Buried in this collection of streaming content, you’ll discover some of the coolest live music shows online.

live music band


All you have to do is click on “Channels” and go to “Music.” The majority of those live streams are music DJs, but if you search enough you’ll come across live music bands and solo performers.

Another site that’s similar to Blog TV is Stickam – a live community of performers, radio hosts and even celebrities.

live music

At Stickam, there are usually many thousands of live streams to choose from at any given time. To find live bands and musicians, just click on the “Music and Bands” link on the left.


When it comes to live, streaming entertainment, there’s really no other site that can top LiveStream. The streams here are of a much higher quality than most of the other sites. At LiveStream, you’ll have access to some of the coolest live performances, like professional concerts and performances from all across the world.

live music bands

The cool thing about LiveStream is that many of the music bands that stream their live events also record them so that you can go back later and watch their shows. I was lucky enough to catch this live music band called Alter Bridge performing one of their songs.

live music


Another site with great live music feeds is Ustream. At this site, you’ll also find a music channel to browse, and most of the shows are just as well done as those at LiveStream. In fact, the content at Ustream seems even more varied. For example, I spotted this live jazz band performance by a band known as Kraaij & Balder in the Netherlands.

live rock music

I don’t even like jazz all that much, but I found myself sitting  back and enjoying the soothing sounds that this laid back band sent streaming out of my laptop speakers. There is nothing quite as cool as watching such a live music show from thousands of miles away.

listen to live rock music


Not only are there plenty of live broadcasts to choose from, but you can click on “Videos” to check out any past live performances. Also, don’t forget to check out the “Upcoming” section to see if there are any scheduled shows that you may be interested in.

While many of the sites I’ve mentioned above include a whole mix of content, not just music, there is a site called JukeZoo that’s devoted exclusively to just live music.

live rock music

JukeZoo is all about live performances, and the main page features a list of nearly daily scheduled webcasts that you can watch. If you don’t want to wait around for a show, you can also click on any of the previous webcasts to enjoy recordings of past live webcasts. You do need to sign up with your email account before you can start watching the shows.

7 Websites Where You Can Listen to a Live Music Band jukezoo8

The performances here are all really fun to watch, and it’s a great venue for new bands to get their sound out there to new audiences. If you enjoy discovering new bands and new music then JukeZoo is definitely the site for you.

If you just like live band concerts, but don’t really care if the performance is literally “live”, then you’ll love the site Wolfgang’s Vault. This website is also all about live performances, but it’s about live shows from the past. If you sign up with your email account, you get instant free access to tracks of all of the live recordings.

live music band

I discovered some awesome content at Wolfgang’s vault, including live performances by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and of course the king of the Blues – B.B. King.

There’s something really special about live music shows. There’s something very “human” about the imperfections, mistakes and the “raw” nature of a live performance. With the websites above, you can enjoy live music any time of day from the comfort of your home.

Have you ever tried any of these websites? Do you know of any other cool live music sites you can share? Offer your insight in the comments section below.

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