7 Websites That Will Help Your Career With Company Information and Anonymous Job Reviews

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<firstimage=”//static.makeuseof.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/job-search.jpg” />company informationTime was when jumping into a job was very much like stepping into a dark alley. You really didn’t know what you were getting into. Company information came in from the grapevine and hearsay. Getting a job was the prime need; work culture and the question – is this a great place to work – came much later.

But thanks to the information age, the web is the best career tool you can have at your disposal. Type in a company name and you are sure to get more than a few hits which will give you a peek into what a company is about. After all, there are people talking on the web: both disgruntled ex-employees and the contented ones. Take LinkedIn for example; it’s a great tool to find out the raves and the rants.

Going beyond LinkedIn, let’s check out seven more career websites that collect company information and job reviews.


company information

It is one of the preeminent career websites on the web but unfortunately it is not totally free. The free Basic membership gives you company and job overviews; access to discussions and newsletters; and job listings. The topic specific blog is a nice place to do some career related reading especially the Career Advice blog. The discussion boards are a mine of information and you can pick up some valuable pointers thanks to the comprehensive filters the site provides to sift through the messages. Even the Basic account gives you enough hints with its overviews and company rankings.

Ping My Company

looking up company information

The career related website’s ‘disclaimer’ reveals its true purpose (as you can see on the screenshot). Just a scroll down the comments gives you an idea of the companies that are doing well in the employee’s eyes and the ones that aren’t. As a ‘Pinger’ you do not need to get registered and can contribute anonymously your feedback on the company you are working for or never want to work for. Green colored comments show approvals and the red ones augur disapprovals. It’s also a forum for companies to respond to the issues raised by the community.


looking up company information

It was difficult for me to gauge the popularity of the site, but at least it’s pretty much updated with rants against the guy who is above you on the job ladder. This site does not require a log-in and you can browse or read comments on quite a few jobs and bosses. Of course, the comments are bound to be majorly subjective.


looking up company information

You can use the alphabetical listing or the search bar to dive into the index of companies and learn about their work cultures. Each company gets a salary rating along with an organizational one on this plain Jane website.


learning about a company

Wovox says it in photos and pictures. It is an assemblage of workplace photos and reviews that enables you to get a good idea of the workplace you might be employed in. Snoop around the site and look at pictures, watch videos, and read reviews. Discover a company and its culture.

Career Leak

learning about a company

This website lets you research employers, job description, and companies. Find out salary information, and get interview tips. The job reviews and salary information are first person accounts by people who are (or were) employed in the companies.


company information

Glassdoor is a salary comparison website but alongside all that anonymous sharing you also get an idea of the job and company. You can trawl through the job listings or narrow down to the company of your choice. The site has a U.S. focus for now, but it could start covering international workplaces soon. The number of reviews stacked up for the popular names is quite impressive and that really makes for accurate ratings on the site.

Job aspirants can also look through JobVent How To Safely Complain About Your Boss or Job Online How To Safely Complain About Your Boss or Job Online Read More to see if anyone is blowing steam over their prospective employers there. Then there are the good ‘old fashioned’ social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn that you can use for some serious company research. We have covered quite a few job and career tools in the past. From job search 7 Big Job Search Engines to Help You Find Work 7 Big Job Search Engines to Help You Find Work Searching for the next good job is a continuous activity for many of us. Start your job search on seven of the biggest job search engines on the web. Read More to job tips How To Start A New Job: 5 Tips You Shouldn't Forget To Begin Well How To Start A New Job: 5 Tips You Shouldn't Forget To Begin Well Your first day at your new job could determine what the rest of your stay will look like. It can be overwhelming but doesn't have to be. Read More , the web gives more power to the guy who is beating a path through the corporate hallways. Have you ever researched a company on the web before signing on the dotted line?

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