7 Websites for Biographies of Famous and Inspirational People

Saikat Basu 27-04-2011

<firstimage=”//” />famous peopleWe are all interested in what the next man is doing. Biographies give us a historical look into the lives and times of famous people. Reading up on biographies can be about general knowledge, about research, or simply about inspiration.


A Google search and Wikipedia is usually our top two stations when it comes for searching for information on famous people people and events. Wikipedia is concise and informative and in most cases it would suffice for biographical information. But if you are doing some in-depth digging (for fun or research) for biographies of the famous and historical, it pays to have a few more resources in your kitty. Thanks to the goldmine of information on the web, it is easy to cross-reference and cross-check all your information before you start citing it.

Here are the top seven sources for you to visit if you are interested in the biographies of the who’s who.

famous people

This is probably the most fun and multimedia rich site out there when it comes to reading up on what famous people have done with their lives. The site is the online vehicle of the Biography channel (Bio). Just like the channel, the site is also a mix of biographical information and fictional content. The site is a bit celebrity heavy. Perhaps, the most fun part of the website is the games and the quizzes. The lineup includes some titles like Celebrity Dead or Not, Where Are They Now, and Design Your Depp among others.

S9 – The Biographical Dictionary

famous people history


The biographical dictionary has some of the characteristics of Wikipedia; it is editable by the users and they also can contribute to the biographies on the site. You can use the search bar or browse through the listings to find a biography. The search page also has a Spelling Wizard to help you out with famous names. The biographical information is presented in a concise timeline format. Before exiting the biographical dictionary, test yourself on the Master Biographer Challenge quiz.

Omnibiography [Broken URL Removed]

famous people history

The directory of biographies gives you 110,000 biographies searchable by name, by country, or alphabetically. The listing is quite broad in scope with the biographical page containing links to external information and YouTube content too. Be warned that some external links may be broken or in some other language. You can also submit your own link which has some biographical data.

Encyclopedia of World Biographies

famous people history


The simply organized encyclopedia on famous and historical personalities is very readable with an alphabetically arranged Wikipedia like presentation. You can also add your own information through a form.

Time 100

famous historical people

Time magazine’s yearly poll on the most influential people of the year is an interesting read because it’s about the contemporary generation who are shaping the world we live in. The current year’s poll is still running and you can read up on 204 influencers who may be leaders, artists, innovators, icons or heroes.

Academy of Achievement [No Longer Available]

famous historical people


The Gallery of Achievers is a very neatly designed source chronicling some of the notable personalities who are shaping our world. The site itself is inspiring because you can use tools like Find Your Mentor which helps you to find an achiever who has faced challenges similar to your own. You can follow the famous by their careers too on the Academy Careers page.

Women’s History Month (Library of Congress)

famous people

An exhaustive resource on women who have impacted history through the ages. The site prepared by the Library of Congress pays tribute to some of the greatest women in history with multimedia content and other exhibits. Check out the images and the slideshows for some cool educational content.

Biography websites are an important educational tool just like some of the reference and research tools we have covered earlier. Do you read up on biographies of famous people online? Mention your favorite hero and the link to their biography in the comments.


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    Another very good site for posts on African American inspirational people is  They have a very good page with a growing list here: