7 Ways to Download Facebook Photos & Videos (That Actually Still Work in 2016)
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Photos and videos are an integral part of the Facebook experience. A social network isn’t just about talking, it’s about showing what’s happening in your life! Over time, you will upload so many images that some day, you might find some of your best photos there. How do you get them back?

Don’t worry, Facebook isn’t going to delete your images any time soon. But it also doesn’t make it easy to download your pictures and videos. This is a challenge when you want to move your photos somewhere else iPhone Photo Sync: iCloud vs. Google Photos vs. Dropbox iPhone Photo Sync: iCloud vs. Google Photos vs. Dropbox Is iCloud Photo Library, Dropbox, or Google Photos the best app for backing up your iPhone photos? Read More .

A single image is easy to get, but entire photo albums or videos are a bit more difficult. Whether it’s friends tagging you during your best moments or the vacation pics that you uploaded a few years ago, Facebook represents your best side.

Thankfully, plenty of tools let you grab these images in a jiffy. We went through several options and narrowed down these best free apps to download Facebook photos and videos, across several platforms.

To Download Any Single Photo

All Platforms: Facebook


If you see a photo on Facebook that you like, and just one photo is what you want, don’t bother getting some app or going to some website. Facebook itself offers an easy way to download it.

On desktop, open the photo, hover your mouse over it to see a menu bar at the bottom, and click Options > Download.

On smartphones, open the photo, go to the Options menu of the app, and tap Save Photo.

It’s as simple as that, so don’t bother with anything else. It’s hassle-free with your own uploads, but in case it’s someone else’s image, the Facebook photo’s privacy settings Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About As with everything regarding privacy on Facebook, managing your photos' privacy settings isn't always easy. Read More should allow it.

To Download Your Own Albums

Web and All Browsers: Facebook


Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature that lets you finally download your albums without needing any third-party app. It’s pretty simple too!

  1. Browse to your profile by clicking your own name.
  2. Go to Photos > Albums.
  3. Open the album that you want to download.
  4. In the top-right corner, click the cog icon and choose “Download Album”.
  5. A popup in the bottom-left corner shows when your album is ready to download. Click it to start.
  6. You will get a zipped file, which you can easily extract with an uncompressor How to Extract Files From ZIP, RAR, 7z and Other Common Archives How to Extract Files From ZIP, RAR, 7z and Other Common Archives Were you ever faced with a .rar file and wondered how to open it? Fortunately, managing ZIP files and other compressed archives is simple with the right tools. Here is what you need to know. Read More .

Android: Album Downloader for Facebook [No Longer Available]


Unlike the web version, Facebook for mobiles doesn’t have that handy-dandy cog to download your albums. But you won’t miss it given the simplicity of Album Downloader for Facebook.

Grab the app from the Play Store, grant it access to your Facebook account, and you’ll see all your albums. Swipe in from the left to see photos you’ve tagged. Every album has a distinguishable cover photo and name, along with a clear “Download” button to tap. And just like that, your album will be saved to your smartphone or tablet.

Download: Album Downloader for Facebook for Android (Free) [No longer available]

To Download Others’ Albums, or To Bulk Download All Your Photos

Google Chrome: Ensky’s Album Downloader [No Longer Available]


Of all the browsers, Chrome has the best extension to grab Facebook albums. Ensky Album Downloader made it to our list of extensions to transform the Facebook experience 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience From finding out who unfriended you to keeping to removing those annoying boxes in the sidebar, here are the 15 best extensions for a better Facebook. Read More , and for good reason. It’s easy to use and, unlike the official album downloading option, lets you download albums of other users.

In case you want to backup your own photos or get someone’s full photo archive, Ensky also lets you download all photos that a user has uploaded or been tagged in.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Install the extension for Chrome.
  2. Refresh Facebook if already open.
  3. To download all photos, go to a user’s Photos. To download albums only, go to Photos > Albums. To download one album in particular, go to Photos > Albums and open that album.
  4. Click the Ensky Album Downloader button in your Chrome toolbar.
  5. Give it a few minutes. Ensky will basically open all photos in serial order, and then present them as a download option.
  6. Choose to download the photos as a Zip file or a whole pack of individual files. I recommend going with the Zip version, the “Multiply Download” option didn’t work well for me.

Download: Ensky’s Album Downloader for Chrome (Free) [No Longer Available]

Note: In the course of testing, I tried several other extensions and apps that have been recommended by reputed sites and users over the years, including PhotoGrabber and Fotobounce for Windows or Mac, Facepaste and fluschipranie for Firefox and other browsers, Faceloader for iPhone, Pick’N’Zip for the web, and others. Unfortunately, Facebook’s recent updates have made most of these non-functional, or at best unreliable. I don’t feel comfortable recommending any option except Ensky’s Album Downloader for Chrome, which is the only tool that worked flawlessly every time.

To Download Any Single Video

Web: Filevid


The social network doesn’t have a direct option to download a video, so there are plenty of free tools to download Facebook videos How to Save Videos From Facebook: 7 Methods That Work How to Save Videos From Facebook: 7 Methods That Work Is your internet connection unstable? Here's how to save videos from Facebook so you can watch them offline and on demand. Read More . We tried several and the one that worked flawlessly every time, is super-simple to use, and works well on mobile browsers, is Filevid.

  1. Just open the Facebook video.
  2. Copy its link.
  3. Head to Filevid and paste the link. Click or tap the Download! button.
  4. Choose high or low quality, and start downloading.

That’s literally the whole process and it works like a charm each time! The downloaded file is in MP4 format, which should be fine for most people. In any case, you can easily convert videos online for free How to Convert Any File Format Online with Free Tools How to Convert Any File Format Online with Free Tools If you need to convert a file, here's the ultimate list of sites you should turn to. Read More .

Visit: Filevid

There are lots of other sites that work the same as Filevid, so don’t be afraid to experiment. And some of them even offer extensions for browsers, which save you the trouble of copy-pasting the link. For example, the FBDown Video Downloader for Chrome [No Longer Available] will detect all the videos on the Facebook page you’re currently seeing, and let you download SD or HD quality versions of them in three clicks.

To Download Multiple Videos

Android: MyVideoDownloader for Facebook


Downloading one video at a time, Filevid is your best bet. But if you want to grab multiple videos from your timeline, or see all the videos you’ve liked and download a few of them, this Android app is the way to go. Yet another reason to ditch the battery-draining Facebook app! How Facebook Is Ruining Your Android (and What You Can Do) How Facebook Is Ruining Your Android (and What You Can Do) If you care about battery life, performance, or privacy, you're going to want to uninstall the official Facebook app and use one of these alternatives. Read More

MyVideoDownloader requires access to your Facebook profile and photos to start. Once granted these permissions, it will go through your timeline and other interactions on the social network to find videos. So for example, tap “News Feed” in MyVideoDownloader and it will show all the videos currently in your News Feed. Go to “My Videos” and you can filter clips by what you’ve liked, what’s on your timeline, what you shared, what you were tagged in, and posts you’ve saved.

Tap the Download button on one or more videos and the app will get to work. You don’t need to do anything except keep browsing. The videos are automatically downloaded to your phone’s Gallery app, and you can check your queue or progress at any time too.

Download: MyVideoDownloader for Facebook for Android (Free)

Note: Video downloader apps and extensions are either limited, don’t work any more, not fully functional, or just wrappers for web apps. Like with photos, we went through several different tools across all the platforms and can only recommend the aforementioned options. If you’re on an iPhone or prefer Firefox to Chrome, then don’t waste your time trying out the apps and extensions in your stores. Instead, find a friend with an Android or just download Chrome—that’s the faster way to get your videos.

Do You Back Up Facebook Photos?

We’ve got a large list of ways to download your photos and videos here, but there’s one big question vexing us. Are you scared of Facebook losing your photos? Have you backed them up in any way? There are some nifty IFTTT recipes to automatically backup Facebook images, which will relieve any tension you might have.

If these tools don’t work, you might also want to try these websites that let you download streaming videos 5 Tools to Download or Capture Streaming Video From Any Website 5 Tools to Download or Capture Streaming Video From Any Website Video streaming can be expensive with data caps. The solution? Capture streaming videos and download them to your computer! Read More . And for uploading your own images, we’ve created a guide to Facebook image sizes The Facebook Image Size Guide for 2018 The Facebook Image Size Guide for 2018 If you want your Facebook to look visually appealing, this Facebook image size guide should help you figure it all out. Read More .

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    What a let-down. [yes, tried the other 2 quality options too] :(:(:(

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