7 Travel Quizzes to Take & Improve Your Travel IQ

Saikat Basu 09-05-2011

Where in the world is Timbuktu? Anyone who knows English knows of the term, “From here to Timbuktu”. Very few know that we can actually travel there and it’s not a fictitious name at all. This is more often than not a very common question in travel quizzes. The answer you should give before the gong is Mali.


You may or may not travel to this not-so-outlandish place but a travel quiz can throw up interesting tidbits like these. Surprisingly, travel quizzes aren’t that many on the web or it could be that Google Search failed me when I went ‘travelling’ for travel quizzes. Though the ones I found made me realize that there’s a big leap between one’s geographical IQ and travel IQ. Is that your story too?

Take these seven travel quizzes and find out if you know your Timbuktu from Shangri-La.

The Traveler IQ Challenge [No Longer Available]

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The travel blog has a neat Flash travel quiz which tests how well you know your world. We had seen this game in action in our post on 10 Online Geography Games That Help Kids Know More About The World 10 Online Geography Games That Help Kids Know More About The World Read More . You can choose from the different game plays available based on region, flags, and photos. It is the Photos of the World I find most fun. You will be surprised that it’s quite difficult to land them on the map.

Discover Your Visual DNA

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This is a short and easy quiz which surprisingly gave me a close to accurate result. Perhaps, it was because I was pretty sure of the kind of travel holidays I enjoy. A series of thumbnails helps to determine your choice of location, food, company etc and arrive at your ‘travel personality’. A proprietary VisualDNA Technology is used to understand your travel type. Partners can use this travel quiz to pinpoint their likely travel destination.

National Geographic

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One of the world’s best magazine’s on natural sciences is also about travel by default. One look at their illustrations and you just might fall in love with the places shown. So, if you love the exotic and wondrous, check out the series of quizzes. There are Featured Travel Quiz, Country and Continent Quizzes, City Quizzes, National Park Quizzes, and Road Trip Quizzes. Check out some of the featured quizzes like Unfinished Landmarks or Mysterious Places. Most of the quizzes come from National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine.

Are You a Savvy Traveler?

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Find your travel IQ at The specialty travel guide features information on many destinations around the world. One way of piquing interest is through travel quizzes. You can register for free or play as an anonymous user. Registered members can start their own tournaments. The selection of travel quizzes quite diverse, with most based on locations. There is a travel quiz especially for women travelers. Registration is free and members can quickly set up their own private quiz tournaments to find out the travel IQ of their friends or family before starting a trip. Quizzes have author recommendations as answers and explanations give an insight into the culture of the place.

How Green a Traveler Are You?

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Guardian UK has a long standing 12 question quiz which can help you decide if you are an eco-conscious traveler or not. The multiple choice travel quiz is hardly a boring round of obvious answers, but with ones that could just befuddle and bemuse you, and hopefully make you think twice when you pack your bags next.

What Kind Of A Traveler Are You?

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The travel site Best Trip Choices gives you another chance to find out what kind of a traveler are you with its 5-minute travel quiz. Take the scientifically validated Plog Travel Personality Quiz to learn about yourself and what kinds of destinations you will probably like the most. When you’ve completed it, you get a list of destinations that others with your personality recommend. The quiz asks for a US Zip code at the end before giving you the analysis which is quite detailed.

MSN Australia – Travel [No Longer Available]

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The Australian MSN portal has a nice lineup of offbeat travel quizzes. If you are a monarchist you just might like the timely How well do you know Wills and Kate quiz. My personal choice goes to the Guess the movie location round of questions.

Playing a few rounds of travel quizzes is undoubtedly fun. But not more than travel itself. Go to these websites for some free travel tips –


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Drop us a hint if you know of any cool travel quiz out there.

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  1. Rob
    June 4, 2011 at 5:25 am

    the entire concept of IQ is that you cant practice and increase it. you are confused. i think you mean knowledge. or education. knowing more does not increase IQ. 

    • Saikat Basu
      June 4, 2011 at 9:45 am

      Rob, I think you are taking it too literally and getting into semantics.Of course, it pertains to knowledge (or GK). IQ is also co-related to a lot of other factors like intelligence and knowledge too. Yes, it can also be increased as our "brainpower" is fluid and not crystallized. It's not me who is saying this, numerous studies do.

  2. Danny Stepcon
    May 15, 2011 at 11:53 am

    thanks, I am going to make use of this!

    • Saikat Basu
      May 16, 2011 at 7:29 am

       If you are a habitual traveler, it would be great to have your feedback.