7 Quick and Easy Translators for Firefox

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What do you do when you come across a website that doesn’t have a version in your language 2 Great Widgets to Translate Your Website Into 20+ Languages Read More ? Or, what if you are working with someone who speaks another dialect? For various reasons, translation tools can be valuable in successful communications Improve Your Communication Skills with These 7 Websites Good communication is a subtle force that will open doors professionally. These seven online resources will help you become better at this all-important soft skill. Read More with others.


There are, of course, Web-based tools What Apps & Websites Will Help Improve My Accent When Speaking Another Language? I really want to make my pronunciation match that of a native speaker. Are there any apps or websites that can help me? Read More and services that you can use Forget Google Translate: 3 Ways to Get an Accurate, Quick Translation Whether you're planning to apply for a job or an apartment abroad, or are looking to translate your web page, you need to get things right even with a foreign language. Read More , but what quicker way to translate than with one for your browser? If you are a Firefox user in a need of an easy-to-use tool, then one of these options should work great for you.

S3. Google Translator

For flexible options with your translations, check out S3. Google Translator [No Longer Available]. This tool displays your translated text in a panel on the bottom of the screen or you can use a pop-up window. You can translate the entire page, selected text, or from the clipboard.

There is a one-click option to have the text spoken to you, which is terrific. You can also configure your context menu, buttons, actions, and panel size. There are over 80 language options and you can set up the tool to automatically translate the website you are on which is convenient if you visit it often.


Google Translator for Firefox

This extension works great and allows you to choose from translating the selected text or the entire page. There are close to 90 languages to choose from and you can also set up hotkeys to make the process even easier.


The nice thing about Google Translator for Firefox is that it translates the words directly on the page you are visiting. Just click the icon arrow in your toolbar and you’re set.



The ImTranslator tool is good option if you prefer the text to pop-up in its own window. There are additional options such as back translation, a dictionary, editing tools, and the ability to print or send the text via email.

There are over 70 dialects and you can view the results from Babylon, Google, and Microsoft 4 Reasons Why Google Translate Beats The Other Services Read More all within the window. There is also a text-to-speech option, but note that this will pop open another tab.


Google Translator Lite

The Google Translator Lite tool is decent if you just want to translate a small amount of text. You can pop open the translator from the toolbar icon and then either type it in or paste it from another source.

Choose from over 80 languages and then email it or copy it to your clipboard. You can also hear both the original and the translated text audio with just a click. There is also a handy option to reverse the translation.


Gtranslate [No Longer Available]

With Gtranslate, you just highlight the text on the page, right-click to open your context menu, and mouse-over Gtranslate. You will then see the translated text in the pop-out and if you mouse-over it, the full text will be displayed.


You can also click on the translation to open a new Google Translate tab where you can see both versions of the text and then hear the audio, edit, or share it. Here again, there are many dialects to choose from.


Easy Google Translate

Easy Google Translate is good for quick translations of highlighted text. Just select the text and click the blue button with the “T” that appears. A small pop-up window will appear with the translation. You can switch to 40 different languages, resize the pop-up box slightly, and select from day or night mode for easier viewing.



www.Translate [No Longer Available]

Similar to S3. Google Translator, www.Translate displays a panel at the bottom of your screen. You can also choose to open it in a separate window, if you prefer. There are many dialects to choose from for the originating and translated languages.

Just select the language on the page that you would like and then click the green arrow that displays. Hit the Translate button and your text appears. You can also select the Instantly checkbox so that for future translations you do not have to bother pressing the Translate button.


What do you use for your translations?

Do you use a translation extension for Firefox 13 Essential Firefox Addons To Begin 2015 Right As always, the spotlight is on what developers did with the open-source browser's flexibility. The list of Firefox add-ons just got bigger and better over the past year. Read More that you like and want to share with others? Or, do you currently use one of these tools and love its features and ease-of-use?

Take a minute and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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