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7 Places to Find Free Movie Rentals Online

Mark O'Neill 17-08-2015

Going to the movies Cinema Is Dying: How Movie Theaters Can Ensure Their Survival Movie theaters need to offer more than just a way of watching the latest films. They need to stop competing on "convenience" and start focusing on "experience." Here's how. Read More is expensive. I often have a massive coronary when I find out the price of the tickets, and by the time the nachos and drinks have been bought, that’s our entire monthly entertainment budget spent. Then the film sucks, which really twists the knife. I should never have gone to see Mad Max.

So be a tight-fisted Scotsman like me, and save money on the cinema by renting for free at home. Make your popcorn in the microwave, and avoid all the commercials, movie trailers, people talking on cellphones, and the guy in the corner with a camcorder making an illegal copy of the film.

You may encounter some geographical discrimination with some of these sites though, so get a VPN The Best VPN Services We've compiled a list of what we consider to be the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers, grouped by premium, free, and torrent-friendly. Read More to bypass all that nonsense. Some are free trials before the fees kick in, so binge watch A Short Guide To Binge-Watching [Weird & Wonderful Web] Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video have turned binge-watching into a mainstay of the mainstream. Before you begin binge-watching TV you should arm yourself with some important information. This short guide helps. Read More as much as you can, while it’s free.

DVD Rentals From The Library


Before we take a look at the streaming options, let’s talk about one place where you are guaranteed to pick up free DVD’s – the public library.

Libraries have changed so much over the years, as they have struggled to adapt to the Internet and eBooks. In an effort to stay relevant, most are now offering DVD and Blu-Ray rentals, the quality of which varies from library to library. Some are offering the latest Hollywood releases, while others are giving you stuff you wouldn’t be seen dead watching.

Your taxes pay for the library, so get a free library card and check out the DVD rentals.

Hulu Movie Night – 30 Days Free Trial (Then $7.99 a Month) [No Longer Available]


Hulu is quite popular, despite the fact that it can detect anyone outside the US trying to use a VPN. But if you are in the US, then Hulu has some interesting choices for movie night. Stieg Larsson’s Swedish “Millennium” series is a really good start.

A lot of what they offer isn’t new – Mystic Pizza? Fargo? Seven Years in Tibet? The 80’s and 90’s called – they want their movies back. So if you’re looking for the latest movie releases, Hulu is not going to accommodate you. But if you are into the older stuff, take a poke about here.

Amazon Prime – 30 Days Free Trial (Then $99 a Year)


With Amazon Prime Is Amazon Prime Worth Your Money? We Help You Decide! Amazon Prime is a big deal. But is it worth the money you pay for it? We answer your questions and concerns. Read More , the choices are much better, and non-US residents who have their own Amazon site (Canada, UK, Germany, etc) also have their own versions of Prime Instant Video 10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You've Probably Overlooked Free two-day shipping is just the beginning. Here are some notable Amazon Prime subscription benefits you may not know about. Read More . So there’s no need to fiddle around with the VPN for this one.

The titles being offered by Amazon are much more recent than those which Hulu is offering. Fifty Shades of Grey (have a kinky night in), Ex Machina, Kingsman, American Sniper, Despicable Me, Transformers…..and that is only halfway down the first page of over 80,000 results.

After the 30 days are up, it’s $99 a year to continue the service. But if you divide by 12, that’s $8.25. Can you go to the movies for $8.25 these days? The $99 lets you watch as much as you want, as well as other perks 10 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You've Probably Overlooked Free two-day shipping is just the beginning. Here are some notable Amazon Prime subscription benefits you may not know about. Read More such as faster Amazon shipping and unlimited cloud storage.



Of course, if you’re tight-fisted like me, the thought of paying $99 a year is enough to make you burst a blood vessel. So free options such as YouTube may appeal instead.

Users upload lots of movies, though beware that it is illegal if the movies are still in copyright 6 Free Full-Length Hollywood Films You Can Watch on YouTube Movies [US Only] Nowadays, there are plenty of movies you can rent or catch on YouTube Movies. Finding freebies on YouTube Movies isn’t hard, but finding good and recent ones may take a bit of time. Here’s a... Read More . However, I don’t think anyone is going to get too bent out of shape by the 1946 version of Great Expectations. Indeed, it has been on YouTube for the past two years, and nobody seems to be in any big rush to take it down.

There are lots of old movies on YouTube. Just type in “full movie” and then adjust the time filter to more than 20 minutes.

What’s even better is that if you have a Chromecast Awesome New Chromecast Apps, Tips and Tricks You'll Love Messing With Apps are adding support for the Chromecast constantly, so keep checking your apps. Until then, read on to learn how to get the most out of your Chromecast with what is available today. Read More , you can have movies from YouTube sent straight to your TV screen. How To Make Chromecast Your Smart Media Centre At just $18, the Chromecast is an unmistakably great way to make your TV "smart", but it can feel a bit of a one-trick pony once the initial euphoria wears off. Read More

Public Domain Torrents


There’s nothing I like more than watching a really old and tacky movie. Every so often, you just have to power down the brain, and watch something that doesn’t require thinking. If the thought of downloading torrents Downloading Torrents on a Chromebook Has the Chrome OS finally managed to catch up to its rival operating systems to provide a high-quality BitTorrent client? MakeUseOf investigates… Read More doesn’t give you the willies, then consider watching something from Public Domain Torrents. Movies from there put the T into tacky.

As the name implies, everything is copyright-free, so you don’t have to worry about whether something is legal or not. Everything is categorized into their particular genres, and you also have a “20 Most Recently Added” section.

Internet Archive Movies


The Internet Archive 5 Types of Free Content Riches You Can Dig Up at the Internet Archive The Internet Archive keeps a variety of old content alive on the Web for the future. What kind of content can you dig up, and why should you care? Let's find out. Read More always gives you a mixed bag, so it’s difficult to be able to pin a label on it. It’s the home of the Wayback Machine The New Wayback Machine Lets You Visually Travel Back In Internet Time It seems that since the Wayback Machine launch in 2001, the site owners have decided to toss out the Alexa-based back-end and redesign it with their own open source code. After conducting tests with the... Read More , the Grateful Dead, and Atari 2600 3 Insanely Rare and Valuable Atari 2600 Games You Wish You Owned Did you know rare video games can cost thousands of dollars? Here are three of the most sought-after Atari 2600 cartridges and why they're so valuable. Read More console games. It also has just under 19,000 entries in its movies section, ranging from feature films, to comedy, to noir.

The trouble with the Internet Archive though is that, unless you know what you are looking for, finding something good can be a big task. For every gem that’s there, you have about 10 other entries you can safely file under “crap”. I mean, Babies & Breadwinners? Sex Madness?



I totally fell for Crackle when I discovered they were offering Shaun of the Dead. Browsing through what else they had, I figured I could hang out here for a while, while I was working my way through Jason Statham on Netflix (yes I love mindless violence movies).

Crackle has some not-so-old ones, such as District 9, Harry Brown, and Olympus has Fallen. They even have four Godzilla movies! That’s me sold.

Are You Entertained?

If you’re looking for even more sources of quality entertainment, check out Tim’s “Stuff to Watch” columns. He is a gentleman with sophisticated tastes, so you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

So when you’re looking for some free quality entertainment, where do you go? One of these sites, or do you have another great little place hidden away? If so, tell us all about it. I’m always looking for new ways to avoid paying money.

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    To add to your library comment. If your library has gone digitial, then you need investigate the ability to join a streaming service. For example, with my library card, along with borrowing ebooksfrom various sites, I can also rent/stream movies from hoopla, freegal, overdrive and indieflix. Not sure about the quality of movie, but again it is free