The 7 Leading YouTube Channels For All Things Apple

Bakari Chavanu 12-08-2011

Hardly a month goes by that Apple doesn’t release or update a new product or piece of software. Trying to keep up with all the best iOS apps and Apple-related accessories can be a little daunting for even the most devoted Apple fan. In addition to the hundreds of articles and several PDF guides published here on MakeUseOf, there are also several popular YouTube channels that focus on Apple related hardware, software, and accessories.

Each of these channels has 10,000 or more subscribers, and they each contain well put together productions, useful for both new and experienced Mac users. I’ve selected seven popular channels, but I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few. So if you are a more experienced YouTube viewer, feel free to chime with your recommendations.

Official Apple YouTube Channel

It didn’t dawn on me until I started researching this topic that Apple has its own official YouTube channel. Not surprisingly it has almost 180,000 subscribers, with over six million channel views.

The channel content consists of Apple’s television commercials, keynote addresses, and online promotional videos. It doesn’t invite comments, nor does it subscribe to other YouTube channels. But it does provide the official showings of its major hardware and software products.


The vlogger who goes by the name of Mark (a.k.a Soldier Knows Best) appears to be the leading YouTube channel for reviews of Apple products. At the time of this writing, his channel has upwards of 242,205 subscribers, and similar to Apple’s channel, has nearly six million channel views.

Some of his latest videos are about his favorite iPhone and iPad apps, OS X Lion Tips and Tricks, his views about the latest MacBook Airs, a Mac Mini giveaway, and Apple’s new Cinema displays. His channel content also features reviews of third-party Apple related products and gadgets.

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In addition, he has recently released an iOS app that links to the content on all his channels and provides push notification for when new videos are published, and much more.


Macintoshtips has over 25,000 subscribers and a couple of hundred thousand channel reviews. The channel content features a great collection of easy-to-follow how-tos about Apple and third-party related software.

Recent videos include tutorials on advanced iMovie tips, the finger gesture application, BetterTouchTool, iPhone jail breaking tips, as well as several product reviews and giveaways. All the content are homegrown productions, but they are well thought out and professionally done.


Gary’s MacMost channel has been around since 2007 and has over 11,000 subscribers. MacMost content focuses mainly on professionally produced how-to videos about Apple and Apple related software.

Recent shows include several tutorials on the new features and applications in Apple’s latest Lion operating system, cropping photos in iMovie 11, creating a quiz game in Apple’s Keynote, and fixing iTunes sorting problems.

Gary’s videos are well paced and accessible for new and experienced Mac users.

Matt’s Macintosh

Matt’s Macintosh channel features a variety of content, including how-tos about synching sound in iMovie, unboxing the latest MacBook Air, and even an interesting piece about how Apple’s Final Cut Pro X could work on the iPad.

Matt’s channel has over 21,000 subscribers and close to 300,000 views.


iTalkApple includes over two million video upload views, and has nearly 25,000 subscribers. Weekly channel content focus on tutorials, app demos, and unboxings.

The latest productions include the best free iPad games, notable Lion features, unboxing of iPad 2, and Twitter apps for the Mac.

Insanely Great Mac

Insanely Great Mac has over 20,000 subscribers and thousands of video uploads for all types of Apple products and accessories, including iPhone and iPad cases and keyboards.

Current videos include reviews of the recently released 2011 Mac Mini, the upcoming and the forthcoming features of iOS 5.

There are several other popular YouTube tech and gadget channels that also feature Apple product reviews and how-tos. Notable ones include TechnoBuffalo, Lockergnome and CNETTV.

Let us know about your favorite YouTube Apple-related channels and videos.

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