7 Interesting Free Movie Sites That You Might Have Missed

Saikat Basu 09-08-2011

What’s with the movies? Online movie sites may be bursting out from every nook and cranny of the digital world, but we cineastes never stop queuing up. Every website based on movies and films is worth a glance at least.


Movie websites come in all flavors and colors. We, at, have done our bit to cover some of them (go right below for our previous best links). But it’s an awfully large world to cover even in multiple leaps.

Just as we have missed a few more interesting websites on movies, you also might have done the same. So, let’s again dim the lights, crackle the nachos, and showcase seven more interesting, free movie sites.

Chasing The Frog

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You can turn to Wikipedia if you are in the habit of researching movies after (or before) watching them. Or you can also turn and chase frogs here. goes deeper into the origins of some of the most popular (and not so popular) Hollywood films. Is the movie you are watching (and believing) really follows the script or does it take a few cinematic liberties. It’s the latter which is often true; even then it’s good reading to find out the distance between fact and fiction.

Kids In Mind

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The movie websites helps out parents by rating on movies sex, nudity, violence, gore, profanity, on a scale of 0 to 10. The site goes deeper and also gives the reasons behind the ratings. It is a very good resource to read before you buy the tickets for a weekend show or go for a DVD rental. Reviews and ratings are objective and some ratings go against the ones in the popular media which lean more towards the demands of the market.


free online movie sites

There are lots of movie recommendation engines out there. You might be familiar with Jinni. Matcha is a new one on the block. It is still not open for public access and is invite-only right now. It does the same thing a bit differently by pulling in your video subscriptions from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube (and more) to give you recommendations that might be to your taste. It gauges your tastes and those in your social circle, combines that with what’s trending, to give your more relevant results.

Comedy Assistant [No Longer Available]

free online movie sites


This site was suggested by one of our readers when we were talking about 5 Websites To Make Your Own Personal Movie Lists 5 Websites To Make Your Own Personal Movie Lists Read More .  As the name says, it focuses on funny movies only and suggests what to watch. You can catch trailers, reviews, and news too. The site has a nice index listing actors, directors, movies, and trailers.

Fast Rewind [No Longer Available]

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Go here if you are above 40 and want to relive some of your wonder years with some movies from the 80’s. The site is all about going retro and gives you all the dope on 578 movies from that period. You have behind the scenes stories, movie trivia, and bloopers to read through.

Imp Awards

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Posters are always a movie lover’s delight. You might keep them as collectibles; turn them into DVD covers for your collection; or just admire them. features one of the largest collections of posters you can find on the web. You can search by actors, directors, design artists, or go by year and alphabetical names.

All Movie Photo

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You can browse through stills of upcoming movies on many film websites like and All Movie Photos does a specialized job of it. The site helps you catch stills from movies that are coming to those that have already gone. But I was disappointed that I couldn’t take a sneak peek at the some stills from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, especially when some other sites do have a few.

We can always catch a movie at the theatres, but it takes sites like these to give us something more. Here are five more links that could do just that:


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Do you know about any other offbeat and interesting free movie sites? Let us know.

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