7 Great Sites & Tools to Help You Win at Twitter

Dave Parrack 12-09-2012

Twitter is built on a very basic and logical concept. You set up an account, and then send messages (or tweets) up to 140-characters long for all to read. Those following you will see these tweets appear in chronological order along with the tweets of everybody else they follow. And you can follow others to see tweets in the same chronological order. Simple.


However, that simple underpinning belies a more complex and convoluted set of rules and etiquette that you need to learn and embrace to become a true Twitter champion. What follows are a list of websites dedicated to either providing tips on how to win at Twitter, or collections of tools that will make your Twitter experience more fun and fulfilling.

Twitip [No Longer Available]

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Twitip is a whole website dedicated to providing tutorials, tips, and tricks allowing ordinary users to squeeze the most out of Twitter. It’s run by Darren Rowse, who many will know as the guy behind Problogger. The articles are broken up into categories, with a Beginner’s Guide augmented with Tips, Tools, Followers, Business, and People, all of which provide insights to help you win at Twitter.

Twitter Tips

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Twitter Tips does exactly what it says on the tin, providing tips to use on Twitter. Unfortunately it looks as though the site isn’t updated any longer, with a vague promise of a “New and improved coming soon” posted almost a year ago. Still, there are several informative posts already present on the site to make it worth at least a brief visit. And there is always a chance the domain owner will return to blogging, perhaps after gaining extra readers from this article.


Chris Brogan

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Chris Brogan is a well-known name in social media circles, and his site delves into a range of topics, of which Twitter is just one. His expertise is clear, and two articles stand out above all others, titled ‘50 Power Twitter Tips‘ and ‘50 Ideas For Using Twitter For Business‘. They offer exactly what you’d expect them to: a set of tips for gaining more from Twitter than most people will ever think to do so.

Daily Tekk

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Daily Tekk is a website which deals with all kinds of technology, but seems to specialize in curating lists of tools to be used by certain groups or on certain websites. The article we’re interested in, among the many dealing with social media sites, is titled ‘The Top 100 Twitter Tools Of 2012’. Unlike so many of the roundups I found while researching this article, this is up to date to March of this year. And the tools are neatly divided into common sense categories.


Splashnology [No Longer Available]

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Splashnology is a magazine dedicated to Web design and Web development, and it’s home to one of the best roundups of Twitter tools currently available on the Web. The article titled ‘The 50 Best Twitter Tools & Services’ [Broken URL Removed] was published in March 2011, so some of the apps listed may no longer work or be available to use. But with so many to choose from and try out, it’s well worth a read.

Social Media Today

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As we have already discovered there are a great many Twitter tools out there just waiting to be utilized. Which means it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Thankfully there are experts on hand to do just that, and Social Media Today asked 10 such experts which one Twitter tool they would recommend over all others. Their suggestions should help you make good choices.



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No list of sites and Twitter tools to help you master Twitter would be complete without MakeUseOf; yes, the same site you’re reading right now. Not only do we offer the indispensable Complete Guide To Twitter as a free download, there is also a steady stream of Twitter Tips articles that will, in one way or another, help you get the most of this particular social networking site. Some even written by yours truly.


In amongst the above are two websites fully dedicated to Twitter tips and tricks, expert help and recommendations for Twitter, and over 200 tools designed to make the Twitter experience more of a pleasure than a chore. Oh, and the unmatchable MakeUseOf. If that little lot isn’t enough to satisfy your desire for Twitter goodness then I don’t know what will. Perhaps commenting below and passing on your own tips, tricks, or tools to help others win at Twitter will fill the void.

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    Hey Dave,

    Great article.

    Though I'm surprised you didn't mention Social Media Examiner - one of the most well known social media sites in the industry.

    They're my go to source for in-depth social media articles including several on effectively using Twitter.

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