7 Great Sites To Get Free Romance eBooks For The Hopeless Romantic

Angelina 20-08-2009

romance ebook introWhile there is a wide array of literature on the net for Do-It-Yourself junkies and fantasy lovers alike, the resources available for mushy romantics seems, at first glance, extremely limited.


Most of the more populated sites I found did not have Romance sections at all, while every other topic under the sun, seemed to be well covered.

Thus, I did a little digging, and uncovered a few great resources of free romance ebooks for the starry-eyed dreamer in all of us.

eHarlequin [No Longer Available]

free romance ebooks

If it’s quality you’re looking for, eHarlequin is undoubtedly the way to go.  Since eHarlequin actually publishes its own ebooks, you can be sure that every novel is thoroughly proofread and reader-approved.


Unfortunately, for this same reason, eHarlequin offers a very limited selection of free romance ebooks, a total of 17. The titles it does offer covers a variety of topics, from vampires in “Kiss Me Deadly,” to “Speed Dating” a Nascar driver.

1 romance ebooks [No Longer Available] 

free romance ebooks downloads

1 Romance eBooks is another great resource for editor approved novels. Like eHarlequin, the selection is quality-assured albeit limited, but unlike eHarlequin, 1 romance ebooks has a sexual content rating that allows readers to determine the raciness of the books they are to read.

You can also read an excerpt of the novel, as well as view its tagged subjects.


Some of the free romance ebooks that are offered can also be downloaded in formats like LIT or EPUB, although the most common format seems to be PDF.

All Romance eBooks

If you don’t mind giving up a bit of your personal information to register at All Romance Ebooks, you can gain access to over a hundred and fifty published romance ebooks. Like 1 Romance Ebooks, All Romance eBooks has a sexy-o-meter that warns you when you’re wandering into risque territory (or goads you on, depending on the person).


romance novel ebooks

If you’re more of a classic-love-story type of romantic, then you will appreciate the selection of public domain books that Feedbooks has to offer. With titles such as “Anna Karenina” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” it’s hard to go wrong.


Unfortunately, the books are only listed by title, so it will be hard to find a good book unless you either know exactly what you’re looking for, or are willing to read through all of the book descriptions to pick out one you find interesting.

Free Online Novels [No Longer Available]

If you don’t mind a spartan reading list, Free Online Novels has a long list of romance ebooks that is still updated regularly. The descriptions of the books stop at the author, for most books, and for others, whether it can be downloaded.

Free Ebooks

romance ebooks

Now, we begin to get into services that are a bit more community inclined. Although Free Ebooks requires an account to access its literature, an account allows you to download books in various formats, favorite books, and rate them on a 1-5 scale. When you are browsing books, you can arrange them by rating, to make sure you are reading the most well written and interesting stories.


Memo Ware [No Longer Available]

download free ebooks romance novels

Memo Ware is a website that is primarily aimed at providing ebooks that are accessible on PDA devices. It boasts a good sized database of over a hundred and fifty books that are ranked by readers on a five star scale. Unlike Free Ebooks, there is no registration required, and the details page of every novel includes information on the file type, and which platform the file is intended for (for example, Palm or PPC).

Although it seemed at first that free Romance Ebooks are a rare commodity on the web, hundreds of novels were found during the course of this article. Keep in mind, these are just the list of books that can be downloaded to be read offline or taken with you on your PDA. If you do not mind reading books via your browser, there are plenty more resources available to you, such as Public Bookshelf and Trinity Moon.

If your search for good romantic fiction takes you to the realm of user-written novels, be sure to take a look at Fiction Press, which is a good resource just because there are 63,000 stories. Although you will have to dig through the more grammar challenged submissions to find the really juicy stories, the amazing writing you will find is worth it.

Are there any must-sees that I missed? Do you have your own methods of channeling your inner mushy fluff-o-holic? Let loose in the comments!

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  2. Jenna
    December 14, 2009 at 7:47 am is another source for free books. These are from indie authors and small publishing companies.

    I have a free romance short story posted there
    Sorry - I don't mean this as an advertisement. There really are some great stories on this site for free.

    Also many to purchase.

  3. Audrey
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    This is GREAT! I'm always looking for a free romantic read.

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    How can i download the novels from The site never provided download button instead it is adking purchase the book for 0 $. What is the solution for this?

    • Val
      October 1, 2009 at 10:37 pm

      I just downloaded 4 free ebooks from First, you have to create an account. Second, you choose "add to cart" for the titles that you want. At "checkout" you will be asked to verify your account information. Then you will be asked if you want to pay by "credit card" click on the button. You will NOT have to enter a credit card if all the items in your shopping cart have a price of $0. Last, you will see the download screen, just follow the directions on how to download.

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