7 Great & Free Disney E-Cards Websites

Ryan Dube 09-05-2009

disneycastle A popular form of communication on the web is the act of sending a friend or relative an e-card, or email card.  One of the most popular card designs are free Disney e-cards.  These are so popular, that entire websites are now available where visitors can search for and send just free Disney e-cards.  However, like many other things that are free on the web, the search results are filled with poorly designed web pages, or sites that are filled with adware. The following are the top 10 sites for Disney fanatics that offer free cards with the best designs and are easiest to use.


Seven of The Best Free Disney E-Cards Websites

The following sites are all focused exclusively on Disney.  There are Disney fans from around the world who’ve become obsessed with all things Disney, and many of these websites offer more than just free Disney email cards – they also offer things like clipart, forums, park or movie information and more. Most importantly, they let you send some of the coolest e-cards featuring Disney themes to anyone in the world.

#1 – DisneySites

This is one of sites that’s obviously created and run by a Disney fan. At DisneySites , you’ll find clipart, movie information, forums, park information and of course e-cards. On the page for the cards, I counted a total of 103 cards currently available, with my favorite being the 4 within the “characters” category.



These appear to be actual photos taken at the Disney Park itself, but they are high resolution and the cards are well laid out. You can even schedule when the card gets delivered by clicking on “Send Later on”¦” and entering the date. Just beware that the site does feature camouflaged Google Ads, so if you don’t want to mistakenly get transported to a commercial site, be wary of where you click.

#2 – A Hidden Disney Gem: I-Love-Disney

Easily one of the most obscure e-card sites on the Internet, I-Love-Disney is horribly designed and has a format that’s so busy and overrun with links that it’s nearly impossible to navigate. With that said, if you can find the email cards section, you’ll agree that this site is easily the one free Disney e-cards websites you’ll come across with a huge volume of great Disney graphics.



There are pros and cons to using this site. The animated graphics are cool, but the site isn’t automated. You need to copy the image itself and paste it into an email, so there’s no fancy formatting or form that will send the card for you. On the flip side, there’s a feature to select from dozens of languages across the world, and again, the selection of graphics is impressive.

#3 – The eCards Disney Widget

While I normally wouldn’t include a site like this on a top ten list, only because there’s not a whole lot that sets it apart from the thousands of other e-card sites on the net, except there is one pretty cool marketing tool that the creator of used that’s fairly useful – a Disney E-card Widget that you can place on your website to offer your visitors access to these free cards.



The widget is hosted and offered at WidgetBox . Keep in mind that the designs are decidedly “feminine,” so if you’re looking for manly Disney e-cards (if there’s such a thing), you may want to skip this site. However, if you’re into soft and flowery graphics, you’ll have a field day with these free Disney e-cards.

#4 – Lilo & Stitch E-Cards

With just about every form of media, few people can pull it off as well as Disney. This makes sense given the sheer resources available to the media design teams. However, there’s something above-and-beyond when it comes to Disney’s own offerings, and Disney websites are no exception. The Lilo & Stitch section of the Disney Channel’s website offers kids (and maybe the kid-at-heart) some pretty cool “digital post cards” that they can send to a friend.



The offerings are a bit slim. I count about five to seven, but the designs are very cool and a few of them are animated as well.

#5 – Mission Space Digital Postcards

If this top 10 list was in order of coolness, I would place the website for Mission Space at the very top.  That may only be because I’m a bit biased as I love all things related to space, but the graphics and sound effects on this website are excellent.


The link for the digital postcards you can send to friends is found at the lower left hand corner of the page, if you can get past all of the other awesome stuff download – like screensavers, wallpapers and even posters.

#6 – Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Mail

The site for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean easily competes with the Mission Space site for first place. On this site you can actually send free voice e-mail messages using a pirate voice. When you first enter the site, you can choose from one of four languages – English, Dutch, Italian or Spanish.


This is honestly one of the coolest e-card sites I’ve found on the net, and for the geeks out there, you’ve got a choice between text-to-speech technology, using a phone, or using pre-recorded selections. Keep in mind that this site is very heavy on the Flash side, so make sure you’re fully updated or it won’t work.

#7 – Home on The Range Digital Postcards

Finally, for fans of the Disney movie Home on the Range, there’s the movie website on where, if you click on “games & downloads,” you can select from and send your friends a free digital postcard featuring one of the movie’s goofy characters.


Oh, and when you’re visiting most of these official Disney sites, really crank up the volume if you want to fully enjoy the experience.

Do you know of any other fun or interesting Disney themed e-card websites out there? Share your own favorite sites in the comments section below.

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