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7 Gift Ideas Under $150 For Coffee Lovers

Joel Lee 05-12-2014

As winter swoops in with its chilling bite, it’s the perfect time to sit down and enjoy some steaming hot latte or espresso. It’s also a great time to surprise your friends and family with awesome gifts that will make their next cups of java taste better than ever before.


Coffee is fun and doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, most coffee starter essentials Buy This: The Greatest Gear For Making Awesome Coffee If your coffee tastes like crap, you're doing it wrong. Great coffee doesn't have to be expensive. Read More will barely dent your wallet and they make great gifts for coffee newbies. However, for friends and family who are looking for something a little more advanced, you may find the following gift ideas more impressive.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer ($10)


This simple and affordable gift can provide a lot of use for those who prefer drinking their coffee from a mug 10 Of The Most Awesome Novelty Geek Mugs Ever Created If you haven’t noticed, our mission these days definitely includes providing as many holiday shopping tips as we can, with the holiday season upon us and all. Is your mind sprinting in the wild, scouring... Read More rather than a thermos. All you have to do is plug it in and flip it on, then place your mug on top. It’s small and sleek with a 60-inch power cord so it fits pretty much anywhere.

Most electric mug warmers fail to keep coffee hot enough and this one by Mr. Coffee isn’t perfect by any means. It doesn’t work well for heating up cold coffee, but if you start with hot coffee then it’ll keep it warm for quite a while.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Home, Office, Black Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Home, Office, Black Buy Now On Amazon $7.42


AeroPress Personal Coffee Maker ($30)

The AeroPress looks complicated at first glance but it’s incredibly simple and versatile. It brews coffee using immersion rather than dripping, so in that sense it’s like a French press. However, it has a built-in filter that catches sediment and oils, resulting in a cleaner taste than a French press.

In addition to producing a great tasting cup, the AeroPress cleans up in a matter of seconds. It’s ideal for people who are in a rush but don’t want to sacrifice taste for speed. The only downside is that it only makes one cup of coffee at a time.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press Buy Now On Amazon $29.94

Bonavita 1L Digital Gooseneck Kettle ($85)



Coffee lovers know that water temperature is one of the most important aspects of a tasty brew. If the water’s too hot, it extracts more bitterness. If it’s too cold, it doesn’t extract enough flavor. One method of getting a consistent brew is to use a thermometer, but why do that when a kettle can handle it for you?

Not only does the Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle allow you to heat water to a particular temperature with 1-degree Fahrenheit precision, but it can hold that temperature for upwards of an hour. The gooseneck design allows you to pour water with utmost accuracy, which is critical when brewing with a pour-over technique.

Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1.0 Liters, Metallic Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1.0 Liters, Metallic Buy Now On Amazon $48.29

Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Frother ($120)

Not everyone enjoys frothed milk in their coffee, but for those that do, a dedicated frother is one of the best purchases to make. There are cheaper ones out there than the Breville Milk Café but none of them offer the same combination of speed, quality, and simplicity for a comparable price.


As you’ll see in the video above, it requires nothing more than turning on the machine and adding milk. It comes with two frothing discs — one for lattes and one for cappuccinos — so you can switch between smooth and silky or thick and creamy on demand. Cleaning is easy and you can even throw it in the dishwasher if you want.

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother Buy Now On Amazon $99.00

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder ($130)


Nothing beats freshly ground coffee beans. Pre-ground coffee loses most of its flavor and goes stale while in the bag, which is fine if all you want from coffee is the caffeine hit. For best taste, however, coffee beans should be ground right at the time of brewing.


When grinding coffee, a burr grinder is preferable to a blade grinder because it produces a more consistent grind, which ultimately results in a more consistent taste from cup to cup. The Baratza Encore electric burr grinder is the perfect compromise between price, convenience, and consistency.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Buy Now On Amazon $139.00

Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker ($140)


Automatic drip machines often produce terrible cups of coffee for two main reasons. First, many drip machines don’t heat the water enough to extract all of the goodness from the grounds. Second, the water isn’t distributed properly, resulting in over-extraction of some of the grounds and under-extraction of the rest.

In that sense, the Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker is a rare find. Not only does it heat up water to an ideal temperature every time, it also uses a showerhead design that completely and evenly saturates the grounds. This particular model brews 8 cups and can keep the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe Buy Now On Amazon $281.00

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker ($150)


Are you a big fan of coffee-on-the-go? The Handpresso Auto is an interesting device that lets you make espresso right from inside your car. It draws its power from the 12V cigarette lighter and creates enough pressure to produce espresso that tastes surprisingly good considering the circumstances.

It uses standard Easy Serving Espresso Pods, known as ESE pods, for maximum convenience. The main drawback of the Handpresso Auto is the small volume of espresso per cup, about 50 ml. Also, if you want a piping hot cup to drink, the final espresso temperature may be slightly disappointing.

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker Buy Now On Amazon $198.95

Final Thoughts

The world of coffee encompasses far more than what we’ve covered here and I’m sure there are plenty of other gift ideas that are suitable for tech-savvy coffee lovers. This will at least get you started in the right direction. And for true coffee fans, don’t forget to acquaint yourself with these coffee lover apps 4 Free Android Apps For Coffee Lovers Humans have been drinking coffee since at least the fifteenth century, and the beverage is only gaining in popularity. Unlike coffee, smartphones haven’t been around since the fifteenth century – but now that we have... Read More .

Will you be buying any of these? What other gift ideas can you suggest? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 25, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    One thing that I would DEFINITELY recommend as a under $150 gift for coffee lovers is a re-usable coffee filter. This thing is wonderful and it's rigidity makes it so you NEVER get a pot of coffee with any grains in it (as I have with a malplaced paper filter).

    On another note, it's pretty good for quickly making large amounts of hot or cold tea. I would put the tea leaves, fruits, whatever, and water in a bottle or large glass and vigorously mix it all together. Then I pour it into a second glass through the re-usable coffee filter, straining out the tea ingredients. I actually found myself getting a LOT more tea from the same amount of ingredients because of this. Same concentration and everything.

  2. Robyn
    December 6, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    I bought myself a Hario hand grinder for my beans. I got tired of cleaning up after my large burr grinder and 98% of the time, all I want is two cups of espresso in the morning. This lets me have fresh ground with no mess and a little arm exercise. The only thing I have to be careful about is not spacing out too much while grinding the beans, or I end up with more coffee than I want.

    • Joel Lee
      December 11, 2014 at 6:50 pm

      I recently got myself a manual Hario and it's fantastic! Freshly ground coffee has so much more flavor than preground coffee from a tin. Highly recommended.

  3. John
    December 6, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Find a small coffee company and buy a few bags, help a small business and get a better quality of coffee.

  4. Drew
    December 6, 2014 at 7:40 am

    dragon, I'll see you one better: a pound of GREEN coffee, and a Whirley-Pop with stainless steel gears. Been roasting my own coffee for more than 15 years, in about 10 different ways, but the whirley-pop still produces the best flavor. No more than $50 altogether, including the coffee.

    • Joel Lee
      December 11, 2014 at 6:48 pm

      I've always been put off by the high cost of electric bean roasters. Can you really roast coffee with a Whirley-Pop? That's amazing. I'll have to look into that!

  5. dragonmouth
    December 5, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    You forgot or ignored one gift under $150 - a pound of coffee. At least I think one can still get a pound for less than $150. :-)

    • Joel Lee
      December 6, 2014 at 4:53 pm

      Coffee is definitely a great fallback gift, especially if you can pickup local beans from an exotic place. I fear the day when coffee starts costing $150 a pound...