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7 Fake World Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter

Dave Parrack 22-08-2012

fake people twitterTwitter isn’t for everybody. But whether you have love or hate for Twitter it’s hard not to acknowledge how it has changed the way we communicate, not only with each other but with famous people too. Twitter makes it immensely easy to contact celebrities, and even politicians and world leaders have accounts (although they’re usually run by a lackey or two rather than themselves).


The trouble with these authenticated Twitter accounts of the great and the good is that they’re interminably boring. It’s not really their faults; anything interesting these famous folks do isn’t going to make it into the public arena, and anything official they do is dull. This all means it’s much more fun to follow the Twitter accounts of fake world leaders instead, seven of which are featured below.

Barack Obama @ThePresObama

Ah, Barack Obama, current President of the United States. The rest of the world loves the guy, but many in the U.S. can’t stand him. It’s rather fitting that he (or at least his alter ego ThePresObama is first on this list, as the real Obama was one of the first politicians to truly take advantage of the opportunity Twitter offered for connecting with voters.

Queen Elizabeth @Queen_UK

Elizabeth Windsor, otherwise known as the Queen of England, or simply Her Majesty, is currently enjoying her Jubilee year 6 Websites To Learn About Queen Elizabeth II During Her Diamond Jubilee Year 2012 is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, with the actual celebration itself taking place between 2nd June and 5th June. This coincides with the date of her coronation on 2 June, 1953. While most people... Read More . Meanwhile Queen_UK is enjoying her year of mimicking the haughty tone of the real thing with tweets talking about Prime Minister Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg, and all of her loyal subjects. One is not amused.

Angela Merkel @Queen_Europe

Angela Merkel is quite a lady, being the first to be elected Chancellor of Germany, and in charge of one of the few European countries not to be struggling financially. This spoof account on Twitter is named Queen_Europe, and the moniker is rather fitting. Expect lots of tweets about the Euro crisis and Merkel’s ability to remain calm when all about her are flapping.


Kim Jong-Un @KimJongNumberUn

When Kim Jong-Il passed away at the end of 2011, his son Kim Jong-Un took over as leader of North Korea. Unsurprisingly the real Kim Jong-Un doesn’t have a Twitter account, so it’s left to KimJongNumberUn to do the honors. A succession of constantly-funny tweets means this account has racked up an impressive 167,000 followers at the time of writing, and you shouldn’t feel bad about also jumping on the bandwagon.

Pope Benedict XVI @PopularPope

As leader of the Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI is meant to lead a pious life overseeing all of the followers of this particular religion around the world. But that’s boring. He would much rather be making snarky comments about current affairs and pop culture, and it falls to his alter-ego PopularPope to bring the LOLs on Twitter.

Mitt Romney @MexicanMitt

OK, so Mitt Romney isn’t yet a world leader, but he may soon be if the U.S. throws Obama out of the White House in order to return to having a Republican president. Which is entirely possible. Either way MexicanMitt is worth following, with his tweets being slightly offensive to Mexicans but more offensive to the real Romney himself.

George W. Bush @TheRealGDubya

From a candidate for the big job to a past incumbent. Who can forget George W. Bush and his time as President of the United States of America? Many have tried, all have failed. He spent eight long years in the White House and continues to bitch about the state of the world even now. American national pride and out-of-character cursing are the order of the day for TheRealGDubya.



There we have it, a collection of the best fake world leaders currently providing a satirical commentary on Twitter. When compiling this list I was actually rather surprised at the dearth of great spoof accounts of world leaders. There are lots of bad ones, or ones that are no longer being regularly updated, but very few that actually deserve to be followed by mainstream audiences.

This may be your chance to set a fake Twitter account up, allowing you to become the brains behind one of these fake Twitter feeds. If you do so then be sure to tweet often, make people laugh, and keep it all relevant and in keeping with what the real world leader you’re going after would say or do. Bringing a sense of authenticity (just without the blue tick) is key.

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  1. April Eum
    August 27, 2012 at 8:15 am

    this is great, i love the obama one

  2. Anna Olcese
    August 23, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Check out @InsideBensHead - a funny take on what Ben Bernanke would think about any given situation. He's not exactly a "world leader," but definitely a powerful man. Financial folks and conservatives will like it.

    • Dave Parrack
      August 29, 2012 at 3:00 pm

      Nice recommendation. Thank you :)

  3. Richard Steven Hack
    August 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    For REAL world leadership, everyone should follow ME! :-)

    Seriously, I tweet the most important news about the upcoming US attack on Syria, to be followed by an Israeli attack on Lebanon, to be followed by a war with Iran. Depressing, but important to know...

    Also, I tweet about computer security, rant about bad software on my machine, and occasionally get tweets from celebrities - got a "hugs and kisses" from Azita Ghanizada from the SyFy show "Alphas" the other day - made my day! :-) And that wasn't the first time...

    So follow me @richardhack!