6 Xbox One Games with Easy Achievements You Can Get Now

Ben Stegner 29-07-2015

Achievements – they’re one of the ways Xbox Live has changed gaming 5 Ways In Which Xbox Live Has Changed Gaming – For Better Or Worse [Opinion] It's difficult to remember a time when games consoles didn't connect to the Internet. I'm now so used to online features being an integral part of the gaming experience, that it's easy to forget that... Read More , and they’re here to stay. If you’re someone who can’t let go of a game until you’ve claimed all of its Gamerscore, you’ve no doubt already exhausted the Xbox 360 games with super easy achievements 4 Games For Easy Xbox 360 Achievements [MUO Gaming] Everyone loves feeling a true sense of accomplishment. There is nothing better than knowing you worked hard and made something good happen. That is exactly why Microsoft added achievements to their games so long ago.... Read More .


Now, almost two years into the system’s life, we’re finally able to compile a list of easy Xbox One achievements. These games are the most efficient for earning Gamerscore, as they give you the most points in the shortest time with the least effort. Take advantage of these games and you’ll watch your name skyrocket up the leaderboards.

Before we start, please note that PlayStation’s Trophy system works a bit differently than achievements. Obtaining every Trophy in a game nets you a Platinum, but small downloadable games (like many of the ones in this list) don’t offer a Platinum. Because of this, our list of the easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophies The 7 Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophies You Can Earn Want to earn some Platinum trophies without putting in the effort that some of the harder games? Here are seven games that will net you the easiest Platinums you can earn on the PSN! Read More went more in-depth on fewer games. In this list, we’ll focus on quantity since all Gamerscore is equal on Xbox. Also, a link to an achievement guide will be given for each game; these may contain spoilers.

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition ($8)

Starting the list off is a remaster of a classic game (also known as Out of This World in the US) that’s been released on nearly every platform known to man; you can check its Wikipedia page if you think I’m kidding. Though old, this game was extremely innovative due to its cutscenes and other unique effects for the time; a perfect candidate for making into a movie 5 Video Games That Should Be Movies [MUO Gaming] Many modern video games play out like movies, with strong storylines, fleshed-out characters, and action sequences that surely give even Michael Bay pause for thought. And yet when it comes to actually making movies from... Read More .

The twelve achievements are a breeze, and the game only takes 2-3 hours to complete. Eight of the achievements can’t be missed as you progress through the game, and the other four won’t give you any trouble as long as you know where to look; check out a guide for the game if you need some help.

Thomas Was Alone ($11)

An indie game that does things differently 5 Video Games From 2013 That Did Things Differently While big games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 were, as usual, the most popular titles released last year, the surge of indie game popularity has not subsided. 2013 saw the release of... Read More , Thomas Was Alone stars shapes as main characters and has a wonderful narrator dictating the story. You’ll get through their story in just 3-4 hours, with achievements awarded for beating the game, jumping and dying a certain number of times, and finding collectibles.


Using a guide for this game will ensure that you don’t miss any of the collectibles along the way, but there’s a level select to quickly find any you missed the first time. In all, this game barely requires any effort beyond finishing the story, and it’s worth playing for the narrator alone.

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious ($10)

This standalone expansion for Forza 2, meant to promote the movie launch of Furious 7, is a ridiculously easy way to earn achievements, as it hands them out like free samples. It’s a good idea to follow the guide to make sure you don’t miss anything, but you basically just have to play through the story missions and perform simple maneuvers.

This isn’t the best racing game you’ll ever play The 9 Most Important Driving Games Of All Time Not all driving games are created equal and like with any art, someone creates something new every once in a while. So what are the most important racing titles in the history of video games? Read More , and it’s essentially a demo, but it’s worth spending the 2-4 hours to add 1,000 Gamerscore to your name. This game was free for a short time when it launched, so if you’ve had an Xbox One for a while, this one might already be in your library waiting to be mined for achievements!

Child of Light ($15)

Child of Light is a delightful RPG surprise from Ubisoft that takes place in a fairytale-like world. In it, you’ll control Aurora as she searches for her father, meeting all kinds of interesting companions along the way. Amazingly, every line of dialogue in the game rhymes.


This is longer than the other titles on this list, but Child of Light is absolutely worth playing. It’s an accessible RPG clocking in at 11-12 hours, with forgiving gameplay mechanics including a unique battle system 5 Classic RPGs With Unique Battle Systems You'll Love Skips the usual affair and start playing these 5 RPGs with unique battle systems you'll fall in love with. Read More where you can interrupt enemies in real time. Most of the achievements are unlocked through normal gameplay, though you’ll have to complete the game’s few short sidequests (with a guide, if needed) to earn them all.

If you’re sick of playing low-quality titles for achievements and need a great game to change it up, this is a can’t-miss title. Those new to RPGs will find it a great introduction to the genre, and its childlike fantasy world is a welcome contrast to the ultra-violent games Six Ultra Violent Video Games That Are Ultra Awesome Video games are an inherently violent art form. Many of the most popular games involve killing hundreds of enemies without so much as a second thought. Call of Duty, the most popular video game ever... Read More that flood the industry. What’s more, when the game is done, you can enjoy its emotional soundtrack while studying The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks for Studying or Relaxing Video game music is engineered to promote focus with enjoyable background tracks. If you need some music for studying or relaxing, look no further. Read More .

Stick it to The Man! ($10)

This bizarre title has you controlling Ray, who accidentally gains the ability to read people’s minds. It’s a side-scrolling game that’s a sort of hybrid between the platformer, adventure, and point-and-click Point & Click Adventuring Lives On With These Classic-Style Free Games Point-and-click games are a dying breed but they aren't completely dead. Read More genres. Much of the gameplay involves traversing areas and figuring out what sticker to place where or how to solve people’s problems and advance.

Aside from a few skill-based sections, the achievements all revolve around reading the minds of specific people. Since you’ll need to hit everyone in the game for the last achievement, you’ll probably want to follow a guide here to streamline your efforts. If you’re not lollygagging, you should clean up this game in 3-5 hours. Stick It is really goofy, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. With great writing and smart humor, it’s a shame this game was somewhat overlooked.


Monopoly Plus ($15)

Well, it’s Monopoly. There’s not too much to say about it; there have been over a dozen versions of Monopoly released in video game form, and this is the latest iteration. Since it’s a board game, there’s no story mode, so the achievements require various actions in-game.

Your results may vary slightly with this game depending on luck, but anywhere from 2-5 hours is a good estimate for earning the 15 achievements. A guide will help you hone in on the situations you need to get through this as quickly as possible. Since you can play “multiplayer” with a single controller, you can rig the game to earn the points.

Achievement Unlocked

Going through all six games here will cost you about $70 and earn you 6,000 Gamerscore; not a bad haul for a few days’ worth of work! Of course, these are far from the only games you can clean up easily, but I tried to avoid shovelware games and make this list fun. Those looking for more should look at this Xbox Achievements thread which groups easy games into time slots, and also includes Xbox 360 games. You’ll have more than enough material to go through with that!

Looking at the opposite end of the spectrum? Punish yourself with nigh-impossible gaming achievements 5 Gaming Achievements That Are Close To Impossible That's right, this is a challenge from me to you. I'll bet all my marbles that no one reading this article has (fairly) earned any of the achievements you're about to read into. Read More or some of the hardest games of all time 7 Video Games So Hard They Will Make You Want To Throw Your Controller One of the major staples of old school video games is the incredible difficulty. I've talked about the level of challenge in older games before in an article about the things I miss most from... Read More .


From what easy games have you earned Xbox One achievements? Do you have an opinion on the achievement system? Leave your thoughts, games, and strategies in a comment below!

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  1. badgameplayer
    December 23, 2016 at 11:15 am

    The Park. It's a creepy, disturbing game, but if you don't mind that kind of thing, you can get all 1000G in an hour (rushing) or two (normally). It's like Gone Home where there's no combat or even real effort to complete it. Make sure to read everything, as that activates several achievements. Two though can be easily missed: one at the very beginning where you walk out of the parking lot into The Mist, and one on a broken go-kart outside the attraction. It's only $12.99 too. Happy earning!

    • Ben Stegner
      December 23, 2016 at 4:40 pm

      Awesome choice, thanks for sharing!