6 of the Most Unusual Products on Vat19

Joshua Lockhart 28-02-2012

We’ve briefly talked about Vat19 10 Of The Most Awesome Novelty Geek Mugs Ever Created If you haven’t noticed, our mission these days definitely includes providing as many holiday shopping tips as we can, with the holiday season upon us and all. Is your mind sprinting in the wild, scouring... Read More on MakeUseOf, so you may know a little about it already. Basically, the site sells very interesting items and gifts. On top of that, they make a video 10 Of The Best Viral Video Ad Campaigns Read More of each item that is typically quirky, and although it is pretty much a commercial, it’s worth watching.


Here on MakeUseOf, we like the unusual (such as some crazy things on Craigslist 9 of the Strangest Things Found on Craigslist You see a lot of strange tidbits if you care to put in the time to browse through them. Craigslist is no different. I also realized there are probably some other crazy things among the... Read More ), and yes, even novelty (like some odd services on Fiverr 7 of the Strangest Services Offered on Fiverr I recently found out all about Fiverr – a website that offers odd jobs to people for only five bucks a pop (with the occasional paid extras) – and as you may be able to... Read More ). So with that being said, what better site to talk about all things unusual and novelty than Vat19?

Bottle Cap Tripod

I don’t know about you other amateur photographers 20 Essential Photography Accessories for Beginners and Newbies Photography is all about talent and creativity. However, the best photography accessories for beginners can make things a lot easier. Read More and videographers out there, but I think one of the worst things I’ve ever done is forgot a tripod for a shoot (one of the worst). Seriously, you don’t realize how necessary it is until it’s gone! However, this little doohickey is a nice temporary fix.

Simply screw the mount into the bottom of your camera and pop it on top of your bottle.  The fact that whatever liquid is in the bottle weighs it down is pretty cool.

World’s Largest Gummy Worm


It’s time to break out the noms (and a wastebasket when you get sick), because this is the world’s largest gummy worm, and Vat19 wants you to have it. Realistically, I don’t know what anyone would want to do with a 3-pound, 26-inch long, 4000-calorie 6 Must-See Exercise Videos for Those of Us Who Spend Most of the Day Sitting [Stuff to Watch] Poor posture, not enough breaks and sedentary office behaviour can all have serious implications in the long-term. This week’s Stuff to Watch focuses on a variety of techniques that can reduced the chances of an... Read More gummy worm. However, the people in the video look just so cheerful while eating it, and I guess happiness is all that matters. Right?

In addition to the gummy worm, Vat19 also has giant gummy bears and gummy shot glasses.

Flying Alarm Clock

It’s always a challenge for me to get my day started 5 Inspiring Ways to Set a Productive Morning Routine A morning routine can help you start the day right. These apps and sites will tell you how to set a ritual that lets you kick-start the day in the best way possible. Read More , and sometimes my computer’s alarm clock (and my phone’s alarm clock) just won’t do the trick. With the Flying Alarm Clock, as soon as T minus 0 hits, the spinning propeller flys out of the clock itself and lands somewhere in the room.


With that being said, the clock won’t stop until you get up, find the propeller, and pop it right back in (so cruel, but so practical).

Original Beard Hat

The beard is a sign of manliness The 3 Most Badass Male Video Game Characters Of All Time [MUO Gaming] Last week I talked about the most badass female video game characters and spoke about greats like Lara Croft and Jill Valentine. This week, it is time to step into the man’s domain and talk... Read More – a symbol that evokes memories of the smell of sweat, testosterone kicks, and rugged tasks with minimal technology (like the occasional hand-made ax). However, if you’re like me, and you don’t don a beard in your daily life, you may be feeling a little left out.

With the beard hat, you can take on any lumber-jacking activity without any work on your part. Simply strap it on when you want and take it off when you need to. I have to say that’s pretty efficient.


Levitron Revolution

Now this? This is unusual, but it’s also very cool. The Levitron Revolution allows you to levitate and rotate any object up to 12 ounces. What doe that mean? Well, you can display collectibles Bundlr - Easily Collect and Share (Cool) Stuff You Find Online on a Single Page There are times when you know you want to put together a collection of photos, articles, tweets, videos and snippets of things from around the web. Maybe you're brainstorming for an article you're going to... Read More on it, set office supplies on it, and yes, place unusually small people from magical lands on it.

Although it is just a novelty, it is pretty awesome. Granted, I don’t know if I’m willing to shell out $99 for it, but that doesn’t take away how cool it is.



Remember when you were younger (or maybe just last week) when you could put a playing card on the spokes of your bike tire and making it sound like a motorcycle? Well, it kind of did anyway. With the TurboSpoke, you can take that childhood memory 5 Best Websites With Fun Activities for Toddlers If you're looking online for fun activities for toddlers, you've probably realised that there's a lot of garbage out there. So many sites have found their way to the top of the Google results which... Read More to the extreme. This product comes with three different-sounding cards and a “exhaust pipe” that acts as a horn which will actually amplify your card’s sounds. Pretty cool!

I recommend using it if you bike to work – it may just turn some heads.


Keep in mind that these are only six of the many items at Vat19. There are lots of other unusual knick-knacks there that you can find, so you should go see for yourself.

What other items have you found on Vat19? Do you plan on nabbing any of the ones shown here?

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  1. Erez Zukerman
    May 1, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Loved this post! I actually didn't know about Vat19. I wonder if they ship internationally...

    • Joshua Lockhart
      May 1, 2012 at 10:51 pm

      Totally did not check. However, they do ship internationally!

  2. Chris Mitchell
    February 28, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Those were awesome!

    • J. Lockhart
      March 4, 2012 at 9:04 am

      Crazy stuff, right? Gotta love it, though. (I couldn't get through the gummy worm, though.)