6 Tools to Help You Gain More Followers and Get Better at Twitter

Saikat Basu 11-09-2012

get twitter followersA revolution The 5 Top Reasons Social Networks Lead to Social Revolutions Read More can be sowed by 140 characters. The spread of a tweet is exponential and in popular cases, very viral. But just a simple cog in the giant wheel of humanity, I am not really interested in using the power of Twitter to be a rebel with or without a cause. I would much rather use it for personal productivity. And just for enhancing one’s own personal brand, Twitter is a vehicle with rocket boosters.


For that, one has to become a power user 5 Power Tweeter Tips on How to Use Twitter Like a Pro Today I'm going to teach you how to Twitter like a boss. What does it mean to be considered a power user on Twitter? Well, anyone who loves the social platform as much as I... Read More of Twitter. You will be surprised to know that using just 140 characters effectively takes a lot of skills. Put in the time and it will be reflected in the number of followers.

That usually indicates you are doing something right. If you need a Swiss knife, here are six tools that can help you get better and gain more Twitter followers.

Find Others with Similar Interests: [NO LONGER WORKS] Wefollow

get twitter followers

Wefollow belongs to that large genre of Twitter tools which allows you to search out Twitter users according to a tag or keyword. This is the fastest way to follow like-minded Tweeps. You can also add yourself to Wefollow and make your username available for others to follow you. Wefollow is comparatively new, but even if it does not quite work for you, there are many more out there with similar functionality.



From the top of my head, I can suggest [NO LONGER WORKS] Just Tweet It and Twellow. Twibs could be the one for you if you want to follow businesses that are on Twitter. Try out a few with your specific keyword; you might get more people to follow in one rather than the other.

Find Local Twitter Friends: Nearby Tweets

how to get twitter followers

Going local is very useful even for a globalized village. See the advantages – you can have face-to-face interactions, arrange Tweetups, and even collaborate on a project. Nearby Tweets is a useful Twitter Search and Google Maps mashup that helps you find Tweeples using a combination of location and keyword. Go into its Preferences to save recent locations, recent keywords, set the default search radius, and also block locations and people.



The good old Twitter Advanced Search. Using the Advanced Search page on Twitter allows you to use a combination of keywords with the Near this place filter. You can enter the name of a place and get localized tweets. The search uses the geo-location data of Twitter users.

Twitter Relationship Management:

how to get twitter followers is a very slick app that enables you to stay on top of your Twitter kingdom by sifting the wheat from the chaff. Twitter can get awfully noisy if you have tons of followers. filters through your timeline and analyzes the most important relationships you have on Twitter. It breaks the whole thing down to important keys like – High Value Members (who are your more engaged members), Followers (e.g. it lists the ones you can un-follow) and Groups (you can monitor your groups). also helps you discover ‘new leads’ and connect with them based on their profiles, interests and conversations. The tool’s Consider to Follow option also hints at a list of people to consider following based on previous conversations i.e. past engagement.

The free account is limited to a single user profile and 30 engaged members. But you can use it to get an understanding of what matters most for you on Twitter.



Contaxio [No longer available] is serious Twitter management app that gives you a whole menu of features to manage your relationships. It also brings in information from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. A powerful set of filters enable you to dissect your Twitter usage and break everything down into numbers.

Jump on Interesting Conversations: InboxQ

Twitter conversations are important jump points for engaging new users and converting them into followers. But how do you find the right kind of discussion where you can contribute as an expert? InboxQ is open as a web app, and as add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. InboxQ says it is different from a keyword based search as it sorts through for relevant conversations and also share it in real-time with others who can also answer that question. InboxQ sets up keyword based campaigns and you can manage each campaign separately. You can view the profile of the Tweep and engage him in a conversation. InboxQ uses hashtags to relate to conversations, so it is only as effective as the hashtags people use.



The good old fashioned way. Search Twitter with hashtags and engage others with interesting content of your own. True engagement on Twitter is not only about dropping a tweet and expecting people to follow you. You have to reply with more than just links to your brand or content. Add tips and insights so the community around the hashtag values your contribution and follow you back.

Net the Influencers: Brand Influencers

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Brand Influencers is a free Twitter app that uses your Google Analytics account to scan the tweets and the Top 5 influencers that are bringing traffic to your blog or website. Using this information, you can directly connect with them and engage them with conversation or incentives, and add more value to their indirect “promotional” work.


Followerwonk and Klout can help you to connect to key influencers in your area of work. Find out how to network and increase your own influence score Klout - Networking To Increase Your Online "Influence" Score I wasn't a fan of Klout when I first heard about it. Even after I signed up and actively started to delve through what Klout is and does, I was underwhelmed. Actually, I'd go as... Read More with Klout.

And Finally…Find More Apps To Manage Twitter: Twitdom [No Longer Available]

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There are quite a few thousand and more Twitter apps. Twitter articles from web blogs like can cover just so much. Enter dedicated places called Twitter directories. Twitdom is one of the more popular ones with more than 2200+ Twitter apps slotted by platforms, function, and business. Apps are rated, tagged, and described. With so many applications to trawl through, it is almost a huge haystack. So, try out the ones listed under Popular first.


Twitter Fan Wiki is on a Wiki platform, so it just might not seem that organized as Twitdom. But that’s not to say it is rich in information. Then, it is not only about apps as you have other pages of interest also.

In the end, it pays to remember that these are just tools. There are many other tools out there in the blue yonder of Twittersphere that can help you be more effective with your tweets. But in the end it has to be the back to the basics approach which will get you more followers:

  • Good content
  • Good posting frequency
  • Good interactions

Are you doing these three? If you are, then the above tools and approaches are just the icing on the Twitter cake. There are quite a few more Twitter tips and tricks 10 Twitter Tips Most Pros Don't Even Know Learn how to master Twitter with these lesser-known but super useful Twitter tips and tricks. Read More tucked away in our archive of Twitter posts. I am sure you have your own favorite tips and tricks to add. Add away and do tell us what works for you (and what doesn’t).

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  1. Jessica davis
    June 29, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I’m currently using wizugo com for my 2 accounts of Twitter i.e. one account for personal use and one for official use with both having number of followers and by far this is the best tool I ever discovered. I have never used any tool as powerful as WizUgo before. The results I got were steady, legit, safe and most importantly automated. The best part about this tool is that it runs on cloud storage and there is no need to download any software on your pc. You just need to set WizUgo on auto pilot and once you are done logout, close your browser or even turn your computer off and enjoy your day. It will give you followers, likes, comments and even schedules your tweets too.

  2. Vampie C.
    September 12, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Nice tips, but don't they ask a lot of time to maintain?

    • Saikat Basu
      September 12, 2012 at 5:27 pm

      Just turn it into a routine and maybe it will take 10-15 minutes of your time.

  3. Ibrahim Mezouar
    September 12, 2012 at 9:45 am

    I really want more followers, I'm gonna try some of these tools

  4. Mike Polischuk
    September 12, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Hi Saikat,

    We in strive to help our users focus on relationships that matter right now, bring clarity and decrease stress. Your metaphor of "sifting the wheat from the chaff" summarizes our aspiration neatly!

    We love WeFollow, and Nearbye Tweets looks interesting. Thank you for this great post, and we are glad to be in such a great company :)

  5. xbalesx
    September 12, 2012 at 8:12 am

    Great info...thanks! Going to start hitting up locals for our business.

  6. Clyde Atwood
    September 11, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    I'm gonna start using some of these since I am a political volunteer. Very cool article because I am such a Twitter newb! Thanks, I love your website!!!!!