6 Spooky Halloween Games Perfect For Kids

Matthew Hughes 27-10-2014

Ask any kid. Halloween is more than just an hour spent walking from door to door, collecting enough sugar-laden candy 10 Awesome And Creepy Halloween Treats You Can Find On Instagram Given how people love to show off food creations on Instagram, we headed there to check out some of the awesome and creepy Halloween treats Instagrammers have come up with. You can make them too! Read More to induce a diabetic coma.


It’s an entire day spent celebrating the supernatural. The scary. The bizarre. You get to wear eyecatching costumes Futuristic Halloween Costumes That Will Blow Their Minds Zombies are boring, Vampires suck, and witches are so passé. If you're looking for a costume this Halloween which goes beyond the normal, check out some of these futuristic delights. Read More , and decorate your house 10 Techie Halloween Decorations, Gadgets, and Toys With the 31st of October lurking, consider ordering a few Halloween decorations and gadgets to terrify your friends and family. We've gathered some of the most chilling gear around -- read on if you dare! Read More like the set of the Adams Family movies. And if you’re into video games, there are more than enough that’ll frighten. Here are six of the best that are suitable for under-16s.

Ao Oni

Ever see Friday The 13th? Ao Oni is a bit like that, but much, much scarier. You’re placed in the shoes of Japanese adolescent Hiroshi. He, along with three of his closest friends, make the decision to visit an abandoned mansion, which unbeknownst to him is haunted. The aim of the game is to survive long enough to escape from the museum, whilst simultaneously dodging incarnations of the Oni monster, and solving puzzles.

It’s a bone-chilling way to spend All-Hallows Eve, and you can get it for free. You’ll need RPG Maker XP to run it though.

Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask

It’s easy to dismiss the Zelda series as children’s fantasy games, incapable of the suspense and tension required to shock and scare. But Majora’s Mask – the sixth installation in the series – shows that not to be the case.

The game – available for the Nintendo Wii in Europe, North America and Japan – puts you in the shoes of Link who has to save Termina from certain destruction at the hands of the evil Skull Kid, who has sent the land’s moon slowly hurtling towards it. It’s scary. It’s dark. It’s Zelda, but not how you know it.


Slender : The Eight Pages

If David Lynch made one video game in his long career, it probably would have been Slender : The Eight Pages. This survival-horror is set in the fugue of a forest at midnight, where you have to collect eight pages of a secret tome whilst avoiding ‘The Slenderman’ – a thin, besuited, faceless apparition.

This atmospheric tour-de-force is free, and can be downloaded for OS X and Windows. Don’t have nightmares.

Luigi’s Mansion

If you’ve got a Gamecube gathering dust in your attic, you should give Luigi’s Mansion a try.

Published in 2002, the game puts you in the perspective of Italian Plumber and professional Bob Selleck impersonator, Luigi. After being sent to an abandoned mansion, your brother soon goes missing, and it’s up to you to find him. To do that, you team up with the creepy E. Gadd, who furnishes you with a ghost-killing vacuum cleaner. Yes, the variety of weapons sucks (pun absolutely intended), but that doesn’t stop it from being a charming, ghost-themed romp through the Mario world.


Time to dust off that Gamecube.

Huntsman – The Orphanage

‘Game’ isn’t really the word I’d use to describe Huntsman – The Orphanage. It doesn’t do this incredibly narrative-driven, cinematic survival horror experience any justice.

The plot (which I won’t spoil for you) brings you to an abandoned orphanage, filled with the ghostly remnants of a monstrous act committed 20 years ago. You have to investigate what happened, whilst simultaneously showing compassion to the victims and avoiding the malevolent Huntsman. You have no weapons, other than your own speed and agility.

It’s dark. It’s chilling. It’s well written. It’s available for PC on Steam .



Earlier this month, a Texan man found himself locked in a London bookstore, after it had closed for the night. In Ib (pronounced ‘eeb’), a similar thing happens to the protagonist, except she’s in a museum where after hours, the exhibits come to life. And they’re out to get her.

Like Ao Oni, the game is available for free on PC, and requires RPG Maker XP.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

Each of these games are totally suitable for anyone under 14. Though some may be a little to scary for really young children. Use discretion when deciding what kind of horror experience it right for your family!

If you’re a bit older, you might want to consider these 5 Halloween MMOs 5 MMOs With Halloween Celebrations for You To Join In Are you ready for the holiday season to overtake the MMORPG world? Halloween is right around the corner, which means that you’ll be seeing a lot of holiday-related antics in the months to come. Read More , and these six Zombie themed apps for iOS 6 Apps Every Zombie Lover Should Have On Their iOS Device [iOS] Halloween may not even be close, but that does not mean we cannot still enjoy some good old-fashioned zombie applications on our iOS devices. After all, The Walking Dead just ended, and fans of the... Read More .


Did I miss any? Let me know. Drop me a comment below.

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  1. elhancho
    October 27, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Costume Quest (by Double Fine)

    • Matthew Hughes
      October 28, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Never played it. Any good?

  2. Taylor
    October 27, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    There are a lot of great Japanese horror rpg's that you can get for free. Many could be played by kids too. Thanks for including two of the best imo!

    • Matthew Hughes
      October 28, 2014 at 9:27 am

      You're welcome! Thanks so much Taylor!

  3. Gavin
    October 27, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Was about to suggest 'Amnesia' - then saw the 'perfect for kids' aspect. Urm, perhaps not. Great selection though!

    • Matthew Hughes
      October 27, 2014 at 2:21 pm

      Yeah, Amnesia is definitely not a kids game. ;)