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6 Sparkling Star-Lit Social Networks for Singers

Angela Randall 22-02-2016

So you can sing? Like to meet other singers? Well rock on, ancient queen. Follow those who pale in your shadow.


There are a number of really interesting ways you can get together with other singers online, so I thought it was time we pulled together a list of the most fun you can have socializing with other singers. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be a fabulous singer to use these social networks. For one of them, you don’t even need to be able to sing at all!

Read on & have fun!

Star Now

Star Now is a social network for actors, models and musicians, but it also acts as a professional profile and niche job search site. So, you’re encouraged to set up a fabulous profile with your best head shots, a showreel or a few videos of yourself performing and whatever else you have that shows how great you are. Serious talent scouts search this site looking for people to hire, so it is worth it to put a bit of effort into this and make it professional.

StarNow Social Network For Singers

It’s also vitally important that you fill out all the different instruments you play, and the styles of music you like. This is because alongside all the paid job listings and talent agencies, there are regular musicians and theater directors looking for someone to work with them. It usually makes sense to seek out locals, but in the case of musicians you can often work on tracks asynchronously online if you all have decent recording gear.



SingSnap is one of the oldest online karaoke apps Become A Singing Star With Online Karaoke Read More that I know of, which means it now has a huge userbase of singers having an amazing time collaborating together. There’s quite a wide difference between free and pro memberships, but there’s nothing stopping you from checking out the site and having plenty of fun with just a free account.

To help singers within the site connect, there is a forum-like message board, chat features and private groups that can be created by pro users (and used by anyone). You can make your own recordings using the web application or iOS app, then spend hours listening to other singers, making playlists and chatting. You can even put your favorite videos into your signature so people can check out your singing when you’re chatting elsewhere in the site.

This is quite an active singing community, with many different ways to find people you want to work with.

Smule Sing

Smule is a much newer karaoke app, and one I am very much taken by. It’s basically the hottest social network for singers right now.


You can make recordings using the iOS or Android app, but not via the web application. Also, it’s worth noting that the iOS application is far superior to its Android counterpart when it comes to recording. The iOS application lets you record video, and re-record sections of the track, whereas you can’t do this on Android yet.

Pro users have access to a larger song collection, vocal filters and video filters, which are suprisingly tantalising — I was sold within minutes.

Another really fun feature iOS users can use in Smule Sing is the Apple TV connection, which basically lets you set up a karaoke party at your house using all of their songs. Awesome!

A large part of what makes Smule attractive is that there are a number of verified professional artists making recordings for the site, and anyone can join them for a sing. For instance, I can now say I’ve sung a duet with Kylie Minogue — and that’s something I can smile about for years to come.


Going back to the community aspect, Smule Sing is quite active and growing every day. The app is designed to foster interaction between users, and a whole subculture and etiquette has evolved quite rapidly since Smule Sing launched three years ago.

For instance, within this singing community online, there are many different sub groups that are not managed using the Smule Sing app. Many groups hold public auditions that you can find using hashtag searches, but some are by private invitation only. Plenty of them rely on you having a Line account (a free chat app) LINE Call For Android Launches In 8 Countries With Cheap International Calls LINE Call allows users to make calls to non-Line numbers in eight different countries. Currently, the service is only available on Android, but they have said that an iPhone version should be coming soon. Read More so you can communicate with the rest of the group and get invited to do collaborations, but some of them are run via Facebook groups.

What’s clear though, is that you can still have an amazing time singing in this community without being part of the sub-groups. You can even use your knowledge of these sub-groups to find songs that have been sung by talented members and then just join in — there’s nothing to stop you. Just sing! is the app you want if you love singing but can’t actually sing (or don’t want to). It’s basically an evolution of Dubsmash, which is a very similar app for lip syncing short clips and sharing to social networks Crazy and Creative New Apps That Change Messaging for the Better It's easy for social media conversations to fall into a rut. Thankfully, there are popular new apps being widely adopted that guarantee sending and receiving messages will be anything but dull. Read More .


Musically Singing Lip Sync App

In though, the point is to remain in the app and socialize with other “singers” making their music videos. In essence, it’s more about connecting with other people that like doing this sort of silly stuff than it is about just creating something musical to share with friends 6 Unique Apps To Blend Instagram and Music Beautifully How you share your love of music with the Instagram community is part of your unique style, but all music lovers need to know about the following apps. Just in case. Read More as a one-off fad.

Because of this, it’s become a huge hit with teens. If you have kids, they probably already use this.


SoundTrap is an amazing new tool that I’ve previously raved about as both an online alternative to Audacity 4 Audacity Alternatives for Music Production Online You need Audacity-like editing features, yet you're using a Chromebook. What do you use? There are now some fantastic web apps for music collaboration that work in much the same way as Audacity. Read More and a great music extension for Chrome 20 Awesome Music Extensions for Chrome For those of us who love using Chrome for our daily browsing, having the perfect music extensions on hand is pretty much essential to enjoying the day. Music is life. Read More . But you see, it’s also a social network for musicians of all sorts. Within the SoundTrap application you can create and record original music, then put out calls for other musicians to join you in turning that single track recording into a full band piece ready for sale or streaming on Spotify (and it makes that part easy too!).

To achieve all this, the SoundTrap app makes it easy for you to find those other musicians and collaborate with them. You can explore tracks other people have made, or search for people by the sorts of talent you’re looking for.
I also highly recommend that if you find some great talent in any of the other singing communities online, you then invite them to work on some new creations with you in SoundTrap.


To many of you, SoundCloud is just a place where people host podcasts. But it actually has a thriving musical community thanks to its free audio hosting, great apps, easy embedding and a multitude of social networking capabilities.

Singers and other musicians often follow other indie artists and everyone discusses and promotes each other’s tracks. This is yet another place to go when you have a polished original track ready to share with the world. Until then, it’s still a great way to get to know some indie talent!

Plus Two Less-Popular Social Networks For Singers

The Singer Link — The Singer Link is a social network for choristers and conductors built using the Ning platform (remember that?). It has quite a slow-moving forum and a lot of useful information for singers wanting to learn more about singing or participate in real-life events.
Vocalize — This is touted as the first social network for singers, musicians, voice instructors, voice students and fans. It still seems to be a little new, though.

What’s Your Favorite Singing Community Online?

Do you use any of these singer social networks? Or do you have some other community with singers that you prefer? Tell us about it! Also, tell us what you think makes a singing community work. What do you look for?

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