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6 Smart Home Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Totally Back

Craig Snyder 18-08-2014

Kickstarter is a place for smart people to post and pledge to awesome projects. Smart people have smart homes! Advancements in technology aren’t limited to your phone or car, but also your home. If you haven’t already, you should explore the smart home products that are on the rise — they offer so many new and interesting functionalities to home appliances that you probably didn’t expect.


Here’s a list of six of the coolest currently-running projects on Kickstarter that will help you improve life around the house.

Blink: Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System

Home security is more than just a quality-of-life aspect of the smart home. However, many view home security as a major project that involves a truck full of technicians barging into your home and installing electronics at every point of your house. That’s not the case with Blink.


Blink is completely wire-free, battery-powered, easy to move and reposition, and has a lifespan of more than an entire year. Starting at just $49, expanding Blink around your home isn’t going to devastate your pocketbook.



One alarm unit — that fits in your palm — provides HD video, motion detection, night vision, a temperature sensor, and more. All of these features are pushed to the iOS and Android interface, where you’re able to view live cameras and any pending alerts.


Installing Blink is as plug-and-play as it gets and only takes a matter of minutes. Plug in the Blink Sync Module, run the Blink app and go through a basic setup procedure, then place your Blink unit wherever you’d like.

Blink has already managed to raise more than triple its original funding goal of $200,000. A pledge of $149 or more gets you membership to their beta program.


Emberlight – Turn Any Light Into a Smart Light

Home lighting has come quite a long way since products like The Clapper; smart lamps Brighten Your Home With Smart Lamps: Here Are Your Options What exactly is a smart lamp, and what's out there? Read More are definitely blooming in popularity. Emberlight promises to allow you to fully control any bulb, even dimmable ones, all around your home using your smartphone.


The great thing about Emberlight is that it works with any ordinary bulb. Installing it means taking Emberlight out of the box, screwing your bulb into the Emberlight adapter, and connect it to your home’s WiFi network. That’s it.



The Emberlight app will allow you to turn single, multiple, or all lights on or off. You’re still able to use light switches normally, too. The app will allow you to always know which lights in the home are on or off. You can be anywhere in the world and control your home lighting. Bulbs can also be controlled by proximity through Bluetooth, mood presets, and automatic sunrise/sunset detection.

With more than 1,500 backers so far, Emberlight is pushing to nearly quadruple their original funding goal of $50,000. A $49 pledge will get you a single Emberlight unit.

iSensor HD: The World’s Most Trusted Home Security Camera

Veering in a slightly different direction in home security than the aforementioned Blink, iSensor HD puts a narrow focus on camera security and looks to do a great job of that.

iSensor HD is a home security system that works with WiFi, communicates through Skype, and uses the 15 gigabytes of free storage that Google Drive offers as a way of delivering data to you.


This product offers 1280 × 720 video in beautiful high definition, boasting extremely simple self-installation with delivery through Skype’s 256-bit encryption. iSensor HD is the world’s smallest and lightest IP camera, just shorter than an iPhone 5. It also consumes the least amount of power when compared to any other HD IP camera (with panning) in the world.

iSensor HD uses USB for its power. When plugged in to a USB power adapter, it’s completely cordless. The camera can be controlled through sending messages by Skype, and text or picture alerts are sent through the same platform.

iSensor HD

iSensor’s functionality with Skype allows it to piggyback on an extremely secure method of encryption. Skype’s dynamic video channeling also allows iSensor HD to deliver a quality of picture that will have no delay and automatically adjust to your Internet connection. However, some may view its reliability on a third-party software as a crutch or possibly even a security concern in some cases. It’s all up for you to decide. Nonetheless, this looks like an impressive product.

iSensor HD’s funding goal was set as $1,000, and they’ve received nearly $50,000 in backing so far. A $99 pledge will secure you one unit.

Kepler: Your Best Home Gas Detector

Kepler is a gas and carbon monoxide detector packed with powerful sensors that will keep a constant eye on the gas and CO levels in your home.

Gas leaks from home appliances like furnaces and water heaters can have consequences such as CO poisoning and in-home fires. Kepler promises to protect you from these dangers with a simple and small device that can be installed anywhere.


Kepler offers alerts to your smartphone and readings right on the device’s interface, where you can quickly see color-coded gas and CO levels. If danger is ever detected, a loud alarm is immediately sounded, the device flashes red, and you’re notified immediately by app on your phone.


Kepler goes the extra mile to offer usefulness in the kitchen. Incidents in this area of the home are where you’ll most often find dangerous gas leaks, so Kepler comes equipped with a dial that acts as a timer, allowing you to properly set cooking timers that can help you avoid these circumstances.

Kepler has a beautiful, sleek design, and a pledge of just $80 will secure you one of their colored models that look great around the house.

Garage Beacon – Turn your phone into a garage door remote

Garage door operators probably haven’t changed much since they first debuted. Nevertheless, it’s something that most of us probably carry around with us on our keyrings. Garage Beacon looks to do a fine job of replacing the regular garage door remote with an app.

Garage Beacon

Garage Beacon allows you to manually control your garage door by phone. It also has a feature, powered by WiFi, that will automatically open your garage door when you return home. All that it requires is the iBeacon device, a wall adapter, and the associated app.

As shown in the 25-second video above, Garage Beacon plugs directly into your garage door’s wall control. Garage Beacon just managed to squeak past its $2,000 goal, but you can still contribute!

Vocca -Turn any simple light bulb into a voice activated one

Voice-activated lighting has been a kick for years. Vocca takes this concept to the next level with some awesome additional features.


Vocca is a plug-and-play device that has no setup process, no real installation, and doesn’t require WiFi. You screw in your bulb to the adapter and then connect that adapter to any light socket. The spoken command of “go Vocca Light” will then turn your bulb on or off.


There is a Light and a Pro model. The Pro model includes Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to teach Vocca your own speech triggers. It will also allow you to configure Vocca to automatically turn lights on or off when you’re in range. Both features are powered by Vocca’s mobile app.

Vocca has thus far reached $65,000 of the original $40,000 goal, and a $49 pledge will secure you one of their Pro models.


It doesn’t end here! Kickstarter has birthed some of the most unique and interesting new products: here’s a list of them 5 Of The Most Successful Kickstarter Projects Ever Kickstarter has undoubtedly changed the world, enabling regular Joes to fund development and production for creative projects that interest them. while helping the creative types bypass the typical venture capitalists, costly bank loans, or soul-destroying... Read More . If you’re a gamer, you should really look into these five games that launched from Kickstarter campaigns 5 Kickstarter-Funded Games You Will Want To Play In 2014 Kickstarter has enabled a good number of games to be developed that otherwise wouldn't have ever made it off the drawing board. And what follows are just five games from that list; all which look... Read More , too! Even if you’re not overflowing with cash, it’s definitely worth checking out Kickstarter and look out for these new and interesting projects.

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