6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret

Nancy Messieh 18-10-2010

<firstimage=”//” />6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret PostSecretPostSecret needs no introduction. The website and books have taken the world by storm. When it first started out, it was little more than a Blogspot blog built on a great idea. Now it has grown, taking on a life of its own, updated on a weekly basis with all the creative, cathartic and striking postcards sent to Frank Warren from all over the world.


If you like PostSecret, chances are you will appreciate the following sites and blogs. Each of them has an element that is similar to PostSecret in one way or another. Each one of them has a little bit of poetry where you least expect to find it. So while you wait from week to week for the latest PostSecret update, you can get your fix from these sites.

A Softer World

A Softer World has been around for quite a while now. Each update consists of a triptych accompanied by a thought provoking or often poetic phrase. The ‘comics’ as they call them also have a very confessional tone to them, which is very reminiscent of PostSecret. You can buy prints from their website, as well as books and t-shirts.

6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret softerworld

Found Magazine

Found Magazine is a repository of lost love letters, cards, lists, photographs – all the little scraps that we lose, that someone else finds. Found Magazine is updated, in principle, by its readers. All of the photos and notes featured on the site are sent in by readers. Found Magazine will make you smile, will make you think, and might even make you cry. Their merchandise includes t-shirts and greeting cards.



All Over Coffee

The San Francisco Gate has one of the most unique, touching and poetic comic strips I have ever seen. Paul Madonna’s All Over Coffee is updated on a weekly basis. Beautiful sketches of the city of San Francisco serve as a backdrop to little bits of poetry, thoughts and conversations.

6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret AOC

Post Rejects

At first glance, Post Rejects doesn’t look all that different from PostSecret itself. On closer inspection, you’ll realise that it’s a parody site, that while certainly not as thought-provoking as its inspiration, it will definitely bring a smile to your face. Most of the cards are created by the site owner, but they do also accept submissions.


6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret PostRejects

Common Ties [No Longer Available]

Common Ties is a site which poses 20 questions to its readers, and then they publish their favourite answers through stories and art – or as they put it ‘The Art of Storytelling.’ Their first book is coming out next year, and they’re still accepting submissions. Check out their submission guidelines for more on how to get your answers or artwork published in one of their books.

6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret common

1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things [Broken URL Removed] is a countdown of exactly that — 1000 awesome things. They’re already halfway through the list, so if for any reason you haven’t heard of this site, you’ll have quite a bit of catching up to do. So anytime you need a pick-me-up, this is the site to visit.


6 Other Sites To Follow If You Love PostSecret 1000awesomethings

What other sites like PostSecret do you follow? Let us know in the comments.

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