6 Simple & Stylish Note Taking Browser Apps [Chrome]

Saikat Basu 15-06-2011

If you are a productivity maven you probably have scoured the add-ons and extensions available for browsers in search of note-taking tools. Do you take notes right on the browser or do you have a desktop app for the job? Some of us keep both. The utility of having a note-taking app right on the browser probably was drilled home by the Opera browser which has it as a default feature. Strangely, Chrome and Firefox still don’t have it. Perhaps the developers haven’t felt the need to because there are a slew of very capable apps and browser extensions for storing and managing your notes.


I would probably go with QuickFox on Firefox. Let’s take a walk through the  Chrome Web Store and see what options it can throw our way. Quite a few stylish ones in fact; let’s look at these six stylish note-taking apps for the Chrome browser.

Quick Notes [No Longer Available]

chrome note taking extension

If you look at the user figures for this chrome note taking extension, you can figure out its popularity. The slick app gives you one click access to your notes with a right click on any webpage. You can sync it online with a account and access the notes from anywhere. As Diigo is also a mobile friendly app, you can get to your notes from devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android too. All notes are searchable. Notes also get auto-tagged with the current date.


chrome note extension

Chromepad doesn’t give you the ease of right-click access but it allows you to put down your notes in the little interface which pops up when you click the icon near the address bar. The note is stored locally. You have to use keyboard controls to copy-paste text. This extension is less stylish but more simpler in its execution.


Notes [No Longer Available]

chrome note taking

This Chrome app is definitely one of the coolest ones on note-taking you will see around browsers. Creating a note is as simple as clicking the ‘+’ sign and pasting or writing on the sticky which comes up. You can change the color, highlight it with a red ribbon mark, and arrange the notes around as they snap on to the grid layout.

Sticky Notes

chrome note taking

When it comes to Chrome utilities, this one clocks in at around 2MB. Think of it as Post-it notes for your browser. You can configure each note by color and font-size. You can play around with the appearance of the background (for e.g. give it a corkboard look), and also arrange the notes by dragging them around or placing them on a grid. You also drag the corners and re-size the notes. Notes are saved automatically.



chrome note taking

This Chrome app takes advantage of the capabilities of HTML5 and gives you a stylishly slick interface to work with. It also has substance because it gives you some formatting controls you can apply on your text. The screenshot shows and explains what you can expect from this note taking app. You can star your important notes; use ordered and unordered lists; use indents; use bold, underlines, italics, and strikeouts to enhance note-taking; and insert pictures too.

Web App Note [No Longer Available]chrome note taking extension

With a Google account, you can synchronize your notes and access them from anywhere with this extension. This app also introduces advanced formatting functions along with features like helping you create tasks with to-do lists. You can use priority markers on your to-do list and set reminders. A little feature enables you to add tables inside a note. Being connected through a Google account enables you to synchronize your events with Google Calendar. The good thing about this app is that you can also upload-download files from your Dropbox account. Also, you can straightaway send a note as an email to any email account.

Of course, there are a few more extensions that you will find in the Chrome Web Store that handle notes. I have left out the commonly known but quite often regarded as the best note-taking app – Evernote Web from the list. You can though check it out. Also read through all the posts we have on the app. Which from the above list would you pick for your Chrome browser?


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    You forgot

    • Just_a_Lonely_Nerd
      February 25, 2016 at 10:47 pm

      Yes, I love that website. To be honest, I don't use it for notetaking, but for writing stories (I'm a 13-yr-old who would like to grow up to become a writer.) that come to my mind. But I love it. One of my favorite websites!

      • Saikat Basu
        February 26, 2016 at 4:52 am

        Great! As a 13-year old, you are getting into the groove. Don't think they have a share feature though.