6 Search Engine Optimisation Jokes That Poke Fun At SEO

Search engine optimisation can be such a dry job. Can you imagine always having to play catch up all the time? That’s pretty much what SEO is. That, and praying to Google.

There’s no doubt that SEO plays a part in the growth of any website. However, we take the stand that publishing great content should be main focus. Building a site purely on dirty SEO tactics such as keyword spamming will lead nowhere (a big shoutout to About.com!). If you’re keen on learning about SEO and more useful techniques to grow your audience organically, then we have the infograph for you Face Your Fears, Become A True SEO Master Here are 21 tips to help you through the sticky maze that is SEO, face your fears, and become a true SEO master. Read More .

Otherwise, enjoy these 6 jokes. And tell us your favourite in the comments section.

6 Search Engine Optimisation Jokes That Poke Fun At SEO seo jokes

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