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6 Must Read Websites To Go To If You Are A Childhood Fan Of Tintin Comic Books

Saikat Basu 07-11-2011

tintin comicsMany in the United States would do a double take. The adventures of Tintin aren’t really popular over there as it is in the rest of the world. Tintin, the boy reporter is an identifiably European hero. But then, if you count Steven Spielberg and The Simpsons among his fans, you can conquer the American continent. For sure, after 21st December of this year (the movie has been released in Europe), the reporter-turned-detective and his trusty dog Snowy will surely gather a larger following.


Tintin doesn’t need publicizing because he is right up there in comic book folklore. Probably right next to Superman. Am I coming out like an unapologetic Tintin fan? Can’t help it…I am.

This blog post takes a look at six of the best Tintin related websites and is also a tribute to the wondrous world of Herge and his Tintin.

Tintin.com [No Longer Available]

tintin comics

This is the official site leading up to the release of the movie and the one where you can read up on Tintin and his adventures. If you are a first-timer or your child is, point them to this page. With full character sketches on Tintin, Captain Haddock, Thomson & Thompson, Professor Calculus, and of even Snowy, this site is the jumping point before Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s movie hits the halls. Check out the video page for trailers and other snippets.


tintin comic books


This is probably the most exhaustive English language resource on Tintin. It is definitely the oldest and largest English language Tintin fan site on the Internet. From news to articles, from guides and lists to full-fledged forums, no fan love has been spared to capture the essence of Tintin. It’s also the place to try out your own Tintin I.Q.

If you are a Tintin buff and a traveler, the Tintin Gallery could give you a few spots to check out like shops and Tintin themed sites. Don’t forget to read the Tintin Related Links page for some history and trivia.

Tintin Movie News [No Longer Available]

tintin comic books

This is where I found the link that took me to the online Tintin Movie Game [No longer available] (screenshot above). It’s not a part of the site though…just a mention.


This small blog has an interesting collection of Tintin related articles. I wouldn’t put it as one of the best or the most informative, but whatever little it carries offers an entertaining read. Whether this sort-of-fan site will stay on post November 11th remains to be seen. I hope it does.


tintin comic books

This blog is another fan site covering news, views, and pictures on Tintin and his merry pals. You can read up some interesting blog posts like a list of famous people who love Tintin. You have tennis stars like Roger Federer and Andy Murray, celebrities like Hugh Grant and Dustin Hoffman.

But the name which leaps out from the page is Charles de Gaulle who says – “Tintin is my only international rival. Nobody notices, because of my height. We are both little fellows who won’t be got at by big fellows.”


Tintinology [No Longer Available]

tintin comic books online

This is another interesting blog packed with opinionated views and news on Tintin. Loads of posts dedicatedly collected from all sources make up the site. A few of the latest posts cover the movie. Be on the lookout for spoiler warnings. One of the interesting pages I found via this site was this collection of cars that appear in the Tintin albums.


tintin comics

Nearly 700,000 followers don’t reflect the global fan following for anything that’s Tintin. But then whatever Mark Zuckerberg might say, the whole world is not on Facebook. But the Facebook fan page is a nice place to interact with the followers of Tintin who are. Check out the The Film in BRUSSELS – Tintin born in Brussels photo album that probably was published as the movie came along.


Just six websites on Tintin? That seems like a small figure when you are talking about a ‘world explorer’. There are a large number of sites, but fan following takes it beyond English as you have it in multiple languages (even Esperanto). There are theme parks and a well-known museum too, definitely one to visit if you are travelling to Belgium.

Are you a ‘Tintinologist’? Which is your favorite Tintin comic book of all time? Did you catch the movie yet? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: gordasm (Flickr)

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  1. Stephen Henning
    November 12, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    I watched the Tintin movie this week. I thought it was really good. I'd read a lot of criticism regarding how it wasn't faithful enough to the source material. Well, ok, it isn't a frame-for-frame retelling of the books, but it is most definitely in the spirit of the books. Well worth seeing. I think Tintin will be getting a whole new generation, and continent, of fans.

    • Saikat Basu
      November 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm

      I think so too. The critics seem to be divided, but I really loved the motion capture used to bring Tintin to life. It's extremely difficult bringing a comic book to life in the exact same spirit. Let the critics carp.