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6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps

Mark O'Neill 16-06-2015

As each new iPhone rolls off the production line in China, a dozen iPhone apps come out with it. I should know, I have over 250 apps on my phone which have not been looked at yet, and I find more that pique my interest every day.


But when you are looking for something fresh and interesting, where do you go?

The main repository for iOS apps is the App Store Anyone Can Download Apps From The US App Store: Here Is How You need to jump through some hoops to create a US iTunes account and add funds to it, but if you know how, anyone can download and enjoy apps from the US App Store. Read More , and it’s probably where most people go to find the apps they need. But curation on the App Store is a sorry state of affairs, and by the time the app hits the Featured page it’s already yesterday’s old news.

If you are looking for the most recently released, the bargains, and the hottest trending apps that everyone is talking about, then you need to look a little deeper instead.

Search Engines

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps googleios

Let’s start off with the obvious. Search engines are always chock-a-block with stories about the best new apps to try out.  We have our own pages about the best iOS apps, and lots of other websites do the same. So if your phone is a little empty, and you are looking for something to fill it up, then browse through your favorite search engine to see what’s getting talked about right now. Whether that’s Google, Bing How Bing Predicts Has Become So Good Time to quit your day job and start gambling via Bing Predictions? Not quite, but let's have a look at how Bing has become just so good at predicting the future. Read More , DuckDuckGo 6 Cool DuckDuckGo Features You Won't Find on Google In a world ruled by Google, at least where search is concerned, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a worthy alternative. DuckDuckGo is one website that is trying to offer such an alternative. If you’ve been... Read More , Yahoo, whatever, just have a gander. You may be surprised with what you find.


Just make sure that you are getting the results for the past week only. Otherwise, you may end up with dreck from last year, or even further back.

Google News

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps iphone1 640x413

Eh? Google News How To Personalize News With 'Custom Sections' in Google News Read More ? Are you kidding me? Nope! If you’re looking for a source which is very frequently updated (quite often, due to the nature of the news, 5 Tips To Get Your Blog Updates Published On Google News One day when I was browsing news stories, I noticed that one particular story was published not by CNN, Associated Press or the Washington Post, but instead by a small time blogger who had landed... Read More  faster than Google search itself), then Google News is the place to go. Simply typing in “new iPhone apps” gets you story after story of new apps to try, in this case, 30.3 million. You can also further refine it by stating what kind of app you’re looking for, such as “new didgeridoo iPhone app”.

And the beauty is that you don’t have to make this search again, as you can set up a Google Alert Google Alerts: News Alerts to your Email Read More to have new results sent to you by email or RSS 5 Interesting Ways To Use Google News RSS Feeds Read More .


6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps iphone2

New Startups

Everyone has a startup idea, and nearly everyone has a startup. Many of these aspiring projects are mobile-based, often designed to fix a problem or approach a solution in a completely new way. By keeping up with new startups 4 Sites to Find Interesting New Startups and Betas to Join Through the caverns of the Internet, I've managed to get put on rather quickly to some of today's hottest Internet startups such as ifttt, Instagram, and turntable.fm. Startups and betas are as popular as they've... Read More , you’ll be the first to know about the newest apps being produced by these small and often innovative teams.

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps iphone3 640x321

To monitor new start-ups These 10 Startups Are Going to Improve Lives. Here's Why. If you've not been able to make TechCrunch Disrupt this year, you've missed a lot. Here's 10 of the best apps, startups and products I stumbled across while I was at the conference. Read More , the best site to keep your eye on is Beta List. This is a fantastic resource for finding out about the latest and greatest entrepreneurial ideas, and quite often, you can sign up as a beta tester (with options to test smartphone apps too). Many entrepreneurs seem to be drawn to the iPhone, so you should have a fairly nice selection to look at.



6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps redditiphone

As usual, when it comes to finding what you need, Reddit is your one-stop shop on the net The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More . The two main destinations to aim for are its iPhone page, and, to a lesser extent, its iOS page. There, you will find, in among iPhone/iOS-related discussions, recommendations for what you should be installing next. You should also keep an eye on r/iPhoneApps and r/iOSGaming, each of which deal primarily with app releases and sales.

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps redditios

If you have a free Reddit user account, then you can jump into the discussions, and ask questions about the app, before you download it.



As the name suggests, this amazing site offers you alternatives to various apps, software packages, and websites. And iOS is no exception. When you click on the iPhone section, you will be presented with a list of “new trending iPhone apps”.

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps iphonealt 640x314

If looking over the list doesn’t help in finding something to try out, then click on one of the trending apps. You will then be given various alternatives to that app. Maybe one of them has piqued your interest instead?

148Apps / AppShopper

148Apps is a site which continually watches the latest entries going into the App Store, and subsequently lists them on their site. That list is updated hourly, so you know you are seeing the very latest stuff. You can filter between iPhone and iPod Touch or iPad, and you can choose to only look at the free stuff if you are not inclined to pay for anything at the moment.

6 Places To Find Fresh Upcoming iPhone Apps 148apps 640x402

Clicking on the green “Buy Now” button will take you directly to the iTunes download page. AppShopper is a similar website which lists new arrivals, updates and special offers which you should also check out.

Apps Galore

There are lots of other places advertising “best apps” in various categories, but by the time they hit those sites, they are not “fresh” anymore. The ones we have looked at above are ones where you can find something new, something untested. You can also choose to rely on one other source – personal recommendations. Do you know of any other iPhone-owning friends? If so, ask them for ideas and endorsements.

Where do you go to find the freshest apps for your iPhone?

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    My favorite goto site is appcrawlr.com. I can always find some new trending app to check out.